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Copyright Guidelines

Trent University, with the assistance of the Copyright Office, has prepared a set of Copyright Guidelines to assist individuals at Trent in the proper procedures in order to comply with copyright. The Library’s collection of resources in print and electronic media are open to all Trent University instructors, students and staff. Single copies of copyrighted materials for the purposes of research, review, private study and criticism, as well as news reporting, parody, satire and education may be provided to valid Trent users.

Employees of Trent University may provide links to materials appearing on external or internal websites without reference to this policy.


Trent University provides access to single copies of copyrighted materials for specific purposes as set out in the Copyright Act, which may be either in hard copy or electronic form, to authorized users, such as instructors, students and staff.

  • The specific purposes are research, review, private study, and criticism, as well as news reporting, satire and education.
  • Any doubt concerning the legitimacy of the request for these purposes will be referred to the Copyright Office.

A Copyright Digitization Form must be completed and submitted to the Copyright Office for all material being reproduced whether it is in hard copy, or electronic form.

  • The ability to reproduce material will be assessed based on information provided on the form.
  • A form is not required when providing only a link to material.

As to the amount of copying, discretion must be used. No copies will be made for any purpose other than that specifically set out on the request form.

  • Ordinarily, requests for a copy of an insubstantial portion of a book or one article will be satisfied as a matter of routine, provided access is not restricted by the Terms of Use associated with the Work, or that the Work belongs within a license agreement that exists outside of Trent University.
  • Requests for substantial copying from sources (e.g., in excess of 10% percent of the entire Work) will be assessed by the Copyright Office and may ultimately be refused if proper permission cannot be obtained.

Any fee that may be incurred for a permission request is intended only to cover the cost to Trent University.

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