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The Scholars Portal ebook platform is designed to provide a single interface for accessing digital texts from the world's most important scholarly publishers and public domain books that have been scanned and digitized for online reading and downloading. (from the website

See the Scholars Portal guide for Scholars Portal Books.

Just as Scholars Portal Journals provides one place to search a large number of e-journals, the Books platform provides a search engine and source for accessing online books. These books include those available for free and those for which access has been purchased by one or more Ontario University libraries.

The e-books purchased by Trent Library are individually listed in TOPCAT and can be found by searching TOPCAT (see the webpage on Finding E-Books). TOPCAT may provide a link to the book on the publisher's platform, on Scholars Portal Books, or both, depending on the terms of our contract.

Scholars Portal Books provides an alternative source for finding e-books. Use the search engine to find e-books available to ALL Ontario Universities, or restrict your search to those available at Trent by selecting "Full Text Only" on the search screen. Images of book covers are included when available.

Scholars Portal Books was released in early 2010 with a limited number of e-books (over 100,000) and it is growing every year. However, it does NOT contain all the e-books available to Trent University. Search TOPCAT, to find other e-books.

Collections Included in Scholars Portal Books:

  • Cambridge University Press
  • Canadian Health Research Collection
  • Canadian Publishers Collection
  • Oxford University Press
  • Springer
  • Open Access (Internet Archives Project)

See the Scholars Portal guide for Mobile Ebooks.

Some books allow downloading, which requires the Adobe Digital Editions software.  See the handout (.pdf) on downloading books.

This resource uses the ebrary platform, but it's customized for Scholars Portal.

The search engine allows searching by "All Fields" (which includes the full text of the book), as well as by:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • ISBN
  • Publisher
  • Publication Year
  • Language

The use of * to truncate search terms is available in any field EXCEPT "All Fields".

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It's ongoing and updated as more books are added.
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A stable url (or persistent link) is a link that connects a user to a particular item in a database or on the web.

In Scholars Portal Books, there's a "Permalink" given for each book under "About this book". This link can be copied and used later.