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Accession Number: 95-1003

Hudson's Bay Company journal. -- 27 July 1929-4 Aug. 1930. -- 1 volume. (See finding aid)

TRANSCRIPTION: Journal of Events: Eastmain Post, Outfit 260, James Bay District

At the close of each day Post Managers will record in this book: Date, what work has been done and every event of importance that has happened, such as arrivals, departures, state of weather, arrival and departure of geese, ducks, salmon, etc., breaking up of ice, freeze-up in fall, first snow, temperature, etc.

Important that year, month, and day of month be shown on each page in column provided for that purpose.

At the close of the Outfit duplicate copy should be detached and filed in your office and the original left in book, and book promptly mailed to the District Manage.

Your ability to keep this book in a neat and intelligent manner will be an indication of your character and ability as a Post Manager.

Fur Trade Commissioner's Office,

Winnipeg, Manitoba.

April 1929



Sat. 27 Wind east in the morning, but very light. The "Fort Hope" left here about seven o'clock in the morning for Charlton, and took out six men to help in discharging the supply ship which is expected at Charlton on July 28th. Weather very hot and sultry all day. Indians carrying the wood from the bank to the wood pile, which they brought down by boat & raft yesterday.

Sun. 28 Wind S.W. Weather fine in the morning but got stormy with showers of rain in the afternoon.

Mon. 29 West wind. Blowing fairly hard in the morning and turned stormy with fog and rain in the afternoon. Fort Hope got in about noon with a load of supplies from Charlton. Could not unload on account of weather.

Tues. 30 Wind west. Weather still bad in the morning but cleared towards noon. Got the " Fort Hope" unloaded. The Fuel Choppers got away to-day fro another boat load. Fine and calm this evening.

Wed. 31 Wind N.E. in the morning but turned N.W. in the evening. Raining hard all day. The Fuel Choppers got in with a boat load of wood this evening.


Thurs. 1 N.W. wind. Raining in the morning but turned fair through the day. The Fuel Choppers carrying wood ashore, and left again this evening for another load. A seaplane passed out at the mouth of the river, going north about half-past ten, and was seen again passing south about four o'clock in the afternoon. Started giving out winter advances to Inland hunters today.

Fri. 2 S.W. wind. Fine day. The Fuel Choppers got in to-day with a raft and boat load of wood. A canoe arrived today with some Fort George Indians.

Sat. 3 Raining this morning but cleared up in the afternoon. South wind in the forenoon, but turned north and blew hard. The Fuel Choppers carried ashore wood from the boat.

Sun. 4 N.W. wind. Fine day though blowing hard.

Mon. 5 N.W. wind. Blowing hard all day with showers of rain. The Fuel Choppers left again this morning for another load of wood.

Tues. 6 N.W. wind. Blowing hard, but weather clear. The Fuel Choppers got in this evening.

Wed. 7 S. wind. Fine day. Blowing fairly hard. Jimmie Corston & family arrived here from Ruperts House on a visit to the post. The Fuel Choppers brought in the last of their wood this evening. Some of the Inlanders left today for the year, going by old Factory River. John Cheeyo hoeing the garden.

Thurs. 8 South wind. Fine day. Fuel Choppers taking ashore the wood from the raft and the boat. John Cheeyo still hoeing in the garden. Two families of Inlanders left again this evening for their winter hunting grounds.

Fri. 9 North wind. Blowing hard though weather fair.

Sat. 10 E. wind. Raining in the morning, but cleared in the afternoon. Fuel Choppers finished up the wood today. Three more families of Inlanders left today for the year.

Sun. 11 N.E. wind. Fine day with light wind all day.

Mon. 12 N.W. wind. Blowing hard and weather turned very stormy towards noon, but calmed down a little this evening. The " Fort Hope" left for Charlton but had to turn back from Gull Islands on account of the heavy sea running. Mr. George - Revillon Frerè's inspector got in this evening with his boat from the north.

Tues. 13 Fine day with the wind from the East all day. The "Fort Hope" left again this morning from Charlton, with Mrs. A.Louttit and Daughter as passengers.

Wed. 14 N.E. wind, with rain during the day, but got fine in the evening. Mr. George, Revillon Frère's inspector left this morning for Moose.

Thur. 15 N. wind. The "Fort Hope" got in from Charlton this eveing. Bishop Anderson came over as passenger.

Fri 16 S.W. wind. Fine day with very little wind, but started to rain in the evening.

Sat 17 N.W. wind. Very stormy all day. Got the " Fort Hope" ready for another trip, and had ballast put in her.

Sun. 18 N.W. wind. Foggy with very little wind.

Mon 19 N.W. wind. Blowing during the day, but calmed down this evening. The "Fort Hope" left this morning fro Charlton, for another load of freight, and took out Bishop Anderson as passenger.

Tues. 20 Fine calm day. N.W. wind.

Wed. 21 S. wind. Fine day with light wind.

Thurs. 22 S. Wind. Raining. The " Fort Hope" got in from Charlton this morning.

Fri. 23 S.W. wind. Fine day. Some of the Inland Indians left the Post today for the winter hunting grounds.

Sat. 24 S. wind. Very hot day. Light wind in the morning, but got calm. The Indians were leaving the Post again today.

Sun. 25 Fine day. S. wind, and calm. One of the warmest days we have had this summer.

Mon. 26 West wind. Stormy and raining all day.

Tues. 27 N.W. wind. Weather still stormy.

Wed. 28 N. wind. Clear day.

Thurs. 29 N.W. wind. Fine day but blowing.

Fri. 30 S. wind.

Sat. 31 N.W. wind. Calm in the morning but started to blow during the day. Quite a few people have been laid up with "flu" this week. Some do not seem to mind it much while others are pretty sick.


