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Accession Number: 86-032


Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee fonds. -- 1975-1985. -- 2.5 m of textual records.

Biography / History

The Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee (F.C.P.R.C.) was created in August 1980 by the Honourable Francis Fox, Secretary of State and Minister of Communications, to review Canadian cultural institutions and cultural policy. This was the first such commission since the Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences of 1949-1951. The F.C.P.R.C. grew from an Advisory Commission on Cultural Policy which had been established in November 1979 by the Honourable David MacDonald. The committee held public hearings and developed its own recommendations. Known as the Applebaum-Hebert Commission after Louis Applebaum and Jacques Hebert, the Final Report was released in 1982.

Custodial History

This fonds was created by the Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee and in the custody of T.H.B. Symons, a member of the Committee, until it was donated to the Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of minutes, briefs, correspondence, reports, newspaper and magazine articles. Also included in the fonds are records relating to public hearings of the Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee.


Title based on creator of the fonds.

This fonds was donated by T.H.B. Symons.

Some of the records are in French.

Restrictions: Permission of the University Archivist.

Finding aids: Y

Associated material located at the Public Archives of Canada and the Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

For related records see: 81-005 and 87-003 (T.H.B. Symons fonds).

Finding Aid

Box 1


1:General material, 1979-1980

2:General correspondence, 1981

3:General correspondence, 1981

4:General correspondence, 1981

5:Papers, notes, reports, etc., as follows:

I) "The arts, economics and politics: four national perspectives", an occasional paper of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies Program on Pluralism and the Commonwealth, 1975

II) "Canada day: a conception, an approach and a proposal" by Betty Weinstein et al, October 30 1979 (for Department of the Secretary of State)

III) "Music Peterborough" delivered May 1976 at the Red Oak Inn, Peterborough

IV) "An artist in Canada" by Alex Colville, November 16, 1981

V) Address by Honourable Francis Fox to Canadian Conference of the Arts, Ottawa, May 7 1981

VI) Report on IFSSO workshop on social sciences in the 1980's

VII) "Saskatchewan culture: the resource of the future" - address from Honourable Clint White to Saskatchewan Council of Cultural Organizations, November 7 1981

VIII) "Report on the strategy conference "The performing arts - support now and in the future" held at Niagara Institute, November 27-30 1980

IX) Address by Honourable Francis Fox to AUCC, Brock University, June 16 1981

X) Notes for an address by John Meisel to the Canadian Broadcasting League, Ottawa, October 6 1980

XI) "Imagining reality: some (more) thoughts on the definition of culture" by Ralph Heintzman, December 1980

XII) "Art is life - life is art" by Jean Mary Norman at OSEA Art Convention '81, October 29 1981, Peterborough

XIII) "The 1980 computer culture exposition report" by the Photo/Electric Arts Foundation

XIV) "Inaugural Graham Spry lecture" by Harry Bogle, Hart House, University of Toronto, October 29 1981

XV) "Notes for remarks to the faculty and students of the University of Winnipeg on Interdisciplinary and Canadian Studies", February 26, 1981, by T.H.B. Symons

XVI) "Career problems for interpretive artists" by David W. Bartlett, for discussion, April 10 1981

XVII) "Notes for the CCA statement to the CRTC hearings on Canadian content in television", December 4 1981


i)paper by W.E.Taylor Jr., director, National Museum of Man

ii) "The culture industry" by Joan Davies

iii) "The cost of earning as a visual artist" by Jody Gouin, 1980

iv) "Fighting words: public subsidies and Canadian book publishing", a report to the F.C.P.R.C. by Donald G. Paterson & Gideon Rosenbluth, October 1981

v) Sundry notes on the cultural-industrial nexus, by Albert Breton

vi) "A National Museums policy for the '80's", draft statement of intent of the National Museum of Canada, December 1980

vii) A review of briefs submitted to F.C.P.R.C. relevant to the Department of Secretary of State by Mrs. Huguette Labelle

viii) "Methods of stimulus in the art market: the art bank and alternatives" report by Christopher Young, Ottawa, September 1981

ix) "Quelques considerations sur les arts d'interpretations pour discussion" par John C. Goodwin, October 1981

x) Preliminary draft "Tax incentives for the Canadian film industry" by R.M. Bird et al, Institute for Policy Analysis, University of Toronto, October 1981

7:Related publications such as magazines, newsletters, reports, brochures, 1981

8:same as above

9:Administrative records such as reports, minutes, memos, form letters to committee members, schedules, 1981

10:same as above

11:same as above

Box 2


1:Administrative records such as reports, minutes, memos, form letters to committee members, schedules, 1981

2:Collected newspapers and magazine articles

3:Same as above

3a:Selections, no.'s 81-90, March 1981 to December 1981

4:Typescripts to T.H.B. Symons for proofreading, October 1981

5:Material relating to Committee hearings in Yellowknife and Whitehorse, 1981

6:Same as above

7:Same as above

8:F.C.P.R.C. Summary of Briefs and Hearings, advance copy, November 16 1981

9:Plenary Committee meetings, November 12-13 1981

10:Planning Committee meetings, December 21-22 1981

11:Steering Committee, T.H.B. Symons, September 17 1981 (black duotang)

