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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 85-010


Professor Ross Irwin fonds. --1893-1980. -- 1.2 m of textual records and other material.

Biography / History

Ross Irwin was born in the Village of Cambray,Victoria County, in 1921. In 1929 his family moved to the Villageof Oakwood in the Township of Mariposa. He joined the Royal CanadianElectrical and Mechanical Engineers in 1942 and served in Italyand Northwest Europe. Following his discharge in 1946 he workedin Peterborough for a short time and then enrolled in the OntarioAgricultural College at Guelph in 1947. Upon graduation he receivedan appointment to the faculty of the College. Later he becamea professor in the School of Engineering at the University ofGuelph. Ross married Doreen Webster of Oakwood in 1949 and theyhave two children. (Taken from: "Mariposa: The Banner Township."Lindsay, Ontario: Ross Irwin Enterprises, 1984.)

Custodial History

This fonds was created by and in the custodyof Professor Ross Irwin before being donated to the Trent UniversityArchives.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of research materials collected by Professor Irwin for his book on Mariposa Township, Victoria County. Material added August, 1992 includes a copy of "Mariposa: The Banner Township" and a series of 8 scrapbooks created by Mrs. Alex McIntyre of Oakwood, Ontario and donated via Professor Irwin. Additions of 1994 include slides of Lindsay, Ontario and other scenes in Victoria County taken in approximately the 1960's. Additions of 2002 include 2 notebooks of Robert Irwin, Cambray. Genealogical resource. Additions of 2010 include studio portraits of ancestral family members. Additions of 2012 include items related to the history of the Wakelin family and a scribbler with house-building notes.


Title based on creator of fonds.

Includes ca. 436 photographs : 266 slides,ca. 200 maps and 260 aperture cards.

Some of the maps and all of the scrapbooksare in very brittle condition. Handle with care and do not photocopy.

This fonds was donated by Professor Ross Irwin.

Location of originals of some of the material is the Public Archivesof Canada and the Archives of Ontario.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Associated materials located at the Universityof Guelph Archives, Guelph, Ontario.

For related records see: 74-005, 83-007, 88-012,90-005 and 91-1021.

Some maps are produced in a newspaper-like copy and have not been placed on the map list. Please see the various folders in Boxes 1 and 2 for this style of map. Note: The maps are on one side of the paper and Bylaws are printed on the opposite side.

Ancestral portraits are located in the Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 52.

Finding Aid

Box 1


1: Agriculture

2: Bexely and Laxton Townships

3: Biography

4: Brock Township

5: Cambray

6: Cartwright Twp.

7: Charles Heels Railroad series

8: Communication and Roads

9: East Oakwood

10: Eden and Linden Valley

11: Education

12: Eldon Twp.

13: Emily Twp.

14: Fenelon Twp.

15: Government

16: Haliburton County

17: Life Style

18: Lindsay

19: Little Britain

20: Manilla

21: Manvers

22: Mariposa Twp.

23: Mariposa Twp.

Box 2


1: Oakwood

2: Oakwood

3: Oakwood maps

4: Ontario County

5: Ops Twp.

6: Organizations

7: Peniel

8: Railways and Transportation

9: Religion

10: Salem and Cresswell

11: Scugog

12: Sir Sam Hughes series

13: Somerville Twp.

14: Sonya and Seagrave

15: Taylors Corners

16: Valentia and Port Hoover

17: Verulam Twp.

18: Victoria County

19: Woodville

20: Miscellaneous

Box 3

County of Victoria Roads Needs Study Report,1965-75

Aggregate Resources Inventory, Mariposa, 1980

Files of Historic Newspapers

Advertising brochures of local area

Journal of the County of Victoria for 1898(2 copies)

List of electors, Mariposa Twp., for 1978and 1982

Auditors report for Mariposa Twp. for 1897 (2 copies), 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1910, 1911, 1913, 1919, 1920 (2 copies)

Detailed statement of receipts and expenditures for the years 1889, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1897 (3 copies), 1899 (2 copies), 1900, 1901, 1903, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1909-1928, 1930-1934.

List of voters Mariposa Twp. for the years 1896-1900, 1902-1908, 1910-1926, 1928, 1929, 1949

List of voters Fenelon Twp. 1896, 1898, 1899

List of voters Ops Twp. 1896, 1927

List of voters, Village of Woodville 1898-1900,1930

List of voters Brock Twp. 1896, 1898

List of voters Reach Twp. 1897, 1898, 1899,1900

List of voters Village of Cannington 1930

List of voters Cartwright Twp. 1899

List of voters Town of Lindsay 1899

Book Mariposa The Banner Township, 1984

Box 4

File of primary information used in the book

- sources of village names

- other documents, forms, etc in small box

- photographs in box, not identified, most captions in book

- Poetical Directory of Victoria County, A.G.Churchill, 1860 (a photographic copy of this rare item)

Parks Canada: Historic Structures of the Trent-Severn Waterway, MS Rpt 283, 1978

- Towards a History of the Kawartha-Otonabee Sector of the Trent-Severn Waterway, MS Rpt 358, 1980

