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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 95-006


Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada fonds. -- 1957-1970. -- 43 cm of textual records. -- 2 photographs. -- 7 maps.

Biography / History

The Indian-Eskimo Association had its origins in the Canadian Association for Adult Education (CAAE) when the CAAE appointed a committee to study the problems of natives in communities when natives were off the reserve. This committee became known as the National Commission on the Indian Canadian and it functioned as a standing committee of the CAAE. In 1960 the Commission withdrew from the CAAE and was incorporated as the Indian-Eskimo Association. Its services, at this time, were expanded to include all people of native origin, both on and off reserves, and the natives of the north who were known as Eskimos. Its first president was Clare Evelyn Clark. The Indian-Eskimo Association was a national citizen's organization with membership open to all people interested in promoting the well-being of Native Americans. Native people formed 25% of the membership and at all times had members on the Board of Directors. Headquarters for the Association were in Toronto and in 1973 moved to Ottawa. When the Association moved to Ottawa its name changed to the Canadian Association in Support of Native Peoples. The IEA was active in fund raising, organizing workshops to discuss native housing, and community and economic development.

Custodial History

This fonds was in the custody of Clare E. Clark, who was a past president of the Association, and donated, via Professor John Milloy, to the Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of minutes, addresses, papers, annual reports, correspondence, maps and publications of the Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada in the early days of its work between 1957 and 1970.


Title based on creator of fonds.

This fonds was donated by Clare E. Clark of Toronto via Professor John Milloy.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Associated material located in the National Archives of Canada and the Archives of Ontario.

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Finding Aid

Table of Contents

Series A: Administration, i.e. Board of Directors and Executive Minutes, Annual Reports, Correspondence, etc. Box 1 Folders 1-7

Series B: Northern Work Box 1 Folders 8-16

Series C: Regional Divisions Box 1 Folders 17-22

Series D: Special Projects Box 2 Folders 1-7

Series E: Maps Box 2 Folder 8

Series F: Publicity Materials (i.e. re Personnel Appointments, Native Issues, etc.) Box 2 Folder 9

Series G: Publications Box 2 Folders 10-12  


Series A: Administration

Box 1


1: IEA Board of Directors Minutes and accompanying documents (includes Brief Prepared by the Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada for the Parliamentary Committee on Indian Affairs, March 1960), 1960-1963

2: IEA Board of Directors Minutes and accompanying documents, 1964-1970

3: IEA Executive Minutes and accompanying documents, 1965-1968

4: IEA Annual Reports and accompanying documents, 1960-67

5: IEA Annual Reports and accompanying documents, 1968-1971; Canadian Association in Support of the Native Peoples (CASNP) Annual Reports and accompanying documents, 1973-1975 (Note: IEA became CASNP in 1972)

6: General correspondence, 1961-1967

7: Treaty Rights, 1959-1968, i.e. minutes of IEA's Committee on Aboriginal and Treaty Rights of Indians and Eskimos, copies of treaties, papers and articles, Territorial Court of the Northwest Territories case between Her Majesty the Queen and Joseph Drybones, 1967

Series B: Northern Work

8: Northern Regional Committee Minutes (and Northern Service Committee) and accompanying documents, 1963-1967

9: "Norec" Northern Regional Conference, 1964-1965 (organizational materials pertaining to the Conference; also contains accompanying papers, and publication which summaries the third Norec Conference held Dec. 1, 1965)

10: Northern Radio Forum - papers, correspondence, etc. relating to the development of a radio forum programme for the Canadian North (includes "A radio forum project for the Canadian North: a report to the Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada on the feasibility of initiating a radio listening group project in the Canadian North in co- operation with the CBC...", 1965), 1964- 1966

11: Northern Radio Community Action Program (NORCAP) Management Committee, DELCAP (name of radio program), 1965-1967 - minutes, papers, reports, radio programme transcripts (in translated form)

12: NORCAP Advisory Committee - newsletter, member list, correspondence, 1966

13: NORCAP correspondence, 1966-1967 (includes "A Report to Management Committee Concerning the DELCAP Project" by R.P. Lamsden, July 30, 1966)

14: Northern Regional Committee in Co- operation with Research Development Committee - correspondence, papers, reports, etc. regarding a conference on northern research held June 6, 1966

15: Arctic Seminar - photograph of members of seminar returning from the north, Aug. 1962, newspaper clippings relating to Eskimo art, Committee on the Arctic Seminar (Northern Service Committee) minutes, correspondence, itinerary, etc. relating to the seminar, 1960-1962

