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Accession Number: 88-024


Alternatives fonds. -- 1971-1985. -- 10 m of textual records. -- 1 drawing : pen & ink ; 37 X 27 cm.

Biography / History

Alternatives was an environmental policy magazine published at Trent between 1971 and 1983. In 1983 the University of Waterloo took over the publication. At Trent University it was published quarterly by the students and faculty. The purpose of the magazine was to confront the implications the environmental crisis had for economic structures, living habits and political processes etc. At the same time, the magazine wanted to pose and confirm the questions by offering imaginative and serious solutions.

Custodial History

This fonds was in the custody of Robert Paehlke, who was the first editor, before it was donated to the Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of essay submissions, correspondence and financial records which relate to the Alternatives magazine when it was published at Trent. There are layouts, original artwork and subscriber information for several issues. Conserver Society Notes, which amalgamated with Alternatives, also has material in this collection.


Title based on creators of fonds.

This fonds was donated by Robert Paehlke.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Associated materials located at the University of Waterloo.


Finding Aid

Box 1

Submitted articles


1: "Urban Neighbourhoods- Sources of Renewable Energy Sources" by A. Melamed

2: "Saskatoon Environmental Society Brief to the Federal Environmental Assessment Review Panel on Eldorado Nuclear Limited's Uranium Refinery Proposal."

3: "Political Ecology and Reconiseration of Marx" by Jim Harding.

4: "Canadian Industrial Production for the Nuclear Arms Race" by Stephen Salaff.

5: "Never Again: The Organization of Women Atomic Bomb Victims in Osaka" by Janet Bruin.

6: "Energy Efficient Planning" by Shri Manohar.

7: "The Vulnerability of Cities; Cancer; The Plague of Progress; Responsiveness to Energy Shortages in Southern California; Planning for Survival: Future Concerns of the Built Environment; The Politics of Occupational Health. F.H. Knelman

8: Environment and Inequality: Sociological Reflections on the Real Tragedy of the Commons. Patrick C. West

9: Protecting the Coast: Lessons for the Environmentalists. Bill Devall

10: Ontario Environment Ministry Involvement in Environmental Assessment Hearings. E.J. Farkas

11: The Future: Native Insights. Mark Finnan

12: Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making. Yvonne Macor

13: An Analysis and Evaluation of Canada's Role in the International Uranium Cartel. Larry P. Stewart

14: Assessing Public Involvement: Program Evaluations. Bev Jaffray

15: Review of The Conserver Solution. John Swaigen

16: Some Environmental Aspects of a Canadian Constitution. Geoff Mains

17: Road Oiling: An Example of Environmental Mismanagement. Mark Rudolph

18: A Report on the Proposed Hat Creek Valley Development. Glen Scobie

19: To Spray or Not To Spray: The Spruce Budworm Controversy in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Kari Lee

20: Ralph Borsodi, America's Anti Industrial Isaiah. Henry C. Winthrow

21: Exploding a Nuclear Myth: Power Reactions and Nuclear Weapons. Mark Goldberg

22: Pesticides and Energy Use. Bernard Philogene and T. Tozer

23: Presentation to the Sub-Committee on Acid Rain in Halifax, N.S. David Orten

24: Energy Conservation in Buildings: A Behavioral Perspective. Abraham Shama

25: Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Shopping Center in Kingston, Ontario. Fred Curtis

26: Utopia. Robert Stein

27: Industrial Waste Disposal. O.P.I.R.G.

28: A Survey of Institutional Innovations Fostering Energy and Resource Conservation. George Matheson

29: Conserver Society Notes: Bokk Reviews

30: Local Economic Organization: New Terrain for North/South Solidarity. Ted Jackson

31: On Lifestyle, Resource Conservation, and Quality of Life: An American Look At the British Experience. Peter Penner

32: A Civilian - Based Defense System: Fact or Fiction. Hans Simm

33: Safe Radioactive Pollution; The Environmental Solution is Simple. Waldenmark B. Schwauss

34: Fundy Overload. Gary Whiteford

35: The Hazards of Nuclear Power Generation: The Case for Survival. Sidney Fisher

36: The 'New Paradigm's' Blindspot: The Importance of Political Economy for Environmentalists. Michael Chow

