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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 87-005


Journal of Canadian Studies fonds. -- 1977-1980. -- 30.5 cm of textual records.

Biography / History

The Journal of Canadian Studies started off as an idea for a "Learned Journal" similar to the Queen's Quarterly but called the Trent Quarterly. As ideas were formulated by President T.H.B. Symons and others it came about that the need for a learned journal in Canadian Studies was necessary to the field of Canadian Studies. On June 1st, 1964 during the first meeting of the Committee of the Learned Journal it was decided to call the new journal "Journal of Canadian Studies". Professor S.G. Denis Smith was chair of the meeting and other members in attendence at the meeting were Dean M.G. Fry, Mr. J.D.P. Martin and Professor J.S. Pettigrew. In the press release on July 7, 1964 given by Trent University the Journal was to cover such Canadian topics as history, politics, anthropology, art, literature, theatre, economics and sociology. The Journal of Canadian Studies was first published in May 1966. It was, and still is, published quarterly in February, May, August and November by Trent University. The Journal solicits manuscripts ranging from 2 000 to 10 000 words in length, English or French, dealing with some aspect of Canadian Society or history and of general as well as specialized scholarly interest. The first editor of the Journal was Denis Smith and the associate editor was Bernard R. Blishen. A number of Trent faculty members, such as Kenneth E. Kidd, T.H.B. Symons as well as Ronald J. Thom, sat on the editorial and advisory boards. The Journal was "founded in the belief that the life and history of Canada, still largely unexamined, deserve[d] common study by persons of many approaches and attitudes." ("Journal of Canadian Studies" Vol. 1, page 2). The symbol used to represent the Journal of Canadian Studies is Samuel de Champlain's astrolabe which he had lost in 1613 while crossing a portage in the upper Ottawa River valley. The astrolabe now resides in the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Custodial History

This fonds was created by the Journal of Canadian Studies and was in their custody until it was donated to the Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of working papers, galley proofs and manuscripts of articles for the Journal of Canadian Studies.


Title based on the the creator of the fonds.

This fonds was donated by Professor John Wadland.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Additions to the fonds include 88-015, 91-006, 92-011, 95-017 and 96-009.

For related records see: 89-009.

Finding Aid

Box 1


1: Mailing list - Part 1: A through L

2: Mailing list - Part 2: Mc to conclusion

3: Complimentary subscription correspondence

4: Galleys for Robertson Davies issue: Davies, Cluett, Roper, editorial, Neufeld, Sutherland, Cude, Thomas, Bounycastle.

5: Manuscripts and galleys 1 -Serge Gagnon: "The Historiography of New France: Jean Hamelin to Louise Dechene (1960-1974) -Joseph Levitt: "Images of Bourassa" "Francois Vaillancourt: Revenus et Langues, Quebec, 1961-1971"

6: Manuscripts and galleys 2 -Douglas C.A. Curtis: "Factors Contributing to Recent Canadian Inflation" -Charles J. McMillan: "The Changing Competitive Environment of Canadian Buisiness" -David A. Wolfe: "Economic Growth and Foreign Investment: A Perspective on Canadian Economic Policy 1945-1957"

7: Manuscripts and galleys 3 -Ian Chapman and Michael Gibbons: "Innovation and the Senate Report on Science Policy" -W.T. Hunter: "Review Article: Toward Free Trade? The Dilemma of Canadian Trade Policy" -David M. Nowlan: "Towards Home Rule for Urban Policy"

8: Mock-up and Van Dykes on May 1977 issue

9: Corrected Galleys for May 1977 issue David J. Dooley (also Manuscript): "Review Article: Simulating the Stars: Canadian Literature and the Legacy of Nietzsche"

10: Manuscripts and Galleys 4 (Interdisciplinary Studies) -Alan Wilson: "Canadian Studies at Trent" -Lionel Rubinoff: "Hymn to Apollo: Philosophy, Justice and the Condition of Plurality" -Arthur Kroker: "Migration from the Disciplines" -Neil Nelson: "Issues in Funding and Evaluating Interdisciplinary Research"

