Trent University Library & Archives continues to offer electronic collections and virtual services. As part of the University’s limited and reduced campus presence, Bata Library and the Durham GTA Campus Library & Learning Centre are closed and physical collections are unavailable. Virtual services and support are available by contacting Check for updates regularly on our COVID-19 Alert Page.

Curbside Pickup for Faculty & Graduate Students is available starting June 23rd.

New Library Borrowing Policies as of December 10

With the introduction of Omni come new borrowing regulations for Trent students, faculty, and staff.  These regulations are implemented at all 14 Omni libraries collectively, as we move forward into a network environment.  Soon you'll be able to go to any of these libraries with your TrentU card and receive the same privileges you have at Trent.

Due Dates

As of December 10, 2019 regular books can be borrowed for 120 days, with as many renewals as you require.  This applies whether you are faculty, an undergraduate or graduate student, or university staff.

For undergraduate students, this is a much longer loan period.  For faculty and graduate students, it changes from a set date (Jan 15, May 15, Sep 15), to a date based on when you sign it out; this may take some getting used to.

It's easy to see when your books are due - click on "My Library Account" when you're signed in.


No fines will be charged to regular overdue books. However, if it is "recalled" there are high fines of $4 per day.  We had already stopped charging regular overdue daily fines unless it was recalled, so we were ahead of the group on this change.

If you fail to renew a book within 30 days of its due date, it will be considered "lost".  At this point, a fee of $25 AND a replacement charge of $125 will be charged.

Media, Government Documents, Maps, Curriculum Collections

Material from these collections can be borrowed for 14 days.

More Details

There are other changes as well. To see all the details on loans of various types of material, see our webpage: Borrowing: Students, Faculty, Staff.