37: Weather Variability of Climatic Change. A.K.Chakravarti

38: Speeding the Diffusion of Solar Energy Innovations. Avarham Shama

39: The Windsor Occupational Health and Saftey Council: The Fight for Occupational Safety in Times of Economic Crisis. Leonard Wallace and John M. Shields

40: Foreign Debt Financing by Utilities: The Ontario Hydro Case. E.J. Farkas

41: Electric Power Crown Corporations: The Evolution of an Energy Policy Process in British Columbia, 1960-1980. Raymond Payne

42: On the Institution of Quality in a Conserver Society. C.A. Hooker

43: The Potential for Acid Rain Precipitation Problems Due To Future Oil Sands Development in the Fort McMurray Region. Gregory Taylor

44: Acid Precipitation in Alberta: Will Development of the Athabaska Oil Sands Create a Problem? Gregory Taylor

45: Working With Ideas: A Report on a Local Initiative. John S. Lawless

46: Renewable Energy in Developing Countries: An Overview. Ralph Torrie and Miles Goldstick

47: Economic Growth, Equity and the Conserver Society. Ted Shrecker

48: Ecological Sanity and Social Justice: Public Health in the Age of Osiris. Trevor Hancock

49: Is It Realistic to Expect That the Responsibility For Energy Saving Can Begin At Home. Janet McClain

50: Behaviour in the Crunch. S.C. Lerner

51: Much To Be Done: Studying Occupational Health Protection in Canada. Bob Paelke

52: Soft Energy Paths For Canada: Provincial Analysis. Sean Casey, David Brooks, Joan Farrell

53: An Energy Future For P.E.I.: The Soft Path. William Zimmerman

54: A Guide To Undertaking Soft Energy Studies. David Brock and Sean Casey

55: Canol: A Ghost From the Past. S. Grant

56: B.C. Bans Uranium Mining, Terminates Inquiry. Ralph Torrie

57: Hard Tech: Oil and Gas. Francois Brgha

58: Environment Canada. Laurie Gourlay

59: Ontario Legislators Investigate Nuclear Safety. Gordon Edwards

60: Climate of Hunger Book Review. Harold Rennie

61: An Energy Option for Manitoba. Yvonne Penning and Lewis McCall

62: An Alternative Energy Future for New Brunswick. John Sheehan and Andrew Secord

63: The Social in the Technical: Effects on Workplace Health and Safety. Robert Sass

Box 2


1: Toward a Soft Energy Future For Alberta. William A. Ross

2: The Conserver Society: Another Look. Arthur Cordell

3: Environmentalists For Full Employment

4: Women's Participation In Upper Level Professions In Two Societies. Lydia L. Way

5: Our Desolate Inland Sea. Norman Precoda

6: The Origins of Inflation and Correspondence from the Worldwatch Institute

7: Changing Frames of Order: Cybernetics and the Machina Mundi. Anthony Wilden

8: Environmental Planning in U.S.National Parks: A Model For Canada. John B. Theberge

9: The Continuing Story of Conservation; A Common Problem. Graham Bennett

10: Competitive Partners Plutonium and Proliferation: In the Trilateral Alliance; The State of Technology. Stephen Salaff

11: Environmental Impact Research. Rob Wallace & A. Hamilton

12: Quality in a Conserver Society. C.A. Hooker

13: Nichols Report: Public Participation in Energy Policy in Canada

14: Nanticoke: Study of the Proposed Liquid Industrial Waste Treatment Facility

15: Report of the Asbestos Working Group: 1976

16: Report of the Cross Mission Task Force on Environmental Contaminants Legislation: 1972

17: Moving Into An Energy Efficient Society: Statement Before the Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning. Kirk Foley

18: Self-reliant Lifestyles for the Whole Person. Stuart Hill

19: Canada as the Conserver Society: Resource Uncertainties and the Need For New Technologies. Arthur J. Cordell

20: Jobs and Energy. John W. Eleen

21: Rejected Articles from CS Notes

22: Articles From Centre for Science and Environment (India)

