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Trial: Passport GMID from Euromonitor

Connect to Passport GMID here.

We have free access to this valuable resource until February 8, 2013.  Please send your comments to

Passport GMID is an award winning online business information resource providing intelligence on industries, countries and consumers.  It supports teaching and research across a wide range of disciplines, with: 

  • 8 million statistics
  • 18,000 reports
  • commentary on emerging trends
  • data analysis functions

There are four areas of access:

  • Markets
    • performance of 24 consumer and service markets across 80 countries
    • industry headlines
    • industry level reports
    • company profiles
    • market sizes
  • Reference 
    • international demographic, macro-economic, and marketing data
    • economy & finance
    • income & expenditure
    • population & homes
    • government, labour, education
    • infrastructure & environment
    • technology, communication, media
  • Sectors 
    • consumer trends
    • sizes
    • company shares
    • brand shares
    • global market reports
  • Industrial
    • industries by SIC code
    • industry performance
    • competitive environment
    • import & export trends
    • bargaining power
    • attractiveness index