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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 99-012


Wayland Drew fonds. -- 1931-1995. -- 2.6 m of textual records and other materials.

Biography / History

Wayland Drew was born in 1932 in Oshawa, Ontario. He graduated with a B.A. Honours in 1957 from Victoria College at the University of Toronto. He majored in English Language and Literature. He married Gwendolyn Parrott in October of 1957. They had four children, Scott, Marda, Paula and Cindy. Drew raised his family in Port Perry, Ontario and Bracebridge, Ontario. Drew began to write short stories and poetry in high school and university. Drew's first published novel, "The Wabeno Feast," was released in 1973 by Anansi. Drew's interest in Canadian history, Native culture and social ecology comes through in this novel and his other works. "The Wabeno Feast" was republished in 1985 by General Publishing. Since "The Wabeno Feast," Drew has written eleven other books of fiction and non-fiction. These include the non-fiction books, "Superior: The Haunted Shore" (1975), "A Sea Within: the Gulf of St. Lawrence" (1984), both with photography by his friend, Bruce Litteljohn, and "Brown's Weir" (1983) with photography by his wife, Gwen. In the late 1970s, Drew was approached by a friend, Matthew Robbins, to write a novelization of the film script, "Corvette Summer." The novelization was released in conjuction with the film in 1978. Drew proceeded to write the novelizations of three other film scripts: "Dragonslayer" (1981), "Batteries Not Included" (1987), and "Willow" (1989). Drew produced a science-fiction trilogy, "The Erthring Cycle," in the mid-eighties. The titles include "The Memoirs of Alcheringia" (1984), "The Gaian Expedient" (1985), and "The Master of Norriya" (1986). His final novel, "The Halfway Man," was published in 1989 by Oberon. Drew wrote and published works of short fiction and non-fiction. Some of his early stories were published in "The Tamarack Review" and "Acta Victoriana." Later short fiction was published in collections such as "New Canadian Short Stories," "Anthology," "Islands of Hope," and "Once Upon a Time." Drew also wrote scripts for CBC radio and for a Ministry of Natural Resources film called "Places Out of Time" (1994). He also wrote short non-fiction for a variety of publications such as "Ontario Naturalist," "Alternatives," "The Illustrated Natural History of Canada," and "Green Teacher." Drew began teaching high school in Port Perry, Ontario, in 1961. He earned a teaching certificate by taking summer courses at the Ontario College of Education while teaching during the school year. As a teacher, he also worked at the Ministry of Education and Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School. Drew took leaves from teaching in order to write full time, though he also wrote part-time while teaching. He retired from teaching in 1994. In addition to writing and teaching, Drew was active in the community. He was president of the Historical Society of Bracebridge, and chair of the "Signs of Hope" environmental conference in 1991. Drew also gave numerous guest lectures and facilitated workshops. Drew's acomplishments were recognized formally twice in 1991. In October of that year, Drew was honoured with the Lieutenant-Governor's Award from the Conservation Council of Ontario. Later that month, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Trent University. Wayland Drew died on December 3, 1998.

Custodial History

This fonds was created by and in the custody of Wayland Drew before it was donated to Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of correspondence, documents, and manuscripts. Included are personal letters, articles, essays, journals and daily planning books, research notes, drafts of books and plays in manuscript form (including an unpublished first novel), royalty statements, photographs and documentation on the novelizations of the films "Corvette Summer," "Dragonslayer," "Batteries Not Included," and "Willow". Also included are materials regarding the film, "Places Out of Time."


Title based on the creator of the fonds.

Includes ca. 442 photographs, 9 posters, and 9 drawings.

This fonds was donated by Wayland Drew.

Restrictions: Permission of the University Archivist required for access to Box 1, and Box 2 Folders 1-22.

Finding aids: Y

Large materials located in the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 39.

See also the collection of correspondence, 1961-1998, between Wayland Drew and his friend H. Allen Brooks: Isolated Manuscripts #9.


