Public Photocopiers/Scanners

Photocopiers on campus are provided and serviced by the Trent University Print Shop.  Contact them with comments, questions, or to get the latest information.

Photocopiers can scan to paper, a USB stick, or to an email address.  A Trent login is required to use them, either by tapping your TrentU card, or entering your myTrent username/password.  You must have funds loaded on your TrentU card in order to copy to paper, but there's no charge for electronic scanning.

You can find public photocopiers at the following locations.

Bata Library

  • 1st (lower) Floor, near the computers

Symons Campus

  • LHS B: 1st Floor, by the Forensics Office
  • LHS C: 2nd Floor, by the Anthropology Office
  • LHS D: 1st Floor, by the Biology Office
  • Otonabee College: 2nd Floor, by the Centre for Academic Testing
  • Gzowski: 2nd Floor, beside the elevators
  • Chemical Sciences: 1st Floor, by the Chemistry Office
  • Science Complex: 2nd Floor, by the Graduate Studies Office
  • Science Complex: 2nd Floor, by the Physics Office
  • Environmental Sciences: corridor, by the Geography Office
  • Champlain College Office
  • Lady Eaton College Office
  • Blackburn Hall, by the Print Shop (B/W and Colour)

Traill College

  • Kerr House, 1st Floor
  • Scott House, 2nd Floor, by the Cultural Studies Office
  • Wallis Hall, by the English Office

Durham Campus

  • Library