Globe and Mail (1844-20??)


The Globe and Mail (1844-20??) is Canada's National Newspaper, daily offering over a million readers from coast to coast unparalleled national, international and business reporting, analysis and commentary.

It’s the deepest and most extensive online historic newspaper archive in Canada and includes every news story, photograph, map, advertisement, classified ad, political cartoon, birth and death notice, and more. The breadth and depth of content make it a vital and convenient research tool for educators, librarians and all researchers. (from the website)

This resource offers the full-page archive of the Globe and Mail newspaper dating back to the pre-Confederation era. This image-rich database brings the entire archive of Canada's National Newspaper to your desktop in seconds.

Because this is a historical subscription, the database coverage begins in 1844 and covers up to a moving wall of 4 years ago.


Each page is presented in .pdf format, with the search term highlighted.

For access to current or recent Globe & Mail content, see Newspapers at Trent Library.

1844-20?? (4-year moving wall)