Sun. 1 S.E. wind. Rained during the day with thunder and lightening.

Mon 2 Fine day with south wind.

Tues. 3 N.W. wind.

Wed. 4 East wind. Blowing and raining all day.

Thurs. 5 West wind. Stormy. All the people have been pretty sick with the "flu," and the first death occurred this morning. Jacob Georgeskish's child died this morning and was buried this evening.

Fri. 6 S. wind

Sat 7 West wind. Fine day. Philip and Henry Iserhoff with their families, left this morning, and are going out to the "line."

Sun. 8 Fine day with S.W. wind.

Mon. 9 South wind. fine day with very little wind.

Tues. 10 N.East wind, and raining all day.

Wed. 11 South wind, and fine day.

Thurs. 12 Stormy. Wind from south west in the morning but turned north about noon and started to rain. Albert Stocken came in from Jack Creek yesterday, and got his supplies to go Inland for the year.

Frid. 13 North East Wind. Rained a little this morning.

Sat. 14 North East Wind. Dull all day. The " Fort Hope" left this morning for Charlton.

Sun. 15 Calm, and overcast in the morning. Wind from South East and started to blow and rain in the afternoon.

Mon. 16 South West wind and stormy.

Tues. 17 North West Wind. Calm in the morning. Jacob and Jonnie Georgeskish left this morning for inland.

Wed. 18 North West Wind. Stormy with rain and snow showers during the day.

Thurs. 19 South West wind and still stormy.

Frid. 20 South West Wind and overcast. Widow Wm. Mark came into the post to-day.

Sat. 21 South Wind. Bright Day. Wm. Jos. Steward, and Gull Georgeskish, were in to-day for their winter supplies, and left again this evening.

Sun. 22 South Wind. Cloudy with rain in the afternoon.

Mon. 23 Calm all day. South Wind.

Tues. 24 South West Wind. The "Fort Hope" got in from Charlton with the Charlton workers, and also Mrs. A.J. Loultet and Daughter who have returned from the "line"

Wed. 25 North East Wind. Fine clear day with light wind. The men have been hauling up the "Fort Hope," and got her on the bank this evening.

Thurs. 26 North East Wind. Fine Day. In the store setting up some of the Charlton workers.

Fri. 27 Calm in the morning, but began to blow up from the North West during the day. Bob Cheeyo, and Noah Chichoo left for Ruperts House, with Mrs. Edward Louttet who is returning to that post.

Sat. 28 Fine day with light north wind all day.

Sun. 29 Stormy with Showers of rain. North West Wind.

Mon. 30 South Wind. "Fort Hope" crew left the post to-day. The Eskimo Weetalktuk cam in from Cape Hope, and left again this evening.


Tues. 1 South West Wind. Blowing fairly hard. Edward Mark, Mother, and family left the post to-day.

Wed. 2 North East Wind, and raining. Bob Weakinicappo, came into the post, and left again this evening.

Thurs. 3 Bright day. Wind from North East.

Frid. 4 North East Wind in the morning, but turned North West during the day. Blowing Hard, but weather was bright and clear.

Sat. 5 South Wind. Weather Dull and overcast, with rain in the evening. Bob Cheeyo and Noah Chichoo, who went to Ruperts House with Mrs. Edward Loultet, retuned this morning.

Sun. South West Wind. Overcast all day. And it began to rain and blow in the evening.

Mon. 7 blowing very hard. South West wind during the day, but it Turned to the North West, and became very stormy. Showers of snow during the day.

Tues. 8 North West Wind. Blowing very hard with snow showers. Made a very high tide during the night, and part of the wharf has been washed away.

Wed. 9 North West wind. Weather clears, though still inclined to be stormy. Got the part of the Warf gathered up, and put by for the winter.

Thurs. 10 South West Wind. Blowing hard, but weather clear.

Frid. 11 South West Wind. Calm and very fine. Bob Cheeyo got his fall debt and left the post for his hunting-grounds across the river.

Sat. 12 South Wind. Fine day, but inclined to be overcast.

Sun. 13 North Wind. Light-wind all day. Some Indians arrived from the north, for their fall supplies.

Mon. 14 Fine day, and Calm. John Cheeyo, left the post to-day for his hunting-grounds. The Indians, yesterday brought word of the death of Albert H. Gilpin's Child on the 9th of October.

Tues. 15 South Wind in the morning but changed to Southwest. Fine warm day. The Indians who came on Sunday, left again to-day. Weetaltuk came into the Post last night, and brought the dogs, which he had been looking after this summer at "Cape Hope," He left against this evening for his place.

Wed. 16 North West Wind. Stormy and blowing hard all day, with showers of rain and snow. David Salt is to look after our team of dogs from to-day.

Thus. 17 North Wind with snow showers. Weather cleared up this evening.

Fri. 18 Very fine day, calm and clear. Two canoes of Indians arrived to-day. Traded fish and some rat skins.

Sat. 19 South East Wind. Very fine day. The Indians, who arrived yesterday, left the Post to-day. William Earless arrived from Jack Creek this after-noon with a few rats and a some fish to trade.

Sun. 20 Calm all day. Light wind from North West in the evening, and overcast. William Earless left this morning for Jack Creek.

Mon. 21 North East Wind. Fine bright day. Had Noah Chichoo put up the porches on our house and the stove and also fixed up the stove in the trading store.

Tues. 22 North East Wind. Blowing fairly hard. Noah Chichoo was out to his traps, and brought in a number of rats. The rest of the men from the Post have also go out rat-traps, and bring in a rat two now and again.

Wed. 23 North East Wind. Blowing hard all day, and raining. Noah Chichoo repaired the cook-stove in our house to-day

Thurs. 24 North East Wind. Fine Day. Some Indians arrived to-day from the North, trading some ratskins. John and Bob Cheeyo, were both into the Post to-day.

