Trent University Library & Archives continues to offer electronic collections and virtual services. As part of the University’s limited and reduced campus presence, Bata Library and the Durham GTA Campus Library & Learning Centre are closed and physical collections are unavailable. Virtual services and support are available by contacting Check for updates regularly on our COVID-19 Alert Page.

Curbside Pickup for Faculty & Graduate Students is available starting June 23rd.

Changes to Photocopying in the Library

In January 2013 the new TrentU Card system became active in the Library.  This has resulted in some changes for photocopying in the Library. 

Some of our photocopiers maintain the old photocopy card system; you can continue to purchase a photocopy card from a machine by the Circulation Desk, or from staff at the Desk.  One of our photocopiers accepts coins.  The rest of the photocopiers accept only the new TrentU card.  Each machine is clearly signed with the type of payment it accepts and locations of other machines.


Main (2nd) Floor Bata

  • 2 machines in the Multimedia Room - TrentU Card only
  • 1 machine in the Multimedia Room (BL 208) - coins or photocopy card only
  • 1 machine near the elevators - TrentU Card only

4th Floor Bata

  • 1 machine - photocopy cards only

Oshawa Campus Library 

  • 1 machine - TrentU card only

    Using the TrentU Card on Photocopiers

    1. Tap your card on the green box attached to the photocopier.  Read the screen for these instructions:
      • Press ENTER on the keypad (unless you have a code for departmental printing).
      • Wait while it verifies your card.  (Don't be tempted to push other buttons - just wait a few seconds.)  It says, "Verifying...please wait."
      • Your current card balance is shown for a few seconds.
      • The screen displays "Charges: $0.00" and "Copies: 0".  As you photocopy pages, this display will update with what you've spent.
    2. Photocopy your material using the large "START" button on the photocopier.  The display on the green box keeps track of what you do.
    3. When you're done, press CLEAR on the keypad.  The display shows "Ending Session...please wait" and then it shows your new card balance. Then this disappears as it welcomes the next user.

    If you don't CLEAR your session at the end, the next person will be copying on your card, unless enough time has passed for it to time out.

    Instructions are provided at each machine and the box is easily identified with large green circles.

    Adding Money to Your Account

    You use Flex dollars on your TrentU Card to pay for photocopying.  Add money in one of the following ways. 


    • Login to myTrent.
    • Click the "MyAccount" tab.
    • Click the "TrentU Campus Card" icon.
    • Follow the links to add money using VISA or Mastercard.

    TrentU Card Office:

    • Go to Blackburn Hall, Room 104, Monday-Friday 1-4pm.
    • Bring your TrentU Card and use cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard.

    Oshawa Campus Library:

    • Bring your TrentU Card and use cash only.

    Scanning You can continue to scan to a USB drive on a photocopier for free, and without a TrentU card.  Select "Scan" instead of "Copy". to activate this feature.


    Questions and concerns about the TrentU card system should be directed to the TrentU Card office.

    Help with the photocopiers is available from the door at the back of the Multimedia Room (BL 208) in Bata Library during weekdays and from the Circulation Desk at other times.