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Accession Number: 84-020

UCND Case Records 84-020 Box 47 Folders 3-4




Returns and Miscellaneous Correspondence



Letter from G.A. Payne, Campbellford, on the status of hisson, Lt. Charles A. Payne in Europe;


Letter asking for Ontario Statues 1917 to Fraserville;


Letter asking for Ontario Statues 1917 to Newcastle;


Return of Convictions Bowmanville;


Naturalization Act RE: John T. Atkins, Brighton/Presqu'ile wants to become a Canadian to fight in Canadianarmy;


Petit Jurors and Grand Jurors, Jun. 1917;


Police Magistrate Letter RE: Percy Dench,and H. Westlake of Carrying Place;


Letter to W. Kerr RE:Alfred Gerow from A.O. Scriver;


Richard Jarvis Letter RE: Food regulations and desertions inBowmanville;


Letter Re: Rex. Vs. Keith Chattersonaccused of raping Benham Collins from Smithfield; letter stateCollins had Gonorrhea


Letter from Attorney General asking for local authorities tocrack down on military desertions;


Letter from Attorney General Re: Military Service Act;


Henry Black, Campbellford slander Case: remark about Franco-Canadiansand Roman Catholics has hurt sales;


Jennie Tripp, Mrs. Lane, Children's Aid Society, Port Hope;


Letter from D.R. Wright, Constable from Campbellford Re: 6finding men of military age contraty M.S.A.;


Letter to W. Kerr notifyingof "Catholics drilling in Burnley Catholic Church yard   . . . notify' for our safety" ;


Letter from D.R. Wright on Food Control, Campbellford;


Letter RE: Evs Rogers, Subject ofGreece who owes George Lakas, of Oshawa money;


Press Release of Food Controllers meeting;


Return of Convictions, Brighton;


Return of Convictions;

Return of Convictions, Cobourg


Return of Convictions, Campbellford;


Letter to W. Kerr RE:  Alice Townsend of Norwood;


Naturalization Act: Bryan Jennings Rureyof Brighton is an American wanting to becomeCanadian;


Ben Ewing Statement Regarding Canadian Conscription in Northhumberland and Durham,and inspection of

Goal, Hospital, and Court Room; 


George Manjuris NaturalizationPapers, Walton Street,Port Hope;






Returns and Miscellaneous Correspondence



Return of Convictions;


Calendar of Prisoners in Cobourg Gaol - Jun. 1917;


Petit Jurors and Grand Jurors list Apr. 1917;


Rex. Vs. Dale, Brighton -G. Drewry commits Lionel Dale and Arthur Dale toChildren's Aid Society;


Godkins Rape charge, Orono;


Galt Stove and Furnace Co. vs. George H. Sherwood of Brighton;


Desertion of a Child - Alice Townsend of Norwood;


Voters list: Murray, Haldimand;


Letter to W. Kerr from C.O of 247th battalion RE:Prosecution of a Farmer named Lunm in Port Hope forhis statement that "Canada would be just as good under German rule as it istoday";


Hastings Constable inquiring W. Kerr is there is comerecourse to force an American who marrying a Canadian to swear allegiance toCrown;


John Young writing to W. Kerr to notify of Fred Mikel theft of Items, Brighton;


Proof of Citizenship for EdsonAndrus and William Wyman Andrus, Orono


Letter RE: to promote the banning of Nick Carter stories


Resignation of Lawson and replacement by John A. Clark, Brighton


Petit Juror list and Grand Jurors list, Jan. 1917


William Townsend, deceased of Oshawa, RE: ownership of personal items


Letter to W. Kerr: Complaint lodge by B. Cohen, of Colborne,lays a complaint against an Austrian man for misrepresentation--- Letter makes reference to Cohen's Jewish heritage


Insurance company of James Joseph Connelly of Bowmanvillewishes to see Inquest report.


Mrs. Charles Brown write W. Kerr explaining that her husband tried to commitsuicide, and she is afraid of him


Rex. Vs. Chaplin, Seymour








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