Fri. 25 South Wind and raining. A very dirty day.

Sat. 26 North West wind. Blowing hard all day. Snow Showers.

Sun. 27 North West wind. Blowing hard and stormy all day with showers of snow.

Mon. 28 North Wind blowing hard but calmed down towards evening. Lots of geese passed yesterday on their way south, and a few flocks passed again to-day. Snow lay on the ground all day for the first time.

Tues. 29 South Wind, cloudy. Albert Gilpin and son were into the Post to-day, and also Richard Jamatuk. Had the trading stove scrubbed out to-day.

Wed. 30 South East Wind. Very light wind. Fine day. Noah Chichoo repairing storm windows for our house to-day. Jacob salt was off, setting rat-traps. John Cheeyo was in to the Post to-day, and paid up his fall advances and I have advanced him with the same amount again.

Thus. 31 South Wind. Fine bright day. All the men, from the Post out to their traps, except Jacob Salt.


Fri. 1 South East Wind. Raining in the morning. Wind Changed to South West about noon, and got clear. Jacob Sald attending his duties around the Post.

Sat. 2 South West wind, and blowing fairly hard. Showers of snow during the day. Two canoes of Indians came in from the north this evening about dusk. Bob Cheeyo cames across to-day, and paid up his fall advances and I have advances him with the same amount again.

Sun. 3 South West Wind. Very wet day with showers of rain. A canoe came this afternoon from the Fort George Side.

Mon. 4 South West Wind in the morning, but changed to North West in the afternoon. Henry Gilpin and son came in to-day. In the store to-day with the Indians who have come into the Post. All left again to-day for their camps.

Tues. 5 South Wind. Fine in the morning but started to snow towards noon, and the wind went round to the South East. Noah Chichoo killed a red fox to-day. This is the first fox killed by the Eastmain Indians.

Wed. 6 North East Wind blowing hard and cold. Indians came today and left again as soon as finished trading.

Thur. 7 East Wind, Fine bright day though the wind rather cold. Alick Isenhoff got a red fox to-day.  

Fri. 8 South Wind. Snowing and weather tuned warm.

Sat. 9 South Wind, mild. Jacob Salt went to snares and traps, but did not get much. Noah Chichoo got another red fox to-day.

Sun. 10 South Wind. Very fine warm day. All the snow has melted away to-day.

Mon. 11 North Wind. Mild with snow falling all day. John and Bob Cheeyo both came into the Post to-day trading a ermine skins. Noah Chichoo got another red fox to-day, saw geese passing.

Tues. 12 North Winds. Frozen land this morning under a foot, and the Lakes are frozen over solid enough to walk on.

Wed. 13 South West wind and much milder to-day. Snow showers during the day and the river is gradually filling up with slush.

Thurs. 14. South West wind. Snowing and very mild. Noah Chichoo got an Otter and a Mink today from his traps.

Fri. 15 South West wind in the morning but changed to North West early in the morning. Drifting all day but weather is mild. The river is now pretty well filled up with slush. David Salt killed white partridges yesterday; these are the first to be killed this year.

Sat. 16 North West wind. Fine day. Men from the Post all at their traps today but got nothing. There was a big fall of snow during the night.

Sun. 17 Fine day, South wind. David Salt cooked for the dogs.

Mon. 18 South East wind. Cold. The river is full of ice but the channel is still going down. Noah Chichoo got a steal down at the point early this morning, and in the afternoon he put on the storm windows on the dwelling house.

Tues. 19 North East Wind, and Blowing hard. Very Clear. David Salt got a red fox from his traps today.

Wed. 20 North Wind. Very little wind, and very bright. The river is frozen over, and a few holes are to be seen. Got the potatoes taken in from the vault, and had all closed up for the winter. Walter Tomatuk came into the Post to-day by walking, and traded a few ermine.

Thurs. 21 South wind. Snowing. Jacob Salt was at his snares today, and he got one rabbit.

Fri. 22 South wind. Blowing hard and very cold.

Sat. 23. South wind. Snowing all day. Wind changed to the north west this evening.

Sun. 24 West wind. Drifting and very stormy. A party of Indians from the camps to the north, walked across the river to the Post this morning.

Mon. 25 South wind. Stormy in the morning and very cold, but weather calmed down in the evening. The Indians who came in yesterday, went back to their camps after trading a few skins.

Tues. 26. North East wind. Cold and rainy. John Cheeyo came across from his camp for some supplies, and two Indians from Jack Creek were also in trading a few skins. Walter Tamatuk and Johnnie Tamatuk were also in.

Wed. 27 North East wind. Fine day, and warmer than yesterday. Henry Weahpinicappo and Malcolm Mark, were into the Post to-day to trade a few skins for supplies, and left again for their camp.

Thurs. 28 North East wind this morning. Very mild and snowing. David Weahpinicappo came into the Post. Wind changed to the North West this evening and blew very hard. A regular winter day and nothing could be seen for any distance.

Fri. 29 West wind and still blowing hard and drifting but not so bad as last night. No one could go out hunting today.

Sat. 30 Calm this morning and very mild, but the wind sprung up from the South and then went round to the North West and got very stormy and thick. Shower of snow. David Weahpinicappo went to back to his camp this morning.


Sun. 1 Drifting thick in the morning till about ten o'clock when the weather cleared up and got fine. North West wind.

Mon. 2 East wind, and very light. Mild day with a slight fall of snow and again.

Tues. 3 Wind from South West and cold. David Salt cooked for the dogs this morning. Noah Chichoo got 2 red foxes to-day. Bob Cheeyo came into the Post with this fur hunt, amounting to 2 mink and 2 red foxes.

