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Bata Library recommends The Orator: a play by Munroe Scott

is pleased to announce the premiere production of
the involuntary resurrection of Col. Ingersoll
a new full length stage play
by Munroe Scott
(In collaboration with Col. Robert G. Ingersoll, 1833-1899)

Starring: Matt Gilbert, Sarah McNeilly, Andrew Root
Directed by: Esther Vincent & Ray Henderson
to be presented in Nexicom Studio, February 2014
Evenings Feb 14th , 15th: 7:30; Matinee 15th: 2:00

Contains 19th century ideas
in a dramatic exploration of two questions:
What is Oratory? What is Religion?
While the art of public speaking has been in decline the
influence of religion in politics has become more and more
pervasive, making these two questions of interest to today’s
church-goers, students, educators, and general audience.

In the Play, Col. Robert Ingersoll, who died in 1899, is understandably perturbed
when he finds himself involuntarily resurrected by an attractive Trent University Poli Sci professor.
"I'll have you know, Madam, that I am dead," he protests, "quite dead. What effrontery is
this? It goes against my philosophy to be –- resurrected!" And indeed it does, for Ingersoll was
known continent wide as "The Great Agnostic". But he was also known as "The Great
Orator". He finds himself co-opted into giving an entertaining and illuminating oration on
the Art of Oratory which he illustrates by using his favourite topic, "Religion" – engagingly
defined as "Superstition". In doing so he meets with opposition from both the professor and
the IT expert who inadvertently summoned him.

There will be a Q&A session after the Friday performance and the facilitator will be
author/pastor Rev. Gretta Vosper (With or Without God and Amen).

For information: 705-742-7469 or