Finding Aid

Table of Contents

Series A: Correspondence, 1944-95

Series B: Published Texts - drafts and related papers, 1973-89

Subseries a: "The Wabeno Feast" 1973

Subseries b: "Superior: The Haunted Shore"

Subseries c: "Corvette Summer" 1978

Subseries d: "Dragonslayer" 1981

Subseries e: "Brown's Weir" 1983

Subseries f: "A Sea Within: the Gulf of St. Lawrence" 1984

Subseries g: "The Erthring Cycle" 1984-86

Subseries h: "Batteries Not Included" 1987

Subseries i: "Willow" 1988

Subseries j: "The Halfway Man" 1989

Series C: CBC Scripts, 1970s

Series D: Short fiction, poetry and unpublished novels, 1950-80

Series E: Short non-fiction, 1972-92 and undated

Series F: Other projects, 1969-95

Series G: Teaching, 1964-92

Series H: Personal, 1931-86



Box 1

Series A: Correspondence, 1944-95


1. Correspondence - parents and grandparents, 1944-54

2. Correspondence - parents and grandparents, 1948-67

3. Correspondence - parents and grandparents, 1955-74

4. Correspondence - parents and grandparents, 1974-81

5. Correspondence - parents and grandparents, 1979-90

6. Correspondence - cards from parents and grandparents, undated

7. Correspondence - cards from parents and grandparents, undated

8. Correspondence - Gwen and children, 1955-73(includes one photo [of Gwen?])

9. Correspondence - cards from Gwen and children, undated

10. Correspondence - Gwen, children and grandchildren, 1979-95

11. Correspondence - Gwen, children and grandchildren, 1982-92

12. Correspondence, Louise "Lou" Arnold, 1955-56

13. Correspondence, Allen "Al" Brooks, 1961-77

14. Correspondence, Canadian Broadcasting Company, 1961-84 See also Series C

(includes contracts and receipts)