Wed. 4 South West wind. Clear and cold. Edward Mark came into the Post this morning, and left again as soon as he had traded some supplies. Two teams with Indians arrived late this evening - one from the North and the other from the South.

Thurs. 5 West wind. Very cold, and drifting thick. In the store today with the Indians.

Fri. 6 South West wind. Weather bright. The Indians who were in to the Post all left for their respective camps. Malcolm Mark came in to-day and traded a few ermines.

Sat. 7 South wind. Clear and cold. John Cheeyo, and Bob Cheeyo's boy came to the Post to-day, and traded a few ermines and some fish.

Sun. 8 East wind, and very cold. A team from Weetaluk's camp, came in this morning for the first time since leaving the Post last fall.

Mon. 9 South wind. Weather turning milder to-day. The two Eskimos boys went back to "Cape Hope" this morning. Albert Gilpin came into the Post this afternoon and traded on mink, 2 musqhash (muskrat), and 4 ermine

Tues. 10 South West wind. Fine day but cold. Bob Weahpinicappo came into the Post this morning by walking, and traded a few ermine and musquash.

Wed. 11 South wind. Very fine day and clear. Three Indians from the north came in this morning and traded 3 foxes, 2 mink, and 100 musqaush and a few ermine.

Thurs. 12 South East wind. Weather milder. Noah Chichoo got a cross fox from his traps to-day.

Fri. 13 South wind. Snowing and weather still mild. Richard Tamatuk same in to-day and had 1 red fox, 1 mink, a few ermine, and a few fish to trade.

Sat. 14 Very stormy during the night. North West wind and cold. Drifting this morning but cleared up during the day. George Cheeyo came across to-day and put in 1 red fox.

Sun. 15 West wind. Cold and rainy.

Mon. 16 South West wind. Cold and rainy. Three parties of Indians came in from the north. David Salt hauling his wood home with the dogs.

Tues. 17 Weather clear and cold, South wind. David Salt hauling his wood home with the dogs.

Wed. 18 South West wind. Cold. Revillon Frerè's team arrived from Fort George to-day and they brought Tom Linklater as passenger. David Salt put black earth on the travelling sled.

Thurs. 19 North East wind. The coldest day we have had yet this winter.

Frid. 20 North wind. blowing and snowing thick all day. A very heavy fall of snow. Revillon's team went back to Fort George this morning.

Sat. 21 North West wind. Drifting thick all day and blowing harder this evening. David Salt preparing for trip to Moose.

Sun 22 West wind. Cold and clear. Teamaters cooked for the dogs to-day.

Mon. 23 South West wind. Weather milder to-day. Our team left this morning for Moose - David Salt and Alick Iserhoff Teamasters, and Tom Linklater went along as a passenger. A few Indians arrived to-day.

Tues. 24 South wind. Fine day. Several parties of Indians arrived to-day. A.J.Loultet in the store the Indians until late this evening.

Wed. 25 East wind, fine bright day. Rev. F. Mark held divine service twice to-day in the Church, which was nicely decorated for the occasion. The Eskimos from Cape Hope arrived to-day with some seal meat and blubber. Revillon Frerè's had a party and a dance over on their premises.

Thurs. 28 Fine mild day. West wind, inclined to be a little stormy in the evening. Several of the Indians went back to their camps today.

Fri. 27 N. west wind. Thick and stormy. All the Indians who were in, went back to-day to their camps. Rev. F. Mark held his annual school treat for the children with a Christmas tree, Santa Claus arrived at the party much to the delight of the children. Noah Chichoo got a red fox to-day.

Sat. 28 South East wind. Fine day. Not too cold. The three Georgeskish brothers, and John D. a visitor, arrived late this evening from inland with very poor accounts of the conditions inland. Edward Mark came in to-day and brought his silver fox skin in.

Sun. 29 South East wind. Blowing and inclined to be mild.

Mon. 30 South East wind. Weather is mild. In the store with the inlanders.

Tues. 31 South wind. Snowing and mild. Indians in to the Post to-day. 1930


Wed. 1 South wind. Mild with snow falling lightly.

Thurs. 2 Southwest wind. Thick all day. In the stores with the Indians, getting them ready to leave the post.

Fri. 3 Northwest wind, stormy and drifting thick. Indians left the post to-day.

Sat. 4 Northwest wind, and very cold and rainy.

Sun. 5 East wind and cold.

Mon. 6 South wind. Very mild, half raining and snowing in the morning but wind went around to the northwest and began to blow and drift thick.

Tues. 7 North wind. Fine bright clear day.

Wed. 8 East wind. Snowing thick all day.

Thurs. 9 North wind. Very cold and rainy.

Fri. 10 South wind. Still very cold and rainy.

Sat. 11 South wind and cold. Our team got back from Moose today with Mr. C.Y. Sweeting and all the mail for the North.

Sun. 12 South wind, cold and rainy.

Mon. 13 South wind, cold and rainy. The Fort George combined team arrived to-day. One of the inlanders came into the Post to-day, Albert Stock, who had $300 of fur.

Tues. 14 Dull and overcast all day. Started to snow in the evening. East wind.

Wed. 15 Northwest wind. Blowing a real blizzard. F.G. team unable to start. Several of the coast Indians were in to the Post.

Thur. 16 South West wind. The Storm was all over this morning though the weather is still very rainy. The Fort George team left early this morning and also the Indians. Edward Mark came in today and brought 1 otter and 1 mink.

Fri. 17 South wind. Clear and cold. Some Fort George Indians came into the pPost to-day and traded a little fur.

Sat. 18 South wind. Cold and rainy. A.J. Loutlet in the Store trading.

Sun. 19 South Wind. Cold and rainy.

Mon. 20. South Wind. Weather keeping cold and rainy. Odd arrivals into the Post again to-day.

