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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 90-010


University Women's Club of Peterborough fonds. Additions. -- 1985-1990. -- 18 cm of textual records and other material.

Biography / History

The University Women's Club of Peterborough adopted a new name on 26 February 1991 and became the Canadian Federation of University Women Peterborough Club. At that time they adopted a new constitution. The University Women's Club of Peterborough was founded in March 1937 as a member club of the Canadian Federation of University Women. The International Federation of University Women was founded in Europe in the Spring of 1919. On their return to Canada, delegates to that meeting from University Women's Clubs in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg and other Canadian cities met again in August 1919 to create the Canadian Federation of University Women, with Mrs. Margaret Stovel McWilliams of the Winnipeg Club as President. The Canadian organization's aims were to promote the highest standards of education at all levels, to encourage participation in public affairs in the political, economical and cultural fields, and to safeguard and improve the economic, legal and professional status of women in Canada and the World. The International Federation of University Women aims to promote understanding among women of different cultures. There are Member Federations of the IFUW throughout the world and member Clubs of CFUW in all parts of Canada.

Custodial History

This fonds was created by the University Women's Club of Peterborough and in the custody of the Archivist of the Club until it was donated to the Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This addition to the fonds consists of slide-tape presentation material which includes tapes and slides with a list of contents of the University Women's Club of Winnipeg, 1974; CFUW Journals; minutes, membership lists, and a "Tribute to Margaret White", of the University Women's Club, Peterborough; minutes, reports, and financial reports, etc. of the CFUW annual meeting Edmonton, 1989. Additional records were added in 1991 and 1992 which include CFUW Journals, tributes to Mrs. Vera Hickey and Miss Mildred Bailey; minutes of meetings including the Annual General Meeting; tributes to Miss Helen McGregor and Miss Katherine Macdougall; the constitution of the club and the "Long Range Plan" of June, 1990.


Title based on creators of fonds.

Includes 122 photographs : slides, 2 audio cassettes and 1 audio reel.

This fonds was donated by Kathleen R. Bowley, Archivist of the University Women's Club of Peterborough.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

For associated material see the "Canadian Women's Movement 1960-1990, A Guide to Archival Resources" located in the Trent University Archives Reading Room.

This fonds along with 89-003, 89-010 and 95-012 is an addition to 88-008.

Finding Aid

Box 1

Loose Items:

- CFUW Annual General Meeting, Edmonton, Alberta, 15-18 June 1989: 1989 Reports, Financial Reports, Minutes, Report of the Peterborough delegate (Mrs. Anne Locatelli)

- CFUW Journals Volume 25, #2 Winter/89, #3 Spring/89, #4 Summer/89, #5 Fall/89 and #6 Winter/90

- List of CFUW Fellowships for academic year 1990-91

- IFUW Newsletter reporting 23rd Conference in Finland August/89 & a report of BFUW hospitality in 1989

- Tribute to Miss Margaret White, a charter member of the Peterborough Club

- Photocopy of the Peterborough Public Library Card for the 1987 Club History held in the Peterborough Collection and/ in the circulating Collection & the full Latin title of the book

- Minutes of the University Women's Club of Peterborough, Ontario, Volume XV, 30 April 1987 to 12 June 1990 inclusive

- Peterborough Club Membership List for 1988/1989

- "Margaret McWilliams Slide-Tape Presentation" prepared by CFUW Winnipeg Club, 1974 - includes - list & explanation of slides & tape - cassette tape entitled "Pulsed Tape" - cassette tape entitled "Reel for Slide-Tape Presentation..." - brown carrying case of 122 slides - reel entitled "Slide-Tape Presentation - University Women's Club of Winnipeg..."

- CFUW Journal with article "Winnipeg Celebrates" emphasized

- "Sixty Years of CFUW Calendar 1980"

- Pamplet "1909-1959 University Women's Club, Winnipeg"

- CFUW Journal - Vol.23, No.8, 1985; Vol.24, No.6, Winter 1987  

Box 2


1: - CFUW Annual General Meeting, Moncton, New Brunswick, 17-19 August 1990: - Minutes, Reports, Financial Reports

- CFUW "Long Range Plan", June 1990

- CFUW Journals, Volume 25, #7 Spring 1990, #8 Summer 1990, Volume 26, #1 1990 (Fall) and #2 1991 (Winter)

- Tributes to Miss Helen McGregor, Charter Member, and Miss Katherine Macdougall, Past President, of the Peterborough Club

- Constitution of the CFUW Peterborough Club, adopted at the General Meeting of the Club held on Tuesday, 26th February 1991  

2: - CFUW Annual General Meeting, Etobicoke, Ontario, 16- 18 August 1991: - Proposed Resolutions, Annual Reports, Financial Reports

- CFUW Journals, Volume 26, No.3 1991, No.4 1991, No.5 1991 (incorrectly labelled "Vol.27, No.1, 1991"), and Vol. 26, No.6, 1992

- Tribute to Mrs. Vera Hickey, Charter Member of the Peterborough Club - Tribute to Miss Mildred Bailey, Charter Member

- Minutes of the CFUW Peterborough Club, Volume XVI, September 1990 to May 1992 inclusive. The binder includes updated lists of Charter Members and Club Presidents and Archivists.

(NOTE: At the end of May 1992, Mrs. Claire McLellan was appointed as Archivist of the CFUW Peterborough Club.)