15. Correspondence, cards: birthday, graduation, Christmas, undated

16. Correspondence - regarding Cobinosh Island Archaeological Site, 1976

17. Correspondence - Tom Fairley (of Copp Clark Publishing Company), 1972

18. Correspondence - Federation of Ontario Naturalists, 1973-76

19. Correspondence - Fraser, Dingman and Co., 1954-55

20. Correspondence - Gordon Fletcher Insurance Agency, 1959

21. Correspondence - Grand Manan, 1981-84

22. Correspondence - Paul Harris, 1956

23. Correspondence - Fred and Barbara Linkon, 1951-61

24. Correspondence - Bruce Litteljohn, 1971-93

25. Correspondence - David McMullen, 1954-64

26. Correspondence - Muskoka Sands - Canadian Albacore Association, 1972

27. Correspondence - Nature Canada, 1978-79

28. Correspondence - Oberon Press, 1972-74

29. Correspondence - Ontario Arts Council, 1972-78 and undated

30. Correspondence - Bill and Ann Petry, 1958-60

31. Correspondence - regarding legal dispute, 1958-59 (includes two photos and one negative)

32. Correspondence - Josephine Rogers (of Knowlton-Wing Inc.), 1971-72

33. Correspondence - James "Jim" Sedler,

34. Correspondence - Fred Seifert, 1958-61

35. Correspondence - Truslove and Hanson, 1973-75

36. Correspondence - Arthur "Art" Wilson, 1953-62

37. Correspondence - Arthur "Art" Wilson, 1957-69

38. Correspondence - Daniel "Danny" Wilson, 1955-64

39. Correspondence - Louis "Lou" Wilson, 1958-64

40. Correspondence - Writer's Union of Canada, 1873-87

41. Correspondence - general, 1945-70 and undated

42. Correspondence - general, 1952-60

43. Correspondence - general, 1952-60 and undated

44. Correspondence - general, 1952-72 and undated

45. Correspondence - general, 1959-65 and undated

46. Correspondence - general, 1953-70

47. Correspondence - general, 1956-71

48. Correspondence - general, 1958-79

49. Correspondence - general, 1971-73

Loose in box: one letter from Art [Wilson] written on birch bark

Box 2


1. Correspondence - general, 1974

2. Correspondence - general, 1975

3. Correspondence - general, 1976 (includes 3 photos)

4. Correspondence - general, 1977 (includes 2 photos)

5. Correspondence - general, 1978

6. Correspondence - general, 1979 (includes 1 photo)

7. Correspondence - general, 1980 (includes 1 photo)

8. Correspondence - general, 1981 (includes 6 photos)

9. Correspondence - general, 1982 (includes 3 photos)

10. Correspondence - general, 1983 (includes 3 photos)

11. Correspondence - general, 1984 (includes colour photocopies of 12 photos)

12. Correspondence - general, 1985 (includes 3 photos)

13. Correspondence - general, 1986(includes colour photocopies of 12 photos)

14. Correspondence - general, 1987 (includes 1 photo and 7 Margaret Laurence obituaries)

15. Correspondence - general, 1988

16. Correspondence - general, 1989 (includes 2 photos)

17. Correspondence - general, 1990

18. Correspondence - general, 1991

19. Correspondence - general, 1992

20. Correspondence - general, 1993 (includes 3 photos)

21. Correspondence - general, 1994

22. Correspondence - general, 1995 (includes 3 photos)

Materials in folder 22a added in 2011; received through donation from Grant Stephenson

22a. Correspondence - four letters plus one email sent by Wayland Drew (Buster) to Grant Stephenson, 1996-1998; also newspaper clippings re Drew's graduation from Victoria Colege

Series B: Published texts - drafts and related papers, 1973-89 Subseries a: "The Wabeno Feast" (1973)

23. "Anastomoses" - an early draft of "The Wabeno Feast," undated  

Box 3


1. "The Wabeno Feast" pps. 1-152 of early draft, undated

2. "The Wabeno Feast" pps. 153-293 of early draft, undated

3. "The Wabeno Feast" comments for drafts

Box 4


1. Correspondence regarding "The Wabeno Feast," 1971-72

2. Correspondence with Anansi Press and General Publishing regarding "The Wabeno Feast," 1971-87

3. Correspondence with Anansi Press regarding "The Wabeno Feast," 1972-82

4. "The Wabeno Feast" reviews, 1973 and undated (includes 2 photos)

5. A small replica of a canoe made by Gwen for the cake at the publication party for "The Wabeno Feast"

6. Guest registry for "The Wabeno Feast" reception at the Oshawa Public Library, June 14, 1973

7. Canada Council correspondence, 1969-74

8. National Film Board correspondence regarding the possibility of making a film based on "The Wabeno Feast," 1972-75  

Subseries b: "Superior: The Haunted Shore" - with photographs by Bruce Litteljohn (1974) Box 4 Folder: 9. "Superior" - preliminary notes, 1973-74 and undated

10. Index cards of research done for "Superior," undated (includes 2 photos and a piece of wood from the old lighthouse at Michipicoten Island)

11. "The Saulteur - Ojibwa Fishery at Sault Ste. Marie" by Graham MacDonald, with letter, undated

12. Henry Halls - correspondence, 1974

13. Piece of birch bark from cave at Brule

14. Sault Ste. Marie research

15. Batchawana research

16. Michipicoten Island research

17. Michipicoten research

18. Pukaskwa research

19. Schreiber research

20. Heron Bay research

21. Black Bay research

22. Sibley research

23. Thunder Bay research

24. "Lake Superior: The Haunted Shore" - early draft, undated

25. "Superior" - correspondence, 1974-75 (includes 4 photos)

26. "Superior" - reviews and correspondence, 1975-77

27. "Superior" - correspondence, royalty statements, press clippings, 1975-91

Subseries c: "Corvette Summer" (1978)

28. "Stingray" - correspondence and press clippings regarding "Corvette Summer," 1977-79 and undated (includes 6 photos)

29. Ten publicity stills from the film

30. Ten publicity stills from the film

31. "Stingray" film script by Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins, 1977

32. "Stingray" - draft of Drew's novelization, undated  

Subseries: d: "Dragonslayer" (1981)

33. "Dragonslayer" - draft with editing, submitted March 1980

34. "Dragonslayer" film script by Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins, 1980

35. "Dragonslayer" press clippings, 1981

36. Seventeen photos pertaining to the production of the film

37. Eight photos, one note, a 1981 "Dragonslayer" comic and a 1981 issue of "Cinefex" journal

38. "Dragonslayer" correspondence, notes, stickers and drawings  

Box 5


1. "Dragonslayer" correspondence, outline, publicity, reviews, royalty statements, 1979-90 and undated (includes 2 photos)