Tues. 21 South wind. Fine clear day but with a sharp wind. A few arrivals again to-day, but very little fur is being traded.

Wed. 22 South wind. Cold. A.J. Loutlet in the Store.

Thurs. 23 South wind. Drifting slightly and rainy. Some Indians cane in again to-day.

Fri. 24 Southwest wind. Cold and rainy. A.J. Loutlet in the Store with the Indians trading, and getting Thomas Steward ready to go inland.

Sat. 25 Northwest wind. Drifting and Rainy. The R.F. tram left this morning for Moose Factory. Noah Chichoo and Bertie Corston are the teamsters.

Sun. 26 Southwest wind. Rainy and cold. Drifting slightly towards evening.

Mon. 27. South wind. Very fine day. Bright and clear one arrival at the Post to-day.

Tue. 28 Southwind. Fine bright sunny day. James Georgeskish left the Post to-day for inland until open water.

Wed. 29 South west wind. Cold and rainy, but weather turned milder towards evening. William J. Steward came into the Post to-day but with very little fur.

Thurs. 30 Southwest wind. Very fine bright day. William Steward left the post this morning for his camp.

Fri. 31 East wind in the morning and calm. Very fine day. Wind Changed to Southwest in the afternoon. Richard Tamatuk and Andrew Gilpin came into the Post, both starving.


Sat. 1 East wind in the morning, but changed to the South West during the day. Johnnie Tamtatuk came into the Post to-day.

Sun. 2 East wind. Cold and rainy.

Mon. 3 East wind. Cold and rainy but weather bright. Some inlanders arrived late this evening with very poor accounts for furs inland.

Tues. 4 East wind. Cold but bright. In the Store with the Indians who have traded for the supplies they are taking away. A team came in from Jack Creek with a load of fish to trade.

Wed. 5 South wind. Clear and cold. The team from Jack Creek left this morning. A team of Fort George Indians arrived.

Thurs. 6 South west wind. Drifting in the morning but got finer during the day. The Indians left for inland this morning. Trading with the Indians who arrived yesterday.

Fri. 7 Southwest wind cold and rainy.

Sat. 8 Southwest wind. Fine but cold and rainy. The Fort George team arrived from the North with Messr. Shaw and McDonald as passengers - the former is going out while the latter returns to Fort George. Some Inlanders arrived to-day from up the river. They report signs of fur to be very poor inland as far as they have been up.

Sun. 9 Southeast wind. Cold and overcast. The Revillon packet team arrived this evening from Rupert's House. A mild form of Small-pox is said to be at Moose Factory.

Mon. 10 South wind, very fine bright day, inclined to be mild towards evening. The Fort George teamsters were putting black earth shoeing on their sled to-day.

Tues. 11 South wind, fine bright day. The Fort George team left this morning for the north.

Wed. 12 South wind. Very fine mild day. Started to snow in the afternoon.

Thurs. 13 Northwest wind. Drifting thick and blowing a dale during the night but the weather cleared up nicely during the day, though very cold. Three arrivals from the camps to the north to-day.

Fri. 14 East wind clear and bright. Indians arrived to-day.

Sat. 15 Cold and clear, wind from the north and started to drift in the afternoon. Indians left this morning.

Sun. 16 North wind. Fine day but cold and clear.

Mon. 17 South wind, snowing and drifting.

Tues. 18 East wind snowing, blows hard this evening though weather is inclined to be mild.

Wed. 19 East wind, blowing hard. Weather is very mild and almost raining this evening. Jacob Kaitchicappo, Gull Georfeskish, and Malcom Steward came into the Post.

Thurs. 20 Northwest wind, weather colder but overcast.

Fri. 21 East wind, weather mild. Henry Gilpin, William and John Gilpin came into the Post and also Sidney Hester from Jack Creek. Got 2 Marten and 1 red fox from the Gilpins, and fish from Sidney Hester.

Sat. 22 Very fine day in the morning with light wind from the East. Henry Gilpin and other Indians left this morning for their respective camps. Started to rain about noon, and rained all evening. Jacob Earless arrived this evening from the South. He traded 1 mink and a few ermine.

Sun. 23 South wind, very mild and thawing. Quite a lot of snow melted down during the night. Wind went around to the northwest in the afternoon and started to freeze.

Mon. 24 Northwest wind. Snowing and drifting all day but calmed down a little during the evening.

Tues. 25 Northwest wind blowing a war will all day, and drifting slightly.

Wed. 26 Fine calm day but cold.

Thurs. 27 Very fine bright day. East wind. Weetaltu0k came in from Cape Hope. Starving. He brought in one red fox, the first fox killed at Cape Hope this winter. They are killing next to no seals this winter.

Fri. 28 Very fine day, calm and bright. The Fort George team arrived with the mail from the north and one passenger from Fort George, Brother Leblanc, who is going out to the Line.


Sat. 1 Mild and snowing in the morning. South wind but went around to the northwest during the day and began to drift. Our mail team left for Moose Factory this morning taking Mr. C.Y. Sweeting who returns to Moose, also Messr. George Saw, and Le Blanc.

Sun. 2 Southwest wind. Cold and rainy but bright.

Mon. 3 Fine calm morning, very light west wind, very cold. The Fort George team left for the north again this morning.

Tues. 4 Light wind from the south. Fine bright day but cold. One or Two Indians were into the Post with a few skins to trade. Sandy trapper brought in a special packet sent along from Rupert's house, and Charles Earless was in from Jack Creek with some moose-meat to trade. This is first lot of moose meat, which we have had at the Post this winter.

Wed. 5 Northwest wind. Weather inclined to milder, overcast.

Thus. 6 Northwest wind, drifting, and snowing slightly.

Fri. 7 East wind, very fine warm day. Thawing in the sun to-day.

