ESRI Virtual Campus


Our campus site license includes access to a range of Esri Training options including online courses.

These online self-paced module based courses are an excellent means of gaining background in GIS techniques and concepts as well as ESRI software skills. Individual courses typically require anywhere from 3 to 24 hours to complete, depending on the number of modules in the course. Students have one year to complete a course, following registration. Courses are free to all registered members of Trent University including students, faculty and staff.  

Recommended for first time users

  • Learning ArcGIS Desktop. This course includes 8 modules and takes approximately 24 hours to complete. ESRI course description

To view the wide range of e-learning courses available, see ESRI's Course Catalogue.  To view web courses, available through campus subscriptions, filter your selection to "web course".

Selecting Esri Web Courses



There is currently no limit on the total number of courses taken over time. But, please plan your learning time - we recommend that you register for one or two courses at a time.

To register for an E-Learning course, please complete the following request form, and return your signed agreement it to Trent Library's  Maps, Data and Government Information Centre (MaDGIC).  

Once registered, you will receive an email from Esri inviting you to "Accept Invitation" to the Esri Learning Site. Accept the invitation by clicking the button "Accept Invitation".

The image shown below, is a snapshot of the email you will receive from Esri after completing the registration process described above with Trent Library's Maps, Data & Government Information Centre (MaDGIC).

Snapshot of Esri "Accept Invitation" email

The above procedures are described further in the following Trent Library guide: Guide to Beginning Esri Web Courses

For further information, contact MaDGIC.


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