2. List of questions young students had for Drew regarding "Dragonslayer" and "Willow"

(Box 5a Loose on Shelf: Twelve

Subseries e: "Brown's Weir" - with photos by Gwendolyn Drew (1983)

3. Index cards of "Brown's Weir" notes, undated

4. "Brown's Weir" - first draft, July-August 1982

5. "Brown's Weir" - correspondence, royalty statements, press clippings, 1982-89

6. Eight photographs from the Public Archives of Canada

7. "Brown's Weir" photography file - 77 photographs  

Subseries: f: "A Sea Within: the Gulf of St. Lawrence" - Text by Drew, Photography by Bruce Litteljohn (1984)

8. "The Gulf" - draft of "A Sea Within," undated

9. Index cards of "A Sea Within" research, undated

10. Correspondence regarding Canada Council, 1977-84

11. Correspondence and agreements regarding "A Sea Within," 1982

12. "A Sea Within" - correspondence, royalty statements and related papers, 1981-92

13. Twenty-two envelopes of negatives from "A Sea Within" research trips, processed 1977-78

14. One hundred and twenty-five photographs

15. Two hundred and seventeen photographs

16. Papers pertaining to the Kodak law suit regarding "A Sea Within," 1981-84

17. "A Sea Within" - post-publication papers (includes royalty statements, correspondence), 1983-91

18. "Letters from the Gulf," undated  

Subseries g: "The Erthring Cycle" - a trilogy (1984-86)

19. "The Memoirs of Alcheringia" - draft with editing, undated

20. "The Memoirs of Alcheringia" - royalty statements, correspondence, publicity and articles pertaining to the function of the brain, 1983-86 includes "The Master's Map of Norriya"

21. "The Gaian Expedient" - draft with editing, June 1985  

Box 6


1. "The Gaian Expedient - Editorial" - includes letters from readers and colleagues, press clippings, handwritten notes and purchase orders, 1981-85 and undated

2. "The Gaian Expedient" - handwritten notes, royalty statements and reviews, 1985 and undated

3. "The Master of Norriya" - draft with editing, undated

4. "The Master of Norriya" - publicity, handwritten notes and an outline of the novel, 1986 and undated

5. "The Master of Norriya - Editorial" - correspondence, 1985-86

6. "The Erthling Cycle - Del Rey Fantasy" - royalty statements, correspondence, reviews, Agreement between Drew and Ballantine Books, handwritten notes, Ballantine/Del Rey June 1985 catalogue and outline of "The First Door," 1982-91 and undated  

Subseries h:"Batteries Not Included" (1987)

7. "Batteries Not Included" - drafts of Drew's novelization of the screenplay, March-April 1987  

Box 7


1. "Batteries Not Included" screenplay by Brad Bird, Matthew Robbins, Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson, July 22, 1986

2. "Batteries Not Included" - correspondence, publicity, notes and Agreement between Drew and MCA Publishing, 1987-88

3. Fifteen publicity stills from the film

4. Fifteen publicity stills from the film

5. Fifteen publicity stills from the film

6. Fifteen publicity stills from the film

7. Fifteen publicity stills from the film

8. Fifteen publicity stills from the film

9. Fourteen publicity stills from the film  

Subseries i: "Willow" (1988)

10. "Willow" - draft of Drew's novelization, May-July, 1987

11. "Willow" - draft of screenplay by Bob Dolman, April 1, 1987

12. Twelve publicity stills from the film

13. Twelve publicity stills from the film

14. Nine publicity stills from the film

15. "Willow" publicity (includes two issues of "Lucas Film Fan Club" magazine)

16. "Willow" - post-production - includes royalty statements, correspondence, press clippings, notes and eighteen color photocopies of story board drawings, 1987-94 and undated  

Box 8


1. "Willow" - correspondence and notes, 1987-88 and undated  

Subseries j: "The Halfway Man" (1989)

2. "The Spit" - draft of "The Halfway Man," [July-August 1986]

