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Accession Number: 97-022


Joseph Powadiuk collection. -- 1811-1976. -- 17 cm of textual records and other materials

Biography / History

Joseph Powadiuk was a writer and researcher for the federal government. He was interested in the history of Ontario and purchased disparate items from antique shops, auction houses and book stores.

Custodial History

Material was collected by Mr. Joseph Powadiuk and then donated to Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of an eclectic assortment of documents and papers pertaining to many parts of Canada including 3 documents prepared by Powadiuk for the government, 2 of which concern native peoples; 10 prints of 19th century personalities; 1905 map of the Niagara River; papers re Indian-Eskimo Association; deeds, mortgages and trust documents from Huron and Bruce Counties; Niagara peninsula documents including Hugh Alexander's account book; Lord Selkirk letter dated 1837; Charles G.D. Roberts letter dated 1892; notes on the inception of "Evangeline." A major element in the collection relates to Mr. James Ross of East Hawkesbury, stone mason and merchant and his family. The Ross quarry appears to have supplied stone for the Carillon lock and for Fort Henry. The family was involved in the East Hawkesbury school for 2 decades.


Title based on the creator of the collection.

17 cm of textual material; 1 map, 1 tintype and 2 photographs.

This collection was donated by Joseph Powadiuk. It was in his possession until donated to Trent University Archives.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Finding Aid

Box 1


1: J. Powadiuk's paper on "Housing in the Atlantic Region" prepared for Assistant deputy Minister of Department of Regional Economic Expansion, 1974

2: Prints and engravings of 19th century personalities: Henry Ward Beecher, Martin Luther, John Bright, Victor Emanuel King of Sardinia, John A. McDonald (photo bronze statue); Countess of Warwick, Sybil Sanderson, Dorothy Morton, pioneer couple, and engraving of Toronto's King Street in 1834

3: Miscellaneous items 1816, 1820, 1829, government site, banknote and advertisement for inn

4: Miscellaneous government and other printed documents: 1. Map of the George of the Niagara River by J.W. Spencer, 1905; 2. The Public Records of Nova Scotia, Their History and Present Conditions, 1920; 3. excerpt from Ottawa Sessional Papers (No. 64), 1868, regarding Hons. G.F. Cartier and A.T. Salt declining to accept the "Order of Bath"; 4. correspondence re the construction of a Graving Dock in Victoria, B.C., 1876; Sessional papers (No. 140) regarding the Windsor and Arnapolis Railway Co., 1878; a document published by the Bibliophile Society of Boston re the publishing of the journal of (British) Major John Andre including a vivid description of his execution, 1903; report of special committee re deepening ship channel in Lake St. Peter, 1841

5: Documents and correspondence re the "Indians of Canada Pavilion" for Expo 67

6: Education and Employability of Status indians in canada by J. Powadiuk, 1976; an eskimo newscast; a brief bibliography re northern cultures

7: Various papers and correspondence re the Indian - Eskimo Association of Ontario, 1964 - 1965

8: Miscellaneous legal documents from the County of Huron, 1867 - 1918; declaration of trust Wm. Elliott to John W. Elliott, 1867; mortgage J.S. Sinclair to M.C. Brown, 1868; deed Jonas Jones to J.S. Sinclair, 1869; mortgage J.D. Allan to T. McRrae, 1872; mortgage R. Kettle to W. Blair Sr., 1874; mortgage J.B. Allan to D. Allan, 1875; assignment of mortgage W. Blair to dominion Savings and Investment society, 1875; mortgage A. McAuly to E. Johnson, 1877; conveyance H. McGregor to E. Blake, 1879; deed J. McNipp to W. Rillpatrick [Killpatrick], 1879; deed W. Johnstone to J. Knutson, 1881; deed A. McAuly to Rev. H. Paterson, 1878; quit claim deed C.W. Garvey to M.C. Cameron, 1883; R. Henderson to Huron and Bruce Loan & Investment Co., 1885; deed Rev. J. Patterson to J. Morgan, 1886; mortgage W. McLean to Freehold Loan and Savings Co., 1887; mortgageS. Malconson to H. Horton, 1893; probate of will of Henry Maize, 1896; deed M. Mosely to A.E. Campbell, 1896; formal separation (annulment?) of W. Edmonstone and A. Edmonstone, 1901; power of attorney E. Smith to Garrow and garrow, 1901; statutory declaration by C. Garrow re estate of J. Mitchell, 1903; probate of will of R. Henderson, 1903; deed M. Aitken to J.W. Gibson, 1903; statutory declaration of Alfred Nicholson, 1905; deed A. Mitchell to M. Hamilton, 1905; mortgage R. J. Doak to J. Whitely, 1905; chattel mortgage J. Fritzley to D.B. Mackay, 1906; mortgage W. Young to K.H. Sale, 1907; agreement between M. G. Jane and J. Mariott, 1918; letter to C. Garrow from S. Morgan, 1911; letter and documents from W.T. Kiely to G. Drummond, 1891; one deed from Bruce County: J. Tomlinson to A. McDonald, 1884