Sat. 8 Northeast wind, very fine bright day. William Steward and of Charles came into the Post to-day, and left again for their camp.

Sun. 9 Very fine calm day.

Mon. 10 Very fine day with light wind from the north. Johnnie and Walter Tamatuk came intot he post with some moose meat, but they had very little fur.

Tues. 11 East wind. Blowing hard and overcast. Started to snow this evening.

Wed. 12 East win and very mild this morning. Towards noon the wind shifted to the northwest and started to snow and drift a real blizzard. Alfred Picotao and boy arrived from inland this evening. They have only killed 2 marten and a few beaver since leaving the Post last summer.

Thurs. 13 Very stormy. Wind from the north. Alfred Picotao and son unable to get away from the Post, but if the weather is better tomorrow they will be off, and will travel day and night till they reach camp.

Fri. 14 Clear and cold wind from Northwest. Edward Mark came in to-day, starving.

Sat. 15 Clear and very cold. East wind. Two huskies from Cape Hope. They are very hard up and are killing no seals.

Sun. 16 Northeast wind and cold.

Mon. 17 Snowing and drifting all day, wind from the Southeast . Bob Cheeyo and Noah Chichoo went off this morning to their traps inland. Malcolm Steward came in, starving as usual.

Tues. 18 Calm fine day, north wind. Out team arrived back from Moose Factory and brought Mr. W.E. Clyde Todd, Curator of the Carnegie Museum Pittsburgh, and Man, who are on their way to the North.

Wed. 19 North wind. Cold and snowing slightly. David Weahpenicappo and brothers came in last night from inland.

Thurs. 20 Northwest wind, cold - cold blowing and drifting all day. Indians are unable to leave the post owing to bad weather.

Fri. 21 Northwest wind. Blowing a real blizzard to-day.

Sat. 22 Northwest wind. Still drifting and snowing to-day though no quite so thick as yesterday. Quite a lot of snow has fallen during the past few days, and the drift banks are quite high again. Two huskies from Cape Hope were in to-day for some food.

Sun. 23 Northwest wind. Blowing and snowing all day. The Huskies left this morning for their camp.

Mon. 24 Northwest wind. Clear in the morning but started to snow during the day. Our team left this morning for Fort George with Mr. Todd and Man and also with the mail for the north.

Tues. 25 Southwest wind. Very fine bright day. Phillip Gilpin and Luke were into the post to-day. Traded 2 beaver, 2 marten, 1 mink.

Wed. 26 Northeast wind, blowing hard and snowing all day. The Gilpins went away from the Post. John Cheeyo got in to-day from his traps after being out for two weeks. He only got 1 beaver and 1 otter.

Thurs. 27 North wind, mild. Our team got back this evening, after having met the Fort George team coming south, on their second day out. Teams both exchanged loads.

Fri. 28 Southwest wind, cloudy and dull, thawing out. The French mail team left this morning for Moose Factory. Two girls came in from Tamatuk's camp. Richard Tamatuk sent in 1 marten and 1 mink to trade. Had to move the provisions in the wring of the store to-day to keep those from getting wet from the floor, as the water will soon be making round the store.

Sat. 29 Southwest wind, snowing all day with a light wind. Bob Cheeyo got home from his traps after being out 12 days, and brought 1 otter and 2 marten.

Sun. 30 Southwest wind, snow falling slightly most all day.

Mon. 31 West wind. Very fine day. Two women came in from Jack Creek with a load of fish to trade. Samuel Gilpin came in from the Gilpin's camp and put in one otter.


Tues. 1 North wind, cold wind blowing. Started to drift during the day. Malcolm Steward came into the Post.

Wed. 2 North wind in the morning but went round to the East during the day. One of the Huskies came in from Cape Hope.

Thus. 3 Southeast wind. Snowing and mild in the morning. Wind changed to Northwest and started to blow and drift. Jacob Kaitchcicappo and also Fort George Indians arrived late this evening.

Fri. 4 West wind, fine bright day, thawing a little. In the Store with the Indians all day. Noah Chichoo got home last night after being out 17 days, and brought 2 otter and 4 mink. Phillip Gilpin came in this evening from the Gilpin camp, and brought word of the death of Henry Gilpin's child last night.

Sat. 5 South wind, very fine day, warm and thawing out. John Gilpin came in to-day.

Sun. 6 East wind, raining all day. The Fort George mail team arrived this morning.

Mon. 7 Northeast wind, raining in the morning but started to freeze. Some inlanders arrived to-day.

Tues. 8 North wind, cold and blowing hard all day. In the Store with the Indians. Charlie Earless came in from Jack Creek.

Wed. 9 South wind. Very fin day and thawing. George Georgeskish, and Thomas Steward came in from inland with their furs, and took some more supplies to see them through the spring.

Thurs. 10 very fine day, south wind. The mail team came from the south to-day. The Indians left this morning.

Fri. 11 Northwest wind, fine day and clear. The Fort George team were to have left to-day but could not find their lead dog, so they stayed back.

Sat. 12 Northwest wind, clear. The Fort George team left this morning going back to Fort George.

Sun. 13 Northwest wind, drifting and cold.

Mon. 14 Northwest wind, stormy and drifting, very cold. Some Indians came into the Post.

Tues. 15 North wind, cold and drifting.

Wed. 16 West wind. Clear and cold. David Salt and family left the post to hunt for the Spring.

Thurs. 17 South wind, very fine bright day. John Cheeyo and family left the Post to-day. Long George arrived.

Fri. 18 East wind, raining all day. Wind went round to the Northwest this evening. Being Good Friday, Rev. F. Mark held two services to-day.

Sat. 19 Northwest wind in the morning and cold. Got fine this evening and the wind went round to the east. Bob Weahpainicappo and some came in from inland and also John Georgekish and a boy. Quite a number of Indians were in to-day for their supplies.