3. Oberon Press - correspondence and agreements, 1987-90

4. "Inviting the Guides" - notes, correspondence, press clippings and twenty-one photos pertaining to "The Halfway Man," 1985-86

5. "Inviting the Guides" - correspondence, notes, publicity and press clippings pertaining to "The Halfway Man," 1987-89 and undated

6. "The Halfway Man Publication Notes" - royalty statements, correspondence, reviews, student essay written about "The Halfway Man," playbill for production of a play, "Many Arms, A Story of Greed," based on "The Halfway Man" and nine photos, 1989-93

7. Caravan Stage Company - correspondence regarding the production of a play based on "The Halfway Man" and playbills, 1989-90

8. "The Legend of Many Arms" - excerpt from "The Halfway Man" printed in "Arthur," November 10, 1987

9. Canada Council correspondence regarding "The Halfway Man," 1974-87  

10. "Bush and Salon" - correspondence with Robert Weaver regarding Drew's scripts commissioned to the CBC and aired on "Bush and Salon," 1971-75

11. "Farini" - Minnesota Historical Society - correspondence and a story, "A Minnesota Visit," 1972-73 and undated

12. "Farini" - research notes, correspondence, negatives and one photo of Farini from the Ontario Archives [circa 1870s?], 1959-72

Box 8

in box:

Item: 1. Audio reel of "Tanner" broadcast on CBC radio, December 19, 1972

2. Audio reel of "Matonnabbee" broadcast on CBC radio, May 17, 1974

3. Audio reel of "Widow's Walk" broadcast on CBC radio, undated  

Box 9


1. "Farini" script for CBC radio, March 1974

2. "Tanner" script for CBC radio, undated

3. "The Great Seal Hunt" - program prepared for Drew for CBC radio show, "This Land" with correspondence and research notes, 1971

4. "The Wolseley Expedition" - research notes and correspondence pertaining to Drew's commissioned script, 1975 and undated

5. "The Wolseley Expedition" script for CBC radio, June 1975

6. "A Servant of the Company" script for CBC radio, 1972

7. "Some Account of Matonabbee" notes

8. "Some Account of Matonabbee" script for CBC radio, undated  

Box 10

D: Short fiction, poetry and unpublished novels, 1950-80


1. Poetry, [1950-52]

2. "The Terrible Fate of Joshua Sibbs" (includes the November 1956 issue of "Acta" in which this story was published)

3. "Two Shadows" - draft of story broadcast on the CBC radio show, "On Campus," January 16, 1957

4. "The Thunder's Roll" - draft of an unpublished novel, journal entries ("The Progress of a Novel"), and a letter to Dr. Millar MacClure, undated

5. "To Raise a Child" - with correspondence, 1957

6. "Summer Thing"

7. "They Starve," with correspondence, 1960

8. "A Wink of April (She Was Tender and Herself)," July 1965

9. "A Wink of April," revised and with correspondence, March 1966

10. "A Wide Place in the Road," February 1966

11. "The Wonderful World of the Spider," November 1961

12. "A View for the Afternoon," 1966

13. "A Song for Nativity"

14. "The Troubadours of Time," with notes, 1969

15. A story in two notebooks, 1969

16. "A Vague Circumference" notes

17. "A Vague Circumference" poetry

18. "A Vague Circumference" five chapters of an unpublished novel, undated

19. "Something for the Soul"

20. "Still Life," "Out of a Clear Blue Sky" and related papers, 1955-56

21. Poems/Stories, 1954

22. "Renwick"

23. "Problems and Solutions"

24. Poems, autumn 1965

25. Poems, 1966

26. Poetry, summer 1956

27. "Peter Morel"

28. "Paul's Tale"

29. "Paula" (includes correspondence with Robert Weaver of CBC, 1957)

30. "Poor John" and "Overdrive," undated

31. "Michele," undated

32. "More Lives Than One," undated

33. "Joust" (includes correspondence with Robert Weaver of CBC, 1961-62)

34. "It Never Rains on Holidays"

35. "I Should Be Glad of Another Death," 1965

36. "Hero"

37. "An Honest Living"

38. "Evered"

39. "The Dykes are Down," 1965

40. "The Church Window"

41. "Come at the Cocktail Hour"

