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Research Data Management


Trent University Library Maps, Data & Government Information Centre will be pleased to assist researchers in creating Research Data Management (RDM) plans for managing their research data. This includes assisting researchers in discovering and using tools specifically designated and recognized by granting agencies for the creation of RDM plans, ensuring metadata meets designated standards for spatial and numeric files, and ensuring data are archived for future use.

Why manage your research data?

  • meet funding agency requiremetns
  • write more competitive grant applications
  • get credit for your data and increase impact and visibility
  • encourage the discovery and use of your data to explore new research questions
  • improve your data's accuracy, completeness and usability
  • ensure long-term preservation for future researchers
  • comply with ethics and privacy policies

TrI-Agency Statement of Principles

Canada's federal research agencies are strong advocates for making publically-funded research data as accessible as possible. In 2016, the Tri-Agency released a Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management that outlines expectations and responsibilities for research data management and open data sharing.

Tools for Research Data Management

The Portage Network is dedicated to the shared stewardship of research data in Canada. University libraries have worked collaboratively with funding agencies to greate a bilingual tool for preparing data management plans (DMPs). The DMP Assistant is a tool that is freely available to all researchers and provides step-by-step assistance to develop their own data management plans through a series of questions based on a template for research data stewardship. It also offers the option of fulfiling DMP requirements of specific funders or using templates from organizations.

Further information


Barbara Znamirowski
Head, Maps, Data & Government Information Centre
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