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Accession Number: 93-008


Miscellaneous map collection. -- 1846-2010. - 49 + maps.

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Scope and Content

This collection consists of miscellaneous maps of Upper Canada, Canada West and Ontario. The maps consist mostly of the Peterborough area and include Sir Sandford Fleming's 1846 map of Peterborough.


Title based on content of collection.

This collection was donated from an unknown source.

The map of Nouvelle France is in French.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Maps are located in various areas of the archives. Please see finding aid for title, description and location of maps.

Finding Aid

Note: This collection includes several Bird's Eye Views of the City of Peterborough (i.e. copies and variations).

Map 1. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Vernon's Directory Map of Peterborough. Includes street index, 5 5/8 inches: 3000 feet, 104cm x 63.5cm, original, laminated, publisher: Vernon's Directory, c1913.

Map 2. Copies 1&2. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Bird's Eye View of Peterborough (2 copies). Publisher: Chas. Shobier and Co., 1875. Copy 1: 55cm x 81cm, original, encapsulated in mylar. Copy 2: 40cm x 57cm, reprint, encapsulated in mylar.

Map 3. Map Cabinet - Drawer 19.
Sir Sandford Fleming Plan of the Town of Peterborough, Canada West. 97cm x 79cm, original, encapsulated in mylar, 1846.

Map 4. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
City of Peterborough Canada with Views of Principal Business Buildings. (Bird's Eye style). 67cm x 94cm, photocopy, c1900.

Map 5. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Map of Newcastle and Colborne Districts. 2 miles: 1 inch, 68cm x 68cm, photocopy, 4 sections taped together, publisher: Scobie and [Galfoux] Lith., Toronto, 1848.

Map 6. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Stoney Lake, Peterborough County. 2 inches: 1 mile, 43cm x 57cm, original, encapsulated in mylar, 1949.

Map 7. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Trent Canal and Navigation Route - Collingwood to Belleville. 36cm x 81cm, original, publisher: Dept. of Railways and Canals, 1933.

Map 8. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Town of Peterborough and Village of Ashburnham. A. Cameron, 875 feet: 1 inch, 81cm x 52cm, original, coloured, cloth, 1896.

Map 9. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Smith's Commercial and Travelling Map of Canada West. 36cm x 47cm, photocopy, 1847.

Map 10. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9 (in tube).
Trent Waterway, Canada. 1 inch: 6 miles, 71cm x 122cm, original, publisher: Department of Railways and Canals, 1920.

Map 11. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Lands in Upper Canada to be Disposed of by the Canada Company. 3 cm: 60 miles, 36cm x 46cm, photocopy, 1826.

Map 12. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Nouvelle-France. Information compiled by Champlain in 1632, includes mention of many discoveries. 65cm x 50cm, reprint, in 2 sheets.

Map 13. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Forest Distribution in Trent River Watershed. Base map from plates of Dept. of Interior map. 1.97 miles: 1 inch, 91cm x 104cm, original, coloured, publisher: Commission of Conservation Canada, 1913.

Map 14. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Crown Timber Lands. 3.95 miles: 1 inch, 53cm x 55cm, original, publisher: Commission of Conservation Canada, 1912.

Map 15. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Diagram of the Inland Water Communication from Lake Huron to the Bay of Quinte with the Cobourg Railway connecting Rice Lake and Lake Ontario. Photographic copy in four pieces, each piece 46cm x 67cm, 1866.

Map 16. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Plan of the County of Victoria, Canada West, and of the town plot of Fenelon Falls. 46cm x 65cm, photographic copy, c1860.

Map 17. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Road Map of the County of Peterborough. 4 miles: 1 inch, 50cm x 44cm, original, publisher: Ontario Department of Public Highways, 1937.

Map 18. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Plan of the City of Peterborough. Includes street index and industries. 400 feet: 1 inch, 67cm x 41cm, original, n.d.

Map 19. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Plan of the City of Peterborough. Includes advertisements. 400 feet: 1 inch, 69cm x 51cm, original, c1936.

Map 20. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Peterborough County. 1 mile: 1 inch, 128cm x 102cm, original, cloth, blueprint, publisher: Office of Public Roads and Highways, Ontario, 1925.

Map 21. On wall in Special Collections Room.
Map of the County of Victoria. Property owners identified on map, businesses portrayed on borders. 8 inches: 5 miles, 180cm x 130cm, original, mounted on cloth, 1877.

Map 22. On wall in Special Collections Room.
Tremaine's Map of the County of Durham, Upper Canada. Property owners identified on map, business directory on borders, businesses and residences illustrated on borders. 50 chains: 1 inch, 155cm x 134cm, original, mounted on cloth, 1861.

Map 23. Map Cabinet Drawer 9.
Map of Upper Canada or Canada West. Inset: map of Asphodel Township with property owners identified. 90cm x 146cm, original, mounted on cloth, encapsulated in mylar, c1860.

Map 24 Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Birdseye view of Cobourg. Points of interest included. 32cm x 48cm, original, encapsulated in mylar, 1874.

Map 25. Copies 1-5. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Birdseye view of Cobourg. 28cm x 43cm, 5 xerox copies, 1874.

Map 26. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Bird's Eye View of Peterborough, Ontario. 34cm x 50cm, photocopy, 1875.