42. "Drains"

43. "The Deathmocker"

44. "All You Have"

45. "Arabesque"

46. "The Fourth for Bridge" (includes correspondence with CBC, 1960)

47. "All You'll Ever Know" (includes correspondence with various publications 1958-59)

48. "Bernice"

49. "Beat No Drums for Him," 1958 (includes correspondence from "The Tamarack Review" 1959

50. "The Public Man, the Private Man"

51. "Jimmy Bond"

52. "Gentlemen's Agreement"

53. "Fullerton File"

54. "Grand Manan," July 1970

55. "An Internal Matter," 1972

56. "Homage to Axiel Hoeniger," 1972

57. "Wood," with correspondence, 1973

58. "The Marsden Prize" with correspondence, 1973 and undated

59. "A Very Simple Operation"

60. "Requiem for the Pinguinus Impennis"

61. "Miss Derby's Room"

62. Novel, 1971

63. Novel, 1972-3

64. Novel, 1973

65. "Settling," draft of an unpublished novel, 1972-73

66. "Settling," notes  

Box 11


1. "The Antiarch/Piranesi," 1974

2. "The Antiarchs," draft of an unpublished novel, 1973-74

3. "The Gargantua" notes and correspondence, 1978 and undated

4. "Emma"

5. "Widow's Walk"

6. "New Canadian Short Stories" - correspondence, 1971-72

7. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "Erratic," "Seasons," Winter 1980

8. Correspondence, royalty statements and textual materials pertaining to "The Old Soul," "Once Upon a Time" ed. Lester Del Rey and Risa Kessler, 1989-94 and undated  

Series E : Short non-fiction, 1972-92

9. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "Killing Wilderness," "Ontario Naturalist," September 1972 and "Trumpeter," Winter 1986 (includes "Technological Society, Wilderness and the Individual")

10. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "Wilderness and Limitation," "The Canadian Forum," February 1973

11. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "Toward an Ecological Conscience," "Ontario Naturalist," June 1973

12. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "Wilderness and Culture," "Alternatives," 1974 (includes notes for lecture of the same title which preceded the article, presented at Trent University, March 1974

13. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "The North Shore: Keeping it Dangerous," "Ontario Naturalist," December 1974

14. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "Mammals: General Characteristics" chapter of "The Nature of Mammals," 1974

15. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "Mammals: Lifestyles" chapter of "The Nature of Mammals," 1974

16. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "Fish: General Characteristics" chapter of "The Nature of Fish," 1974

17. "English and Anarchy"

18. "The Whites of Our Eyes" - draft and notes, undated

19. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "La Grande Baie," "Nature Canada," April/June 1979  

Box 12


1. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "The Bark Canoe" 1984 and undated

2. Correspondence and textual materials pertaining to "Laughter in the Labyrinth: Wilderness and Soul," "Islands of Hope," ed. Bruce Litteljohn, 1988-90 and undated

3. "Native Studies and Green Teaching," "Green Teacher," [1992]  

Series F: Other projects, 1969-95

4. Papers pertaining to concerns about the spread of rabies and a bounty placed on foxes, 1969-70

5. Papers pertaining to a lecture presented to the Save Quetico Club at Lakehead University, February 1971

6. Correspondence and textual material pertaining to writing workshop facilitated by Drew for ten young fiction writers from Oshawa and Whitby, 1973-74 (the anthology, "After Much Deliberation," was a product of this workshop)

7. "The Uses of Illiteracy" - paper presented to the Oshawa University Women's Club." April 1974

8. Grant application and correspondence regarding an archaeology project, 1976

9. Missinaibi River Park Reserve Study, 1978

10. Bracebridge Bay Park Plaques, 1980

11. Correspondence and notes pertaining to aircraft pollution and Port Perry/Scugog, 1971 and undated

12. School Librarianship - correspondence and notes pertaining to Drew's contribution to the University of Toronto's Faculty of Education, 1980-81 and undated

13. "On Bibliotropy" - paper presented to The Friends of the Bata Library, Trent University, October 1985

14. "An Evening with Lucretia Carp" - papers regarding talk given to the Bracebridge Lions Club, November 1985