Sun. 20 Easter Day. Southeast wind in the morning but wind went round to the north in the afternoon.

Sun. 21 Southwind, blowing hard and warm. Thawing very much to-day. In the Store with the Indians.

Tues. 22 Northwest wind, drifting and snowing. Rained hard during the night, very cold. The Indains left to-day for inland.

Wed. 23 Northwest wind cold with snow showers all day. Some more inlanders arrived last night. All very hard up, and had come into the Post for supplies.

Thurs. 24 Northwest wind, thawing. The Inlanders left this morning for inland.

Fri. 25 Northwest wind, cold and overcast all day, snowing.

Sat. 26 Northwest wind, cold and snowing.

Sun. 27 Northwest wind and cold.

Mon. 28 Fine day and calm all day. Some Fort George Indians came into the Post.

Tues. 29 South wind. First Geese seen to-day

Wed. 30 Calm all day and very foggy. Weetaltuk and son-in-law came in with some seal to trade.


Thurs. 1 Southeast wind, very dull day. Started to rain about noon and all evening.

Fri. 2 Southeast wind started to rain again this evening. Geese and Wavies flying to-day

Sat. South wind. Very mild to-day.

Sun. 4 West wind. Very dull Geese and wavies flying all day inlands Alex and Menegie came in from Strutton Island. Edward Mark and Alick Aserhoff also came in.

Mon. 5 Southeast wind, fine day.

Tues. 6 Southwest wind and cold, Joseph Cheeyo came into to Post.

Wed. 7 Southwest wind, fine day.

Thurs. 8 Eastwind, very hot to-day.

Fri. 9 Clear and calm all day. Two Fort George Indians came into the post to-day.

Sat. 10 South wind, very hot. Ice started to break up in the river about noon.

Sun. 11 Very hot to-day. South wind. Ice moving down at intervals during the day.

Mon. 12 Very hot and calm in the morning but wind blew up from north during the day.

Tues. 13 North wind but fine day. River is now clear down to the islands.

Wed. 14 East wind, fine and clear to-day.

Thurs. 15 East wind, started to rain this evening.

Fri. 16 Calm in the morning but started to blow up from the North West

Sat. 17 Northwest wind very stormy with snow showers all day.

Sun. 18 Wind from the west, clear day. Lots of snow on the ground.

Mon. 19 South wind and very hot to-day. Indians from Old Factory River came in to the post.

Tues. 20 Dull this morning but weather got clear in the evening. Call all day. The first wedding of the season took place to-day.

Wed. 21 Fine bright day. South wind.

Thurs. 22 South wind, cloudy and blowing hard. Weetaltuk and the other Huskies came in from Cape Hope. They brought in Mr. H. Hall and his partner, Mr. Cook, who are on their way to the Line.

Fri. 23 West wind and cold. Philip and John Gilpin came in to the post.

Sat. 24 Northwest wind. Blowing Hard. Indians unable to leave the post.

Sun. 25 North wind. Still blowing. The Huskies are Indians left to-day. Mr. Hall left too this a.m. for Moose Factory with Weetaltuk's two sons.

Mon. 26 Northwest wind still stormy

Tues. 27 Northwest wind, foggy nearly all day. Started taking inventory in the store to-day.

Wed. 28 Northwest wind, cold and blowing. Noah Chichoo got back from his traps and brought 1 otter and 1 beaver

Thurs. 29 Very stormy and raining. Wind from the northwest

Fri. 30 Northwest wind, and raining for part of the day. Some Indians arrived to-day.

Sat. 31 South wind, snowing this morning.


Sun. 1 Northwest wind. Clear but inclined to be cold.

Mon. 2 Northwest wind, fine day but blowing.

Tues. 3 South wind. Blowing very hard and raining.

Wed. 4 Southeast wind, blowing. Philip, and two other Gilpin boys came in.

Thurs. 5 Northeast wind, threatening to rain this morning but the day turned out fine. Bob Cheeyo and family arrived at the Post for the summer.

Fri. 6 North wind blowing slightly in the morning. David Salt and family arrived at the Post after spending the spring on the coast. Also Henry Gilpin and his family arrived for the summer.

Sat. 7 North wind and blowing. John Cheeyo and his family and some others of the Indians arrived at the Post.

Sun. 8 West wind, clear but blowing hard.

Mon. 9 South wind, blowing during the day. William Earless arrived here from Jack Creek and left again before noon. He reports Mr. Hall to have taken 1 week to travel the distance of 18 miles between this post and his pat at Jack Creek. This being due to the ice bright into the coast. Started the men digging the gardens to-day and cleaning up.

Tues. 10 East wind. Very dull sulty day. Men cutting seed potatoes and planting part of garden.

Wed. 11 South wind and blowing hard. Finished the gardens to-day and started on the boat, caulking etc. Bob Weahpinicappo, David, and their families arrived from inland. Their hunts are poor, though they paid up their little advances. A squall came up this p.m. with a heavy down pour of rain.

Thurs. 12 South wind, blowing hard. Got the Store scrubbed out to-day. A party of prospectors arrived from the South to-day, and are on their way to the North.

Fri. 13 South wind, fine day. Another party of prospectors arrived this morning from the south. Some are going up north, while the others will go up this Eastmain River. The two Eskimo boys who took Mr. Hall to the Moose just after the break up arrived back here this evening.

Sat. 14 South wind, raining most of the day. One party of prospectors left for the North.

Sun. 15 South wind, blowing hard though fine bright day.

Mon. 16 Very little wind this morning but started to blow up from the north. Another of the parties of prospectors going north left this morning. Some inlanders arrived this morning.