23: Editorial Comments on Articles Received

24: Essays Used in the 'Behaviour in the Crunch' Issue

25: Occupational Health Issue Manuscripts

26: Acid Rain Articles

27: Volume 9, #3 original manuscripts

28: Volume 9, #4 original manuscripts

29: Volume 10, #1 original manuscripts

30: Volume 10, #1 CS Notes, original manuscripts

31: Information regarding Volume 10, #1

Box 3


1: Original copy, vol. 10 #2/3 (Toxic Waste Issue)

2: Original manuscripts, vol. 10 #2/3

3: Mock layout, vol. 10 #2/3

4: Original manuscripts, vol. 10 #4

Box 4


1: Original manuscripts vol. 11, #1 (Alberta Issue)

2: Original manuscripts vol. 11 #2 (Acid Rain Issue).

3: Original Manuscripts vol. 11 #3/4 (Occupational Health Issue)

4: Original Art, 1981

5: Manuscripts and Editorials For Soft Energy Issues.

6: Guest Editorial. Sally C. Lerner

7: Review of Hazel Henderson

8: Ideas For Future Articles and Special Issues

9: Editorial Letters Concerning Books to be Reviewed

10: Madoc Study

11: Miscellaneous submitted essays with correspondence

12: Unedited submitted essays with correspondence

13: Conserver Society Notes: Article Submissions

14: Essay Ideas, Submissions

Box 5


1: Alternatives Correspondence, 1971 to 1973

2: Alternatives Correspondence, 1973 to 1974

3: Alternatives Correpondence, Apr. 1974 to Apr. 1976

4: Correspondence

5: Editorial Correspondence 1971-1978

6: Same, 1979

7: Same, 1979-1980

8: Same, 1981

9: Correspondence 1981

10: Editorial Correspondence, 1982

11: Correspondence 1982

12: Editorial Correspondence 1983

13: Correspondence 1983

14: Correspondence 1978-1981

15: Correspondence 1980-1981

16: Correspondence 1981-1983

17: Correspondence 1982-1983

18: Correspondence 1983-1985

19: Editorial Correspondence re v.10 #2/3

20: Same, re v.10 #4

21: Same, re v.11 #1

22: Same, re v.11 #2

23: Same, re v.11 #3/4

24: Correspondence re circulation 1982

25: Early promotional attempts

26: Promotional letters 1977-1980

Box 6


1: Press Releases

2: Prompotion

3: Publisher Relations Correspondence 1979

4: Alternatives edit: essays with correspondence to be edited.

5: Correspondence with Journal of Canadian Studies

6: Friends of the Earth

7: Correspondence with Alberta F.O.E.

8: Alternatives merge with F.O.E.

9: Annual General Meeting 1983

10: Conserver Society Notes 1977-1978

11: Conserver Society Notes 1979-1980

12: Conserver Society Notes

Box 7


1: Reprinted articles from Alternatives

2: Form letters

3: Miscellaneous correspondence & handbook for employers

4: Same

5: Same

6: Same

7: Reference materials re: other publications and groups

8: Fan mail

9: Mailing lists and mailing systems

10: Correspondence re: reprints

11: Annual general meeting; reports; editorial board meetings; internal organization

12: Contacts

13: Correspondence re: NRC. Phenoxy Herbicides and Science Forum

14: Absracting Services

15: Long range ideas for future publications

16: Volunteers

Box 8

Government Correspondence


1: Ontario Arts Council correspondence 1974- 1979

2: Application for O.A.C. summer job for Alternatives and Journal of Canadian Studies