16: Northern Regional Committee - miscellaneous, ie. list of films on Canadian North, Short bibliography on Eskimos, copy of representation from the Council of the Northwest Territories regarding government structure and responsibilities in the Northwest Territories, correspondence, etc., 1966- 1967

Series C: Regional Divisions

17: Provincial divisions and organization of regions - papers regarding regional organization and development by the IEA, copy of "By-law of corporation without share capital" regarding the IEA, 1963- 1966

18: Eastern Regions - IEA "Summary of discussions, eastern regional board meeting", 1969

19: Ontario Division - "Suggested plan for regional organization of the Ontario division", papers regarding economic development, housing, etc. on Native reservations, "Brief on Indian Youth of Ontario", programs for conferences, etc., 1964-1970

20: Western Region - "Round table conference on job opportunities & vocational training", Alberta, 1967; minutes of IEA Western Regional Executive & Board meeting, 1969; papers, correspondence, proposals, etc. relating to education in Saskatchewan, Community Study of Indians, Metis and Whites in Regina, etc.

21: Northwest Territories Division - "Indians, Eskimos and the administration of justice in the Northwest Territories" brief, 1967; correspondence, papers, etc. relating to the establishment of a NWT division, and to treaties, etc., 1966-1969

22: Quebec Government - correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc. regarding the transfer of responsibility for the Eskimos of Quebec from the federal to the provincial government, etc., 1964

Series D: Special Projects

Box 2


1: Indians and the City Conference, 1967 (held in Manitoba) - conference materials, minutes, correspondence, brochures, etc.

2: Community Development for Indian and Metis Communities - papers and reports, [1964]

3: Coordinating Committee for Native Affairs - reports, minutes, etc., 1969

4: Housing and Economic Development off- reserve and in reserve communities - memorandums, reports, etc., 1964-1967

5: Special Papers and Briefs - papers, briefs and correspondence relating to bilingualism and biculturalism, Bill C- 130, Indian hunting rights and the migratory birds convention act, Indians as Canadians, Indians of Canada as an ethnic minority, etc., 1958-1969

6: Library Services - planning committee minutes, round table discussion on community library services for Native peoples, etc., 1964-1966

7: Poverty - "Meeting Poverty" Special Planning Secretariat: Profile of Poverty in Canada" document, [1961], papers, bibliographies, etc. relating to poverty in Indian and Eskimo communities, [1961]-1966

Series E: Maps

8: - two maps of Manitoba showing areas populated by Indians and Metis, 1959 and 1963 - Canada principal mineral areas, Dec. 1956 - Indian and Northern health services facilities, 1962 - administrative districts in the province of Ontario, 1962 - Missions of the Oblate Fathers among the Indians and Eskimos of Canada, [1951] - The North American Indians: 1950 distribution of descendants of the Aboriginal population of Alaska, Canada and the United States, 1960

Series F: Publicity Materials

9: - photograph of IEA executive members, 1963 - IEA document honouring Mrs. Clark for her service as President of the IEA, biographical sketch of Mrs. Clark - miscellaneous newspaper and magazine articles - IEA personnel manual, 1967; IEA executive director job description and appointment of Ernest R. McEwen, 1963, appointment of Hon. James Gladstone as Honourary President of the IEA, 1961

Series G: Publications

10: National Commission on the Indian Canadian, 1957-1960, Issues 1-10

11: Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada [Bulletin], Vol.1, No.1, March 1960 - Vol. 13, No.2, July 1972 (Note: a few issues are missing)

L'Association Eskimo-Indienne du Canada, Vol.1, Numero 3, Septembre 1960 - Vol.2, Numero 3, Mai 1961 (Note: some issues are missing)

12: Miscellaneous publications:

To be or to become? Cultural factors in social adjustment of Indians / by Dr. Ben Reifel (reprint from Indian Education, April 15, 1957)

Interest grows in Indians and Eskimos (reprinted from Citizen, June 1962)

The Manitoba Indian situation and its implications (IEA)

Cultural encounter: some differences between Canada's Indians and her more recent settlers / by Reverend Father Leon Levasseur

Canada's Native People (Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter, Vol. 47, No.2, February 1966)

The Indian-Eskimo Reporter, [1961]

Canadian Indians of Today (Feb. & April 1965, May & September 1966)

The future of Canada's Indians (Our Family, April 1964

Toronto Chapter / Canadian Association in Support of the Native Peoples (Vol.1, Nos.1,3,4,5,6,7,9, Vol.2, No. 1, May 1974 - September 1975)

Canadian Association in Support of the Native Peoples Newsletter, No.2,4,5 Dec. 1974 - Nov. 1975, unnumbered [1977]

House of Commons First Session Twenty- sixth Parliament Canada, 1963 publicity brochure