Trent University Library & Archives continues to offer electronic collections and virtual services. As part of the University’s limited and reduced campus presence, Bata Library and the Durham GTA Campus Library & Learning Centre are closed and physical collections are unavailable. Virtual services and support are available by contacting Check for updates regularly on our COVID-19 Alert Page.

Curbside Pickup for Faculty & Graduate Students is available starting June 23rd.

Library Services December 5-12

Our new Omni service starts December 12.  It won't be long now!

Just before we get there, though, there are a few critical days when time-sensitive data will be migrated from TOPCAT to Omni. During this time we need to restrict some services, to avoid losing valuable information in the move. 

Services NOT affected

These services will continue right up to December 12.

  • TOPCAT and Journals A-Z searching remain as they are until Omni takes over
  • Databases A-Z and Library Guides are unaffected - before, during, and after the switch
  • regular checking in and out of material at the Service Desk
  • checking in and out of Reserve items
  • interlibrary loans

Affected Services

The following will be affected, on the dates indicated.

Placing a "HOLD"

  • Dates: December 4-12
  • TOPCAT allows you to place a hold on an item that's signed out to another borrower, or located at a different branch from you. This option will be turned OFF in TOPCAT on December 4. When Omni is live on December 12, the service will resume.
  • BONUS in Omni:
    • Omni allows you to REQUEST items that are sitting on the shelf.  We'll gather them for you and bring them to the Service Desk for pick-up.
    • Omni allows you to search the 13 other libraries in the group and easily order physical books you find by clicking a button. If you have a RACER account, the ILL form is already filled in for you.

Moving Items Between Locations (Transit)

  • Dates: December 6-11
  • We normally allow you to request items at the Bata Library to be sent to the Durham branch (and vice-versa) for pickup. Starting the morning of December 6, we'll hold all of these items where they are until we're ready to go live in Omni on December 10.

Self Check-Out

  • Dates: December 5-13
  • Our self-check machine in Bata Library allows you to sign out books without the assistance of library staff.  This is especially useful late at night, when library staff aren't available. Starting at NOON on December 5, the self check-out machine will be out of service until it is re-configured for the Omni system soon after our go-live date.

Online Renewals

  • Dates: December 5-12
  • The option to renew material online will be turned off at 6pm on December 5.  You'll want to renew any material that is due during this time before December 5, to avoid confusion and possible fines.
  • You can bring items into the library to be returned and signed out again during this time.
  • You will also be able to renew any items signed out in TOPCAT using Omni when it's live on December 12. However, you will be expected to pay any fines accumulated.

Fines Payments

  • Dates: December 6-12
  • Payment of fines cannot be accepted during this time period.  Your fines will have to wait until Omni is live.


  • Dates: December 6-12.
  • All notices that are normally sent by TOPCAT (overdue books notice, fines notice, etc.) will be turned off on December 6. They will be replaced with new notices from Omni, which will commence on December 12.

New Members

  • Dates: December 6-12
  • We will not be issuing any library cards during this time.  This affects Community members, Reciprocal Borrowers, Alumni, and any others not already in the library system.