3: O.A.C. summer student, 1980

4: Canada Council 1979

5: Same

6: Canada Community Service Projects Grant 1981-1984

7: Same

8: Charitable organization

9: Employee Tax Reduction Forms

10: Financial Information for Gov't. purposes

11: Letter to Dept. of National Revenue 1975

12: Statistics Canada Census; corporation act and information

13: Correspondence from O.E.C.A. and Ministry of Natural Resources

14: Bills from Canada Post

15: Canada Post Regulations

16: Ministry of Energy re: summer grant

17: Typesetter bills and invoices

18: Printers quotes

19: Print Shop bills

20: Trent Univ. bills: Alternatives

21: Phone bills

22: Bills Paid 1977

23: Same 1978

24: Same 1979

25: Same 1980

26: Same 1981

27: Same 1982

28: Same 1983

29: Bookstore sales

30: Distribution assessment

31: Xerox royalties

32: Financial statements, budgets, 19178, 1981-83

33: Production costs for v.10 #1

34: Office supplies' receips

35: Petty cash receipts 1981-83

36: Invoice receipts, money paid to U.S. 1983

37: Donation receipts

38: Account book 1981-82

Box 9


1: CSN invoices

2: Invoices Books # 21,22, 24-31

3: Same, Books 32-41

4: 'Remember Us?' Subscription campaign

5: Promotional Pamphlets

6: 1979 bank statements

7: 1980 bank statements

8: 1981 bank statements

9: 1982 bank statements

10: Cheque stubs, Feb.1977-Dec.1981

11: Bank records

12: Bank correspondence

13: Bank correspondence

14: Conserver Society Notes, bank statements

15: Advertisement correspondence 1975-1979

16: Same, 1980

17: Same, 1981

18: Same, 1982

19: Form letters re ad rates

20: Ad sales plan

21: Ad exchanges expired

22: Ads re v.10 #1-4; v.11 #1-2

23: Current ad exchange: correspondence and ads from other magazines

Box 10


1: Back issue subscription ads

2: Ad ideas for the acid rain issue

3: Ad ideas, general

4: Same

5: Same

6 to 33: Subscriptions 1980 - 1983

34: Subscription work 1981-82

35: Orders for single issues

36: Undeliverable subscriptions

37: Lost subscription addresses

38: Exchange subscriptions

Box 11

Folders 1 to 16: Renewals

Box 12


1: Subscription requests processed

2: Subscription requests unprocessed

3: Service claims 1980

4: Same, 1981

5: Circulation correspondence 1983

6: Same, 1984

7: Correspondence re back issues 1983

8: Same, 1983-84

Box 13


1 to 11: Conserver Society Notes, subscriptions 1978-79

12: Insurance plans

13: Misc. financial documents

14: Same

15: Wintario Half-Back Program

16: Flats

17: Leaflets, flyers and subscription forms

18: Alternative's Conference Display

19: Summer Union Leaders Environmental Workshop 1973

20: Wanapitei Conference, 1974

21: Wanapitei Conference, 1975

22: Science and Politics Conference 1977

23: Fedreal/Provincial Energy Ministers Conference 1977

24: Sudbury 2001 Conference 1978

25: White Owl Conservation Award 1972-76

26: CPPA,promotions, meeting minutes

27: Canadian Periodical Publishers Assoc. Sales reports and distribution

28: CPPA Promotion schemes, ad exchanges

29: CPPA, General correspondence

Box 14


1: Friends of the Earth Newsletters

2: FOE, correspondence, subscriptions

3: Future Studies Centre Newsletters, March 1978; June 1978

4: PIE Newsletter v.1 #2

5: People and Energy: News of Citizen Action on Energy, v.2 #11, v.3 #6, v.4 #1-3-4-9

6: Wildland News: The Algonquin Wildlands League v.5 #3, v.6 #2, v.7 #1-3, v.8 #1, v.9 #2

7: The Reporter: a Publication of Rural America, v.13 #3

8: S.O.S. Montreal, Arp. and May, 1978

Also in Box 14 but not in file folders:

Rural America: a voice for small towns and rural people, v.1 #11, v.2 #4,6-12, v.3 #2,5,9-11, v.4 #3

The Peterborough New Paper, Apr. 3, 1973

Public Interest Economics, Sept. 1976, Dec. 1976, Mar.-May 1977, Sept.-Dec. 1977

Save the Peace Valley [1979]

Northern Times v.3 #86,88-90

Acorn Newsletter #2, May-June 1976

Resources #42, 44, 48, 51, 54, 55

Rodale's Environmental Action Bulletin, scattered issues, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975

Box 15

High Country News: The Outdoor and Environmental Bi-Weekly. Scattered issues, v.3, v.4, v.5, v.6, v.7, v.8, v.11

Wa-Wa-tay News: Voice of the North, v.3#6, v.4#1,7-9, v.5#1-11

Wa-Wa-tay Extra, 6 issues

Not Man Apart, v.3,#5

The Birch Bark Alliance, v.1#1, v.2#1