9: Niagara peninsula documents: H. Alexander account and letter book transcripts, 1811-1816; copies of pages from Cruikshank's "History of the Campaign - Niagara Frontiers" regarding H. Alexander; copy of article "When Fort Erie was Distributing Center for Middle West" from the Welland County Historical society, with map, 1927; five newspaper clippings re Niagara on the Lake and Fort Erie

10: Miscellaneous Huron and Bruce County documents, pre - confederation dates: mortgage W. Blair to J. Cook, 1853; deed W. Sutton to R. Sidden, 1859; deed Hon. M. Cameron to D. Allan, 1860; deed J. Morgan to D. Morgan, 1862; indenture of bargain and sale J. Morgan to D. Morgan, 1862; deed Wm. Carruthers to E. Johnston, 1862; deed F. McKinney to J. Andrews, 1864; mortgage J. Stevens to R. Houston, 1865; deed D. Morgan to J. Morgan, 1865

11: Lord Selkirk's letter to W. Camac in Philadelphia re the receipt of a rifle, good hunting and personal matters, 1837

12: C.G.D. Roberts letter to his publisher regarding the death of his brother, his own emergency involvement and his failure to submit an expected article, 1892

13: The inception of "Evangeline" - notes about the origin of Longfellow's poem and the involvement of the Judge Haliburton's family

Box 2


These files contain papers concerning the Ross family, their business transactions, personal letters, etc. James Ross was a stone mason, the family operated a quarry, had business contacts in Cornwall, Chatham, P.Q., East Hawksbury, etc. His widow continued his business after his death. The family was involved in the school in Hawkesbury, provided some materials to Fort Henry and the Carillon Canal

1: 1820 - 1829: invoice for goods sold in Saint Andrews, U.C.

2: 1830 - 1839: letters, invoices, receipts, Chatham, Cornwall, Hawkesbury, Montreal, Millas Roches

3: 1840 - 1849: business contacts with Kingston, Chatham, St. Andrews, Montreal, East Hawkesbury, Vankleek Hill, Maitland, Grenville, along with the will of J. Ross, 1843; the balance sheet of the Royal Artillery Barracks of Fort Henry from 1841 to 1844, and marriage banns for J.D. Newton and E. Mode of West Hawkesbury, 1847

4: 1850 - 1859: financial transactions with Little Rideau, East Hawkesbury, Grand Island, St. Andrews, including school tax and financial statements for 1858 and 1859 when T. Ross served as treasurer for school

5: 1860 - 1869: financial transactions and school tax rolls, along with personal letter Tom Ross to Bella and I.O.U. T. Ross to R. Ross

6: 1870 - 1879: financial transactions regarding Hawkesbury school, and Carillon Canal business papers with R. Ross

7: 1880 - 1889: correspondence and financial papers between T. Ross and R. Ross, also other financial items concerning R. Ross; correspondence with M. Higginson from her relatives or friends

8: 1890 - 1899: financial papers re R. Ross including lease of quarry; agreement between siblings of M.W. Ross deceased and her appointed executor I. Ross; correspondence to and from M. Higginson

9: 1900 - 1910: receipts to and from R. Ross principally in his capacity as executor of wills for C. Ross and I. Ross, also pertaining to a mortgage issued to J.C. Murray

10: More recent: 2 indentures 1945 correcting the description of the parcel of land figuring in the will of M.E. Ross, the conveyances being between E. Cusson and J. Higginson Ross and between E. Cusson and B. Savesshy; receipt to Ross from Jamaica, 1949; draft of letter by Ross re cemetery matters, 1952; stock certificate of Imperial Bank of Canada, 1959

11: Miscellaneous undated documents: copy of potential conveyance of property by M.A. Ross to The [Vaudrenil] Railway Company; diary of trip to Niagara, etc.; 2 letters addressed to M. Higginson; etc.  Additions: Box 2 (a)

Additional Ross material and other land documents relating to East Hawkesbury, Ontario.