Trent University Library & Archives continues to offer electronic collections and virtual services. As part of the University’s limited and reduced campus presence, Bata Library and the Durham GTA Campus Library & Learning Centre are closed and physical collections are unavailable. Virtual services and support are available by contacting Check for updates regularly on our COVID-19 Alert Page.

Curbside Pickup for Faculty & Graduate Students is available starting June 23rd.

Changes to Printing in the Library

On January 3rd and 4th, the IT department updated the computer labs with a new lab printing system based on software called PaperCut. This system is integrated with the new TrentUCard system.  

This has resulted in changes for printing in the Library.  See the changes in bold font.

Releasing a Print Job

As before, use any PayPrint station to release your print job. 

  • If you have a new TrentU card, tap your card on the reader to login. 
  • If you don't have the new TrentU card yet, use the Username/Password.


  • A PayPrint station attached to 3 printers is on the Main (2nd) Floor of Bata Library, outside room BL 201. Jobs print on the first available printer, so you don't need to wait for another user's slow job to print. 
  • A second PayPrint station is on the 1st Floor of Bata Library and sends to the attached printer.
  • Oshawa Campus:  PayPrint stations are in the Library and in Computer Lab 112.

Adding Money to Your Account

Your previous printing balance has carried over.  If you don't have enough money on your account to print your job, add money:


  • Login to myTrent.
  • Click the "MyAccount" tab.
  • Click the "TrentU Campus Card" icon.
  • follow the links to add money using VISA or Mastercard.

TrentU Card Office:

  • Go to Blackburn Hall, room 104, Monday-Friday 1-4pm.
  • Bring your TrentU Card and use cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard.

Oshawa Campus Library:

  • Bring your TrentU Card and use cash only.

Colour Printing

By default, print jobs are sent to the black & white print queue (LAB_BW).  If you wish to print in colour, change the print to the colour queue (LAB_COLOUR) when you send it.  The cost will be $.50 per page, so choose carefully. Release it from the 2nd Floor PayPrint station.


If you are using iPrint to print to lab printers from your laptop, remove any PCOUNTER or AIRPRINT printers you have installed and add the new “Lab_BW” and “Lab_Colour” printers on the PaperCut server at

Other New Features

Some of the new features in PaperCut include:

  • Automatic printer balancing. Wherever there are multiple printers located at a single printing station, your print job will print from the first available printer.
  • Automatic refunds. If your job jams or is canceled, the system will not charge your account for pages not printed.
  • Duplexing discount. The new system will now only charge $0.10 per sheet of paper (black and white, $0.50 for colour), whether printed single or double sided.


Questions and concerns about the new printing system should be directed to the IT Department.

Questions and concerns about the TrentU card system should be directed to the TrentU Card office.