- Preliminary History of Fenelon Falls Lock Station, RB 93, 1978

- Preliminary History of Fenelon Falls LockStation, 1983

- The Site of Bobcageon, RB 95, 1987

- Preliminary History of Bobcageon Lock Station,nd

- Debate and Procrastination: Newspaper Opinionabout the

Trent Canal in the Later 19th Century, RB 147, 1980 (2 copies)

- Bibliography of Trade Catalogues, 1800-1880, RB 217, 1984

- Resource Guide to the Trent-Severn Waterway,nd

- The Birch Canoe, Ontario Department of Lands and Forests, 1961

- Canals, Navigation, 1959, Department of Transport, Canals Division

- History of Lindsay Forest District, DHS 18, 1965 Department of Lands and Forests

- Soil Survey of Victoria County, Report 25, 1957, Canadian Department of Agriculture

- Surficial Geology of the Lindsay-Peterborough Area, GSC Memoir 288, 1957

- A.E. Silverwood Estate, 1977, (SilverwoodDairies)

- Watershed management strategy, Kawartha Region Conservation Authority, 1982

- Sylvester Auto-Thresher, Lindsay, Tech Rpt 126-65, 1983

- Review of Land Drainage in Ontario, TechRpt 7, 1961

- Ontario's Threshing machine Industry, TechRpt 30, 1974

- Package of Victoria County and other publicity brochures

- Grist and Flour Mills in Ontario 1780-1880. MRN 201, 1976

- Colonization Roads in Canada West, 1850-18671957

- Woodville Advocate, 1884-1984

- Reminiscences of Highland Pioneers in Eldon, OHS 1920 Founding Kirkfield, OHS 1918 Woodville Village Incorporation, 1884

-Scugog Lake bridge, 1847

- Historical Sketch of Victoria County, 1881

- North Kawartha Times (Last Issue) Aug 14,1991

- Index to newspapers

- The Telephone Man, 1977

- The Manilla Messenger, Jan. Mar. June 1985

- Oakwood United Church Report, 1984

- Agricultural Contribution to Fertilization of Canal Lake, 1969

- Little Britain School, 1846-1972

- Pages from 1900 Farmers Directory producedin Ingersoll

- Peterborough: from Canada: Past, Present and Future, 1849

- Argyle, A Pioneer Village, 1976

- Faithful Brethern Lodge AF&AM 77 Lindsay,1857-1957

- Victoria County 125th Anniversary, 1986

- Photocopies of old letters

- Mariposa Landholders 1839-40

- File of Miscellaneous History items

- File of Maps and Documents from MariposaBook

- Ross Irwin Scrapbook of local news

Box 5

- Photographs; many used in Mariposa: The Banner Township

Box 6

- series of 8 scrapbooks complied by the Jenkins-McIntyre family of Oakwood, Ontario.

- The Jenkins-McIntyre clippings cover the 1940s, 50s with some entries earlier or later. Mostly births and deaths from Oakwood, Little Britain and Mariposa Twp.,

Box 7


- Oshawa 6

- Lindsay Fair 1962 13, 1962 22

- Toronto Exhibition 1960 3, 1962 11, 63 2,64 34

- Lindsay Orange Parade 1961 6, 1962 6

- Piggyland (Sunderland, Ontario scam) 1962 7

- Malton Airport 1962 9

- Oakwood School Fair 1962 1

- Lindsay Lions Parade 1962 7

- Midland/Port McNichol 13

- Peterborough Plowing Match 1964 6

- Beaverton train wreck 1964 6

- Fenelon Falls 1962/64 8

- Peterborough 6

- Orillia 2

- Bobcageon 7

- Rosedale 2

- Kirkfield 1

- Port Perry 7

- Burleigh Falls 1967 5

- Buttermilk Falls 1962 5

- Emily Park 1965 1

- Haliburton Village and County 36

- Northern Scene 34

Additions received 2002 (located in Box 7:

Note: Robert Irwin (d. 1920) emigrated from Co. Cavan, Ireland in 1850 and settled on Lot 11, Con III, Fenelon Township in 1853. He and his brother James were active in the establishment of Burns Presbyterian Church in the village of [Cambray]. They met in the Union Meeting Hall until they opened their Canada Presbyterian Church in 1854. It closed in 1914. Further genealogical information relating to the two notebooks is as follows: John and Frank Saunderson, Souris, MB, were sons-in-law; Leonard Irwin, Fenelon Twp., married Robert's daughter; JKI is John King Irwin, son of Robert and IMI is Isabella, his wife (the above information supplied by Ross Irwin, November 27, 2002).

Notebook 1: [1858]-1915, includes recipe for deafness December 26, 1859 ; list of purchases with costs December 25, 1867; Presbyterian baptisms at the Union Meeting Hall, July 31, 1858 to August 8, 1865 (see Appendix 1 for a list of the baptisms); Church subscription list before 1890; Motion to call Rev. J.R. Scott, 1870, etc.