87-005 Box 1 Folder 11: Manuscripts and Galleys 5 (Interdisciplinary Studies) -Yves Bertrand: "Disciplinarite ou interdisciplinarite?" -Andre Morin: "Un lieu privilegie d'interdisciplinarite: la recherche- action en education" -Susan Jackel: "Making Connections" -Ian Chapman and Chummer Farina: "The Funding of Interdisciplinary Research in Canada"

12: Manuscripts and Galleys 6 -Bruce W. Hodgins: "Review: Jean Murray Cole, Exile in the Wilderness: the Life of Chief Factor Archibald McDonald, 1790- 1853" -David Alexander: "Commentary: Old and New Money" -Peter McCormick: "Voting Behaviour in Alberta: The Quasi-Party System Revisited" -Jamie Benidickson: "Ontario's James Bay Vision"

13: Manuscripts and Galleys 7 -D.N. Sprague: "The Manitoba Land Question, 1870-1882" -John Wadland: "New Books" -Pierre Roberge et Pierre W. Belanger: "L'avant et l'apres des reformes: l'evolution de la perception du destin scolaire au Canada central, 1965-1972" -Francois Vaillancourt: "Review Article: Nationalism and Language Policies: An Alternative View"

14: Manuscripts and Galleys 8 (Film) -Chris Whynot: "The NFB and Labour, 1945- 1955" -Stanely Fox: "We Are Where We Come From: The Founding of a Film Community in British Columbia, 1945-1970" -Piers Handling: "The Search for Country: The Films of Derek May" -Orm Mitchell: "Vision and Technique in Martyn Burke's California Movie and Carnivals" -Allan King: "`The Coffee-Boy Syndrome' and Other Observations on the State of the Canadian Film Industry"

15: Manuscripts and Galleys 9 (Film) -Lulu Keating: "The Independent Filmmaking Groups in English Canada: The Turning of the Tide" -Peter Morris: "After Grierson: The National Film Board 1945-1953" -Seth Feldman and Gene Walz: "Editorial: English-Canadian Cinema since 1945" -Bruce Elder: "From Painting into Cinema: A Study of Jack Chambers' Circle" -Michael A. Levine: "I Never Heard Them Call It `Show Art': The Business Side of Film Production in Canada"

16: Manuscripts and Galleys 10 (North) -Simon McInnes: "The Inuit and the Constitutional Process: 1978-81" -Geoffrey R. Weller: "The Delivery of Health Services in the Canadian North" -Robert M. Bone: "Population Change in the Northwest Territories and Some Geopolitical Consequences" -Jean Murray Cole: "Keeping the Mind Alive: Literary Leanings in the Fur Trade"

17: Manuscripts and Galleys 11 (North) -Peter Jull: "Aboriginal Peoples and Political Change in the North Atlantic Area" -Richard J. Diubaldo: "The Absurd Little Mouse: When Eskimos Became Indians" -R.J.D. Page: "Norman Wells: The Past and Future Boom" -E.J. Dosman and Frances Abele: "Offshore Diplomacy in the Canadian Arctic: The Beaufort Sea and Lancaster Sound" -Harvey McCue (Waubageshig): Editorial: "Native Values and Northern Education"

18: Manuscripts and Galleys 12 -Robert Lecker: "Past the Grinning Masks: Temporal Form and Structure in The Disinherited" -James E. Neufeld: "Commentary: The National Ballet - Thirty Years On" -Nelson Wiseman: "An Historical Note on Religion and Parties on the Prairies" -R. Douglas Francis: "Review Article: Alberta Historic Sites" -Ian D. Chapman: "Review Essay: Viewpoints on Science and Technology in Canada"

19: Manuscripts and Galleys 13 -Bruce Whiteman: "Canadian Poetry in 1980" -James E. Page: "Canadian Studies News and Notes" -Vaughan Lyon: "Review Article: Reconstituting Canada... Elites at Work" -James E. Page: "Canadian Studies News and Notes" -John Wadland" (Manuscript only) "Ralph Heintzman and the Journal" -James E. Page: (Galley only) "Canadian Studies News and Notes" -James E. Page: (Galley Only) "New Books" -James E. Page: (Galley Only) "Authors"