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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 84-016


Windy Pine Point fonds. -- 1940-1981. -- 30 cm of textual records and other materials.

Biography / History

Windy Pine Point is a property located on Kushog Lake, near Minden, near Haliburton County, Ontario. The property was owned by Flora Morrison and Dr. Mary L. Northway from 1940 to 1982. As well as the main cottage, there were cabins which were available to friends and acquaintances. The owners planned and led girls' canoe trips from Windy Pine in the 1940's.

Custodial History

This fonds was in the custody of Dr. Mary Northway until she donated it to the Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of records, photographs and slides of Windy Pine, private cottage and cabins owned by Dr. Mary Northway and Flora Morrison. They ran girls canoe trips at the camp during the 1940s.


Title based on content of the fonds.

Includes ca. 288 photographs : ca. 140 slides + 6 albums, 10 prints : postcards, 1 painting : oil, 1 audio cassette and 1 wooden plaque. Also included in the fonds is a framed oil painting of Windy Pine done by Flora Morrison in 1947. This latter item is shelved in the Large Materials cabinet, Drawer 29.

This fonds was donated by Dr. Mary Northway.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Additions to the fonds include 85-008 and 86-006.

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Finding Aid


A: Slides and Photographs

B: Guest Books and Journals

C: Canoe Trip Records

D: Correspondence

E: Account Books

F: Miscellaneous

Series A: Slides and Photographs

Box 1

(i) Approximately 136 colour transparencies depicting Windy Pine Point in the 1960's.

(ii) Photograph album of Windy Pine Point. Includes pictures of Flora Morrison at work in a day care centre c. 1945. Also early
(1940's) pictures at Windy Pine Point and 1960's pictures of scenery in Haliburton County.

(iii) Photograph album: Windy Pine Point Canoe Trips, 1941-1945.

(iv) Photograph album: Canoe Trips (2) 1941-1945.

(v) Photograph album of Windy Pine Point, 1960's.

(vi) Photograph album of Windy Pine Point, 1960's.

(vii) Envelope of loose photos (and photos in print holders). Some of 1941 canoe trip; some undated.

(viii) Envelope of loose photos of Windy Pine Point canoe trips, c. 1941.

(ix) Envelope of photos in print holder, 1940, founding of Windy Pine Point.

(x) Envelope of loose photos of Windy Pine Point in the 1940's.

(xi) Envelope of photos of Windy Pine Point, 1941.

(xii) Envelope of photos of Windy Pine Point and sites on a canoe trip route, 1940's.

(xiii) Envelope of photos of Windy Pine Point c. 1950's. Driftwood Cabin under construction.

(xiv) Envelope of photos of Windy Pine Point in the 1950's: activities, people and dogs.

(xv) Envelope of photos of Windy Pine Point: Driftwood cabin and dock in the winter, 1970's. Other scenery photos from this period at Windy Pine.

(xvi) Envelope of photos of Windy Pine Point c. 1980.

(xvii) Envelope of postcards (annotated by Dr Northway) of locations near Windy Pine.

Series B: Guest Books and Journals

There are three separate volumes in this series. These guest book/journals give some idea of visitors, weather,
conditions, activities at Windy Pine Point, dates of arrivals and departures, and anecdotes.

Box 1


(i) A wooden covered, leather-tied volume, 1941-1966. This volume lists girls who went on the early canoe trips. Names of guests who stayed in the cabin are given.

(ii) Guest book (annotated as above); covers 1967-1970.

(iii) Large scrap book (1971-1981). Includes sketches, some photographs, post cards.

Series C: Canoe Trip Records

2: Menus, brochures, flyers, equipment lists, letter head stationery for Windy Pine Point canoe trips, 1940's

3: -small notebooks (3) of camping recipes -small notebooks (2) of canoe trip logs: 1941-1946, 1950. -small notebook (1) listing repairs to canoes and cabins at Windy Pine Point, 1941-1961.

Series D: Correspondence

4: This folder of correspondence and loose accounts includes tax records (Township of Stanhope) from the 1940's and 1950's;
receipts for road construction, cottage and cabin construction, electrical and plumbing work; correspondence regarding timber rights and property purchases; insurance records and receipts for day labour.

Series E: Account Books

5: -cash book, 1943-1949 -cash book, 1969-1980

6: -account book 1941 -bank statement sheets 1964-1969 -account book 1950-1969

Series F: Miscellaneous

7: -oil sketch -wood block print (Japanese characters for "Windy Pine Point") -birch bark invitation -"Echoes and Reflections of Flora Morrison", a commemorative booklet prepared by Dr Mary Northway, edited by Professor John Wadland (1984) -cassette interview of Dr Northway by D. Millichamp re: early days of Windy Pine -typescript (1978) 2 pages historical notes re: Windy Pine