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Have a question? Ask us!  Here are your options.

Client Support Services

    Ask us about Borrowing, Reserves, your Library Account, Fines, Interlibrary Loans.

    Peterborough: See the Contact Client Support page.

    Durham branch: See the Durham Branch contact page.

    Research & Resources Assistance

    Ask us about navigating the library resources for your researchLearning & Liaison librarians offer individual assistance, online instruction, guides, and in-class presentations. 

    Ways to contact us:

      1. Come to the Library Research Consultation Centre behind the living green wall of Bata Library (BL 208). 
        • Ring the bell and come in. A librarian will greet you.
        • As a rule, we're available weekdays 9am-4pm, but sometimes we're around (or online) outside those hours, and sometimes we're all busy elsewhere. See hours.
      2. Email us at
        • You'll often get a reply right away, or within 1 working day, depending on our availability.
        • Email gives us the chance to investigate your options before we reply. The more detailed your message is, the more specific our reply can be.
        • If it's an technical issue, we'll have your account information from your email.
      3. Come to the Library Service Desk at Bata or Durham.
        • Simple questions can be answered on the spot.  Lbrary staff may show you relevant guides or resources, or give you direction.
        • If the question is complex, they'll call on experts or advise you how to contact a librarian.
      4. Phone 705-748-1011 ext.7420.
        • This option works well for quick answers to simple questions, but not so much for detailed questions.
        • This is the number for the Library Research Consultation Centre. If we're unavailable you'll get voicemail; leave a detailed message and we'll get back to you.

      Other Options

      • Contact the MaDGIC unit for help with geospacial and statistical data, GIS, maps, and Government Information. 
      • Contact the Archives for help with archival material. 

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