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Request for Reproduction of Works Held in
Trent University Archives, Special Collections and Rare Books

Having an item in the Trent University Archives, Special Collections and Rare Books does not automatically mean that the Archives owns the copyright on that work.  While Trent Archives does own the copyright on some material, and many other items fall in the public domain and may be freely copied, still other material is subject to copyright legislation.

When making copies, Trent University Archives follows the Fair Dealing provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act. These provisions apply to all materials we hold. Under these guidelines there are specific amounts that may be copied and those reproductions may only be made for research, study, education, criticism and review, news reporting, satire and parody.  They may not be further reproduced, altered or published in part or in full, or given to another person, or made available to another person or institution.  They are for personal use only.

The making of a reproduction of any item, whether it is in the public domain or under copyright, depends on additional factors including the condition of the material and technological limitations as well as restrictions placed on the material either by donors or under Freedom of Information and Privacy legislation.

Even if copies are made using a personal camera, the photographer is responsible for completing this form and ensuring the use of those copies complies with guidelines set herein.  It is up to the photographer to properly track the copies made.  The Trent University Archives will not at a later date search out photographed items for citation.  Each photographer must keep track of the number of photographs taken;  for example Fonds 97-004 Box 4 Folder 8 - 12 images - and record the information on this form.

If a reproduction of copyrighted material will not be for personal use but other purposes (like publishing, using in broadcasts, videos, exhibitions or advertising), then specific written permission from the copyright holder for such copies to be made is required before the copy is made.  It is not the responsibility of the Trent University Archives to locate the copyright holder but rather that is the responsibility of the requestor.  After presenting the Trent University Archives with written permission from the copyright holder indicating copies may be made, the reproductions specified will be made.  The responsibility for ensuring these copies are subsequently used in accordance with the wishes of the copyright holder is that of the requestor.

Any and all responsibility for questions of copyright which may arise from the creation of reproductions of material held in the Trent University Archives or their use in any way will be assumed by the requestor.

We keep a record of every request for reproduction we fulfill.

Copying done by staff in the Trent University Archives is subject to a charge.

By completing and signing this document you have indicated that you have read and will follow the guidelines set out.


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Material to be copied: