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Wizfolio Trial Ends March 31

Posted on: March 11, 2014

Do you have a Wizfolio account?

Scholars Portal has been hosting a local version of Wizfolio on a trial basis for the last two years, but the uptake of the product across OCUL has been much less than we anticipated.  The Wizfolio trial will end March 31, 2014.

Current accounts on Wizfolio will be moved from the Scholars Portal server to Wizfolio's international servers. Preparations have begun to move these users and are expected to be completed before the end of March. Users’ access to their accounts will not be affected during this migration.

Informatio for Wizfolio account holders:

  • We have been advised by WizFolio that on expiration of the trial, user accounts will be automatically converted to individual Free Starter Accounts. Users will maintain access to all their current items and files with some feature limitations as listed here:
  • No existing files will be lost; however, as the usage limits are reduced for the Free Starter Account, users will not be able to upload files or create new items when these limits are exceeded.
  • Users can keep this Free Starter Account or upgrade to a personal Premium Account by clicking on the “Subscriptions” button in the top right hand corner of the screen on their Profile page. They can do this at any time when they are logged-in.

Scholars Portal will be contacting users with information about the changes to their accounts.

Users will get an automatic email from Wizfolio about the expiration when they login to their accounts after March 31 advising them of their subscription options.

A Scholars Portal team is currently investigating citation management systems that could potentially replace RefWorks and Wizfolio.  This is a growing field and we want to provide the best options available.  We're disappointed that the Wizfolio product did not prove popular enough to keep, and we apologize to those who are inconvenienced by this move.