Tues. 17 Wind from the Northeast. The last part of prospectors left this morning, going up the river with two men from the Post to help them over the first rapid which is a long one.

Wed. 18 East wind, fine day. The prospectos came down again to-day, having lost quite a bit of personal, and mining property through upsetting one of their canoes in the rapid. They find the river too hard, and now have decided to go up old Factory River, and come across to the Eastmain from that side.

Thurs. 19 Very light wind from the east. Some more inlanders came in today.

Fri. 20 Calm this morning, but started to blow up from the N.W. John Visitor and Jacob Georgeskish arrived from inland today.

Sat. 21 Light wind from the S.W. but went round to the N.W. and blew hard. The Prospectors left for old Factory River, taking Willie Jonah as guide. They are a green outfit as far as rapids are concerned, and they are liable to get into trouble.

Sun 22 Wind from the N.W.and blowing hard all day.

Mon. 23 Wind south. Clear day. Got the Fort Hope in the water today. Men repairing and pitching up the old wood boat. William Visitor and party came in today.

Tues. 24 South Wind. Clear day. Mem put the old boat in the water today.

Wed. 25 North wind. Blowing.

Thurs. 26 Fine and calm all day. Some more Inlanders in today. Men putting up the wharf.

Fri. 27 North Wind. Men still putting out the wharf.

Sat. 28 North wind, and blowing hard all day.

Sun. 29 S.W. wind, and raining all day. Cahnged to the north this evening.

Mon. 30 Very light wind from the north. The "Fort Hope" started for Charlton about noon, taking out the Charlton workers. The last two families of Islanders turned up today. All have made very poor hunts indeed.


Tues. 1 North wind, and blowing hard. Men started out chopping the fuel today.

Wed. 2 N.W. wind. Cold and foggy. Exceptionally foggy weather.

Thursd. 3 E. wind. Indians rafting in their wood, and bringing it in by boat load.

Fri. 4 South wind. Fine day. Men putting up wood pile.

Sat. 5 South wind. Boat got back early this morning, from Charlton, with first shipment of supplies.

Sun. 6 North wind. Blowing. Got very foggy towards evening.

Mon. 7 N.W. wind. Fine day. Started the men to packing the furs this morning. About noon J. williams arrived from Albany with a Revillon barge and supplies.

Tues. 8 South wind. Finishing the fur bales. Inspector Reims and Constable Covell arrived from the South by motor canoe.

Wed. 9 North wind. Finished marking the fur bales. The police held a court today which occupied the better part of the day, and the post was singularly quiet.

Thurs. 10 N.W. wind. Dirty day. Foggy and raining. Mr. George arrived fom Ruperts House towards noon.

Fri. 11 N.W. wind. Cold and stormy. Weetaltuk and party came in today.

Sat. 12 N.W. wind. Blowing.

Sun. 13 N.W. wind. Foggy

Mon. 14 North wind but very light. Inspector Reims and the Constable left for the South going by way of Ruperts House.

Tues. 15 The "Fort Hope" left this morning for Charlton with the fur returns. Weather inclined to be foggy. South wind in the early morning but turned to n.w. Mr. George also left this a.m. for the North, but was anchored down at Governor's Island for the better aprt of the day.

Wed. 16 N.W. wind. Fine clear day.

Thurs. 17 South wind. The "Fort Hope" arrived early this morning from Charlton, bringing the District Manager. Got the boat unloaded during the day, and ballast put in again. The Albany barge got in this evening on her second trip over.

Fri. 18 East wind. Rained during the night. Very fine day. The "Fort Hope" left again for Charlton with Mr. West.

Sat. 19 South wind, though light all day. The "Fort Hope" got back just after dark with a load of mission lumber.

Sun. 20 North wind. Blowing hard though clear. Some Fort George Indians arrived from Ruperts House this evening.

Mon. 21 South wind. Fine day but turned very foggy toward evening. Unloaded the "Fort Hope" today.

Tues. 22 S.W. wind. Fine bright day. Revillons started freighting supplies up the river to Neokeweskan. they have 8 canoes, and 24 men, and J. williams has gone in charge of the brigade.

Wed. 23 S.W. wind. Blowing ahrd. Have now started giving debt to some of the Inlanders. Men hoeing the garden.

Thurs. 24 South wind. Cloudy but turned out fine in the afternoon. Indians taking debt.

Fri. 25 South wind. Very warm in the afternoon.

Sat.26 South wind. Very hot today - hottest day we have had for a long time.

Sun. 27 North wind. Turned foggy during the day. A thunder storm passed over during the night.

Mon. 28 South wind in the morning but went round to the north and began to rain.

Tues. 29 S.W. wind. Rained in heavy showers in the afternoon. Getting the "Fort Hope" ready to leave for Charlton with the three extra men to help discharging cargo. Weetaltuk came this afternoon with his boat.

Wed. 30 S.W. wind this morning but wind went round to the N.W. and got very stormy. Blowing hard. The "Fort Hope" unable to start in the morning owing to the weather but left in the afternoon.

Thurs. 31 N.W. wind in the morning, but wind went round to the south this evening. Weetaltuk left this evening for "Cape Hope" and is helping the Indians by taking their supplies over to Factory River.


Fri. 1 S.E. wind in the morning. Started to rain early in the day. Quite a number of people left the post this morning. Wind went round to the N.W. The prospectors who went up Factory River came down this afternoon by the Eastmain River.

Sat. 2 Very hot today. The post was quite quiet today for the first time during the past five weeks. Several families left for their winter hunting grounds.

Sun. 3 East wind. Got fine and calm during the day.

Mon. 4 East wind and raining this morning but cleared up nicely during the day. Mr. Brown the Inspector arrived just after noon from Ruperts House. The Albany barge arrived here on her third trip from the post for Revillons. End of Journal