Box 3


1:General correspondence, 1982

2:General correspondence, 1982

3:Papers, notes, etc. as follows:

i) Notes for guest lecture to Cultural Studies 200, December 8 1982

ii) "Hinterland-Metropolis theory: historical analysis of regional disparity and community welfare in western Canada" by J.E. Mays, November 1981

iii) "Saskatchewan-Manitoba regional conference on Canadian Studies" by Roger Elmes, November 13 1981

iv) "Guide: national program of support for Canadian Studies, 1981-1984", Department of the Secretary of State

v) "The dilemmas of cultural management in a federal state"

vi) "The constitutions and structures of the federal cultural agencies" by Henri Hindley, Ottawa, February/March 1981

vii) Personal reflections on ACU Council meeting in Caribbean, by Sir Alex Merrison

viii) "Preliminary proposals for Inuit Muslim University, Ici Resource Centre, Inuit History Commission

ix) "Communication is...", Department of Communication, background paper reference, F.C.P.R.C., January 26 1982

x) "Reflections on industrial design", Albert Breton

4:Related publications such as magazines, newsletters, brochures, 1982 - includes Prison arts retrospective, 1969-1982 catalogue by the Prison Arts Foundation

5:Administrative records such as reports, minutes, memos, typescripts of chapters, 1982

6:Newspaper and magazine articles, 1982

7:"Report of the Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee", without Appendix 'C' or Index (xerox copy); form letter November 1 1982 attached; minutes of the "Planning Committee", September 21 1982

8:Planning Committee, March 4 1982

9:Planning Committee, May 6 1982

10:Miscellaneous material, 1975-1985

loose in box: Selections, no.'s 91-102, Jan. - Oct. 1982

Box 4


1:Briefs for full committee with index (#63 & #83 are missing)

2:Briefs for Panel 'B' with index; registry of briefs and summaries, 1-0217; index of summaries

3:Various briefs and summaries

4:Various reports such as:

i) "Towards the third century: organizing and funding cultural sports and recreational objectives for the city of Saint John beginning in 1979" by Thomas J. Condon, November 27 1978

ii) The Tri-level Arts Liaison Group, British Columbia, September 1980

iii) A memorandum to the F.C.P.R.C. submitted by Imperial Oil Limited, March 9 1981

iv) Confederation Centre of the Arts, supplementary financial data, May 5 1981

v) Introductory remarks to F.C.P.R.C., Charlottetown, May 5 1981

vi) Remarks by W.J. Hancox to the Applebaum Commission, May 6 1981

vii) Comite d'Etude de la Politique Culturelle, Campbellton, N.B., le 8 mai, 1981

viii) "To whom it may concern...", P.E.I. Council of the Arts, 1981

ix) "Excellence, national identity and the democratization of the arts in Canadian cultural policy: a socio-historical perspective", by Jiri Zuzanek

5: Briefs from: - SSHRC - The National Ballet School - Bob [Chambers] - Association of Canadian Archivists - Association of Canadian Orchestras - Canadian Conference of the Arts and summary - "Sandy" Maclean, Mayor of Dalhousie, N.B. - P.E.I. Council of the Arts - Vincent Tovell and John Vollmer (ROM) - The Coach House Press - Association for the Study of Canadian Radio and Television - City of Calgary - National Library - English and French

loose in box:Public hearings for the following places/dates: - St. John's, Newfoundland, May 4-5 - Fredericton, New Brunswick, May 4-5 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, May 6 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 6-8 - Campbellton, New Brunswick, May 7-8 - Quebec, May 15 - Edmonton, Alberta, May 25-27 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, May 25-27 - Calgary, Alberta, May 28-29 - Regina, Saskatchewan, May 28-29 - Victoria, British Columbia, June 15 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 15-17

Box 5


1:Administrative records, 1981, including one copy of Discussion Guide "Speaking of our culture"

2:General correspondence, 1981

3:News releases, 1981, clippings  

Public Hearings On Shelf:

Vol.IMontreal, Quebec, May 11-14 1981, Holiday Inn

Vol.IIToronto, Ontario, June 1-5 1981, George Ignatieff Theatre

Vol.IIIToronto, Ontario, July 6-10 1981, "Panel A", Westbury Hotel

Vol.IVToronto, Ontario, July 6-10 1981, "Panel B", Westbury Hotel

Binder 1 (blue) Minister of Communications report, "National Arts Centre" by D.J.A. MacSween

Binder 2 (black) Briefing notes, Montreal

Binder 3 (blue) Briefing notes, Toronto

Binder 4 (black) Briefing notes, St. John's and Halifax

Binder 5 (black) Briefing notes, Edmonton and Calgary

Binder 6 (black) Briefing notes, Fredericton, Charlottetown and Campbellton

Binder 7 (black) Briefing notes, Ottawa

Binder 8 (black) Agenda and documents for meeting of F.C.P.R.C., September 17-19 1981, and draft chapters for the Hearings report

Binder 9 (black) Full committee meeting, December 9-11 1981

Binder 10 (black) Full committee meeting, January 21-23 1982

Binder 11 (black) Full committee meeting, February 25-27 1982

Binder 12 (black) Full committee meeting, April 1-3 1982

Binder 13 (black) Full committee meeting, April 29-30, May 1 1982

Binder 14 (black) Full committee meeting, May 27-30 1982

Binder 15 (black) Full committee meeting, June 28-30 1982

Binder 16 (black) Full committee meeting, August 16-17 1982

Binder 17 (black) Material collected re "The blue paper"

Binder 18 (blue) Quebec hearings, May 15 1982

Binder 19 (black) Ottawa Hull hearings, Volume II

One RESTRICTED file (also on shelf)