Map 27. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Map Shewing the Existing and Proposed Steam Navigation in the Counties of Peterborough and Victoria. 2 miles: 1 inch, 48cm x 76cm, original, paper, published in Hamilton, C.W., n.d.

Map 28. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Ashburnham. Subdivision of lots, 4 chains: 1 inch, 96cm x 164cm, original, drawn on cloth, n.d.

Map 29. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Dept. of Railways and Canals, Trent Canal Chart No.14, Young's Point to Burleigh. 4 inches: 1 mile, 51cm x 102cm, blueprint, n.d.

Map 30. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Department of Railways and Canals, Canada, Trent Canal Chart of Stoney Lake. 4 inches: 1 mile, 52cm x 103cm, blueprint, n.d.

Map 31. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Map of Proposed Route, Trent Valley Canal. 52cm x 69cm, n.d.

Map 32. Manuscript Room - Map Box.
Ontario and Quebec [proposed] Railway. Railway and connections, 68cm x 94cm, original, cloth, condition poor, rolled, 1872.

Map 33. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Map of Peterborough County. 2 miles: 1 inch, 87cm x 56cm, original, paper mounted on cardboard backing, condition poor, publisher: Peterborough Examiner Ltd., 1919.

Map 34. On wall in Manuscript Room.
Bird's Eye of Peterborough. 39cm x 56cm, copy, framed.

Map 35. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Plan of Subdivision of Town Lot No.2, North of Simcoe St. East of George, in the Town of Peterborough. 20 feet: 1 inch, 74cm x 63cm, original, laminated on cloth, Alfred J. Cameron (land surveyor), March 2, 1905.

Map 36. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Native Tribes of North America. 55cm x 71cm, original, University of California Map Series, No. 13. Kroeber; Cultural and Natural Areas of Native North America. Copyright, 1939 by the Regents of the University of California. To accompany Univ. Calif. Publ. Am. Arch. and Ethn. Vol. 38.

Map 37. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Township of Smith (showing hand-coloured route of the Peterborough-Chemong Rwy. 1889-1899). 7000 feet: 4.5 cm, 76.5cm x 35.5cm, original, n.d.

Map 38. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Peterborough. 1 inch: 200 feet, 72cm x 140cm, original, n.d. (Note attached to map reads "Supreme Court of Ontario, Peryer vs. CNR, 1945").

Map 39. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Government Map of part of the Huron and Ottawa Territory Ontario compiled under the direction of Thomas Devine Surveyor in Chief, Ontario, 1872. 5 statute miles: 1 inch, 76cm x 87cm, original, mounted on cardboard, 1872.

Map 40. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Peterborough: New City Map. Compiled exclusively by Topo Aerial Surveys Co. Ltd., for Pathfinder Advertising and Sales Ltd., 1960. Distributed by Kawartha News Service.

Map 41. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Peterborough, Ontario. National Topographical Series, 1:50,000.

Map 42. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Photocopy, map drawn by John Huston, 1833, "Diagram of the Town Reservation of Peterborough Shewing the Surveyed and Unsurveyed Land." All streets marked with property owners indicated within Otonabee River-Smith boundary Road-Park Lots and Townsend Street.

Map 43. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Photocopy, map drawn by Samuel Wilmot, 1817, Township of Cavan. Original lot owners filled in in 1980.

Map 44. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Photocopy, Township of Cavan, Tremaine's Map showing property owners.

Map 45. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
City of Peterborough Map Compliments of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Shows locations of educational institutions, C.I.B.C. branches, etc. [Published after 1964].

Map 46. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
City of Peterborough Watershed Map. (Depicting Riverview Creek, Thompson Creek, Bears Creek, Jackson Creek, Curtis Creek, Meade Creek, Byersville Creek, and unnamed city tributaries). Map created November 2010. NAD83 UTM Zone 17. (Photocopy).

Map 47. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
City of Peterborough. "Map proudly sponsored by.... Trent University, et al." Base map revised: June 2008.

Map 48. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Bird's Eye View of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. 1875. Published for the Peterborough Historical Society., n.d.

Map 49. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
[Bird's Eye View of] City of Peterborough Canada, c. 1890-1895, with Views of Principal Business Buildings. (Pictorial Peterborough Map) Peterborough Museum & Archives. n.d. (3 copies).

Map 50. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
[Trench map], Field Survey Co.

Map 51. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Map of Upper Canada showing the Proposed Land Agency Divisions. Cauchon, Joseph, 1816-1885. G. Matthews' Lith. (Firm). Ontario. Department of Crown Lands.
Note: Map taken from Sessional Papers No. 5, Fifteenth Volume, Journals of the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada, Third Session of the Fifth Provincial Parliament, 1857.
Note: Map is also online at Library and Archives Canada: MIKAI no. 4128122.

Map 52. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
Map showing Trent navigation and Murray Canal.
Note: Map taken from Annual report of the Department of Railways and Canals for the fiscal year from April 1, 1909 to March 31, 1910. Ottawa, Ont.: King's Printer 1910. Sessional paper no. 20. Map no. 10 - 1911.

Map 53. Map Cabinet - Drawer 9.
City of Peterborough, June 2008. Coloured map with street index on reverse.