Notebook 2: includes subscriptions for Cambray Presbyterian Church, [1910] and [1914]; hospital and burial expenses by Robert's son John for Robert's burial, 1920, etc. (Note: Robert died at Port Hope and is buried in Eden Cemetery, Mariposa Township).

Additions received 2010 (located in Large Materials Cabinet - Drawer 52):

Portraits of family members:

Robert Irwin and Sarah King (farmed in Fenelon Township)
John King Irwin, 17 December 1849 - 29 July 1929 (farmed in Fenelon Township)
Isabella Matheson Rodgers, 29 July 1855 - 6 May 1940 (farmed in Fenelon Township)
James Rodgers, [1828-?] and Mary Moffatt [1834-?] (farmed in Fenelon Township; were the parents of Isabella Matheson Rodgers)
Myrtle Wakelin (mother of Ross W. Irwin), taken 1904

Additions received 2010 (located in Box 7):

Letter dated 28 October 1984 from Laura W. Smith to Ross Irwin. The letter contains historical details about families of the Woodville, Ontario area.

Additions received 2012 (located in Box 7):

"Wakelin Family Oral History", compiled by Robert Gordon Wakelin, August 1996

"James Wakelin & James A. Wakelin from Co. Kent, U.K. 1855 to Bexley Township (Norland), Victoria County, Including other early area families Bowins - McGinnis - Rose", by Ross W. Irwin, Guelph, 2012

A scribbler dated 1960 which lists the time and materials that James Irwin, father of Ross W. Irwin, recorded when he built his new home in Oakwood. A photograph of the hose is included. The house is located on the corner of Eldon and Perry Streets, Oakwood, Ontario.

Appendix 1

Baptisms (July 31, 1858 - August 8, 1865) - Note: the following entries are quoted as found

Alexander Rutherford son of Alex and Isabella Rutherford fenelon Baptised July 31st, 1858 by Rev R Monteath of P. Albert

Robert Moffatt son of James and Margaret [ ] Moffatt - Fenelon baptis by Rev. Gilbert Tweedey, born 10 feby 1858

Dorcas Irwin Daughter of Robert and Sarah Irwin baptised by Rev. John Patterson March 27th 1860

Elizaanne Irwin Daughter of James and Maryjane Irwin baptised by Rev Jon Patterson March 27 1860

Maria Daniel wife of Alexander Daniel Fenelon baptised by Rev. James Howie May 11th 1860

James Irwin son to James and Maryjane Irwin Baptised feby 16th 1861 by Revd John Patterson

William Belch son to Robert and Elisabeth Belch born 22nd July 1858 Baptised 17th March 1861 by Revd John Patterson

Elisabeth Belch Daughter to Robert and Elisabeth Belch born 24th Sept 60 Baptised March 17th 1861 by Revd John Patterson

Margret Alice Daughter to James and Mary Rodgers born 13th December 1860. Baptised 31st March 1861 by Revd John Patterson

John Moffat son to James and Margret Moffat born 25th March 1860 baptised 14th April 1861 by Revd. John Patterson

Sarah Jane Reed Daughter to Robert and Rosanna Reed born March 2nd 1861 and baptised 7th July 1861 by Revd John Patterson

Margaret anne Rutherford Daughter to Alexander and Isabella Rutherford born [ ] february 1861 baptised 7th July 1861 by Revd John Patterson

Edward son to George and Cathrine [Turnath] [Tumath] born 5th August 1861 baptised 15th March 1862 by Revd John Patterson

William son to James and Mary Rodgers born January 29 1863 Baptised 28th february 1863 by Revd John Patterson

Thomas James son to James and Margaret Moffat born January 6th 1863 baptised 28th february 1863 by Revd John Patterson

Susana Elisabeth Daughter to William and Susanna Stoddart born 11th March 1862 baptised 28th february 1863 by Revd Jno. Patterson

[ ]uphemia Jane Daughter to Joseph and Jannet Williamson born 11th December 1862 Baptised 15th August 1863 by Revd. Jno. Patterson

Jesse Reed Daughter to William and Susana Stoddart born 19th June 1863 Baptised 15th August 1863 by Revd Jno Patterson

James Livingston son to George and Cathrine [turnath] [tumath] born March 5th 1863 baptised 11th Oct. 1863 by Revd Jno. Patterson

William James son to William and Alice Hall born [blank] baptised 12th March 1864 by Revd. Jno Patterson

Isabella Daughter to Alexander and Isabella Rutherford born [Novbr.] 3rd 1863 baptised 30th July 1864 by Revd Jno Patterson

Henry James son to Robert and Sarah Irwin born feby [ ]nd 1864 baptised July 30 1864 by Revd. John Patterson

Mrs. Isabella Douglas baptised 30 July 1864 by Revd. John Patterson

John Andrew son to Isabella and Robert Douglas born 6th November 1864 baptised 25th March 1865 by Revd. John Patterson

James Alfred son to George and Mary Pearsal born [blank] baptised 8th August 1865 by Revd. Dr Burns

Emma Deli[]a Daughter to James and Mary Jane Irwin born [blank] baptised 8th August 1865 by Revd. Robert Burns DD Toronto