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Photocopiers Allow Free Scanning to USB Drive

Photocopiers Allow Free Scanning to USB Drive

Update November 6, 2012

The glitch has been fixed, and scanning is once again available on the photocopiers in the Library!  Scan to a USB drive for free.

See the how-to video on our Facebook page.  Or read our webpage on photocopying.

Remember copyright restrictions.  You may not legally copy more than 5% of a textbook or 10% of a regular book and it must be for your own study needs.  See the signs posted at photocopiers.


Update: October 1, 2012

It seems there was a glitch in the new system that permitted free photocopying when a USB stick was inserted.  For the time being, this feature has been disabled.  We apologize for this inconvenience and we hope to have it reinstated soon, once the issue is resolved.


Posted May 15, 2012

Now you can photocopy for free if you save to a USB drive rather than print. Our new photocopiers have the option to "Scan" as well as copy.


  • Press the "Scan" button before you start. (The default is "Copy".)
  • On the screen, select "USB". Choose a file format: PDF, TIFF, or XPS.
  • Insert your USB stick in the slot to the left of the screen.
  • Scan just as you would copy, but instead of a paper copy, a digital copy is placed on your USB stick.

Please ignore the "Email" option, as it has not been activated.

Most of our photocopiers are in the Multimedia Room on the Main Floor of Bata Library. If you need assistance, ask at the door at the back of the room.