15. Harmony Foundation of Canada, 1986-89

16. Earthwatch talk notes, undated

17. "Nationalism and Canadian Fiction" - talk given to Lyceum Club, October 1973

18. "Reflection on the Notion of Primitive" - talk given to Oshawa Unitarians, November 1974

19. Papers pertaining to forestry seminar, 1970-71

20. Ernest Thompson Seton - papers pertaining to project proposed to the CBC, 1978-79 (includes one reproduction of a photo of Seton as well as seven reproductions of Seton's art and a script outline)

21. "The Harmony of the Indian Year" - correspondence and textual materials pertaining to essay written for "Nature 78" Calendar

22. "Temagami 1966" - sketch book, undated

23. "Signs of Hope" Conference papers, 1991

24. "On Mystery, Optimism and the Bush," notes from guest lecture at Trent University, April 1993

25. "Feeling Landscape" paper presented at the Kumbayah Conference, Toronto, March 5, 1994

26. "Environment/Wilderness" - lecture notes, undated

27. Papers regarding "Writing and the Land" workshop facilitated by Drew at the Thunder Bay Public Library, April 1992

28. "Places Out of Time" - draft of film script, revised February 1993

29. Papers pertaining to "Places Out of Time," 1991-95 and undated  

Series G: Teaching, 1964-92

30. Muskoka Board of Education, 1976

31. Muskoka Board of Education, 1976-77

32. Muskoka Board of Education, 1977-78

33. Muskoka Board of Education, 1978-79

34. Muskoka Board of Education, 1979-80

35. Muskoka Board of Education, 1980-81

36. Muskoka Board of Education, 1981-82

37. Muskoka Board of Education, 1982-83

38. Muskoka Board of Education, 1983-84 (includes one class photo)

39. Muskoka Board of Education, 1984-85

40. Muskoka Board of Education, 1985-86 (includes one group photo)

41. Muskoka Board of Education, 1987-88

42. Muskoka Board of Education, 1988-89

43. Muskoka Board of Education, 1989-90

44. Muskoka Board of Education, 1990-92

45. Muskoka Board of Education "Buy-Out" Proposal, 1989

46. Muskoka Secondary Teachers' Strike, 1985

47. Papers regarding Drew's leaves of absence, 1982-91

48. "The Ink Blot" - high school typescript anthologies, 1964-65  

Series H: Personal, 1931-86

49. Assorted high school mementos

50. Letters written by Drew's father, Ezra Wilson Drew, 1931-32

51. "1947 Canoe Trip"

52. High school diplomas and certificates, 1946-53

53. Miscellaneous papers, 1950s

54. Camping papers, 1944-54 and undated

55. Camping papers, 1948-52 and undated

56. Three notebooks, undated

57. Four handbooks, one address book and three note books, 1953-57 and undated

58. Miscellaneous cards and memberships, 1950-60 and undated

59. Photographs and negatives, undated

60. Black and white photo of Gwen, undated

61. Marriage certificate and wedding invitation, October 18, 1957

62. Trip journals, 1984-86

63. Two photos of a pictograph

64. Press clippings about Drew

65. Art by Gwen, Marda and Scott, 1980

Loose in box: one plastic case holding four computer discs used for "Places Out of Time" project and three Toronto Conservatory of Music certificates, rolled, 1946-53  

Large materials cabinet: Drawer 39

Item: 1. Poster for Austin Willis talk, undated

2. Poster for Professor MacLure talk, undated

3. Poster for "Grand Ol' Opry Matinee"

4. Poster for "The Willow and I"

5. Publicity poster for "Superior: The Haunted Shore"

6. Publicity poster for "Dragonslayer"

7. Publicity poster for "Dragonslayer"

8. Publicity poster for "Dragonslayer"

9. Publicity poster for "Dragonslayer"

10. Set and props drawing for "Willow"

11. Set and props drawing for "Willow"

12. Set and props drawing for "Willow"

13. Set and props drawing for "Willow"

14. Set and props drawing for "Willow"

15. Set and props drawing for "Willow"

16. Set and props drawing for "Willow"

17. Set and props drawing for "Willow"

18. Set and props drawing for "Willow"