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Archives: Additional Information

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The links below provide access to additional information about Archives from a variety of sources.

Acquiring, Processing, Describing and Preserving Archives

Definitions (Archival)

R.A.D. - Rules for Archival Description (Canadian Council of Archives)

R.A.D. synopsis (a very useful synopsis by Saskatchewan archivist, Jeff O'Brien)

Trent University Archives Reading Room Procedures

Trent University Archives Reading Room Research Request Form

Preservation Overview

Conservation Online (CoOL)

Canadian Conservation Institute

Archivists' Toolkit

Web Pages of Other Archives and Archival Associations

Library and Archives Canada

Ontario Archives

Archives Canada   (the "union list" of archival collections in Canada)

Archeion (the "union list" of archival collections in Ontario)

Association of Canadian Archivists

        See also the following ACA links:

Archives Association of Ontario

International Council on Archives

Canadian Heritage Information Network

Virtual Museum of Canada

Society of American Archivists

        See also the following SAA link:

Web Pages Specifically About Photography

Notman Photograph Collection: McCord Museum

Canada Science and Technology Museum Photographs

Trent University Archives Brief History of Photography

Pertinent Legislation

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy


Trent University Archives Permission to Copy Form

Key Reports

The Future Now: Canada's Libraries, Archives, and Public Memory
November 2014 (The Royal Society of Canada)


Ethics for Archivists

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