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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 83-020


Professor John Wadland fonds. Additions.-- 1890-1976. -- 20 cm of textual records and other material.

Biography / History

John Wadland was born in 1943. He was educatedat the University of Waterloo where he received his M.A. in history,and at York University where he received his Ph.D in the samesubject in 1976. He joined the staff of the Canadian Studies Departmentof Trent University when it was created in the 1972-73 academicyear. As of the 1995-96 academic year, Professor John Wadlandwas still teaching in the Canadian Studies Department at Trent.

Custodial History

This fonds was collected and created by JohnWadland, Professor of history before it was donated to the TrentUniversity Archives.

Scope and Content

This addition to the fonds consists of photocopiesof correspondence of Anya Seton; a play called the "Rufusletters" 1890; a manuscript of a play; and an unpublishedautobiography. The fonds also contains original manuscript andtypescript articles by Elise Thompson including an interview,biographical notes and photocopies of articles on Seton. Thereare also photocopies of letters and documents pertaining to Seton'srelationship with Grace Seton. As well in 1992 an inventory listwas added of all Seton paintings in Philmot Ranch, Cimarron, NewMexico, including an inventory of Seton paintings in the Smithsonianas well as correspondence regarding a Seton painting.


Title based on creator of fonds.

Includes 87 photographs, 10 slides and 7 audiocassettes.

This fonds was donated by Professor John Wadland.

The originals (of the photocopied Seton materials)are located at the American Museum of Natural History, New York,the Seton Museum, Mexico, National Museum of American Art, SmithsonianInstitution, Washington D.C. and the Philmot Ranch, Cimarron,New Mexico.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

This fonds is an additions to 81-014.

For related records see: 85-005 and 89-012.

Finding Aid


Box 1

- Six folders of original and copy correspondence by and about Seton and various members of his family. Some correspondence concerns Anya Seton, Grace Seton.

- One folder containing 82 photos of Seton, his works of art, family members.

- Seven tape recordings

- Ten colour slides depicting the remains of the original Seton homestead in Ops Township, Lindsay, Ontario (Note: these slides may also be included in digitized format on a CD received from John Wadland in April 2011; the CD is located in 81-014 Box 7).

Photo List:

1. Library at Seton Castle

2. Grace Gallatin Seton in late 40's, early 50's

3. Lake at DeWinton

4. Anya Seton at 18

5. Drawing for Century Dictionary

6. W.G. Schreiber, Charlotte Schreiber's husband

7. Anya in Indian dress (on right) at DeWinton, age 18

8. map made from memory in 1930 of Toronto and Harbour

9. map of Manitoba made in 1890

10. plate of horse from Art Anthony of Animals (1896)

11. Seton portrait- 1938/40 from College of Indian Wisdom Brochure

12. caricature of contemporary naturalists and animal artists

13. Plate of animal from Art Anatomy of Animals

14. Seton's signature with wolf paw (large) wolf paw also found on his cheques

15. colour painting, nd

16. photo of Seton's Journals from the Museum of Natural History, N.Y.

17. self portrait in oil (1890-1896)

18. Grace Gallatin in New York women's group

19. Painting - note post-impressionist style

20. Seton in 1920s

21. Figure drawing from Julian's Academy

22. Grace on horseback at Yellowstone park (1898)

23. Mock-up of "Await in Vain"

24. DeWinton property in Carberry Hills (1892)

23. Illustration from G.B. Grennell article

26. Selwyn, member of Geological Survey

27. Stamp with P. Johnston head

28. Drawing

29. Drawing from Art Anatomy - note folds of fur

30. Grace and Seton at DeWinton in 1920's

31. Drawing from Lives of Game Animals

32. Gardner's house at Wyndgoul (1902-12)

33. Grace at DeWinton

34. Bronze bust of Seton at Seton House

35. Illustration - note signature - Thompson

36. Illustration of Wm Hornaday's monograph on buffalo (at Smithsonian)

37. Grace on horseback in Yellowstone Park

38. Seton portrait (at Seton Village)

39. Historic plaque with Beulah's children

40. Grace pre 1912

41. Anya in Indian costume (the name Anyuteeka was given her by Charles Eastman)

42. Self-portrait (1833, done in Manitoba)

43. Illustration

44. Julia Moss Buttree Seton with harpsichord in 1940s

45. Julia in 1930s (as Dean of the College of Indian Wisdom)

46. DeWinton in late 1920s

47. Mockup for painting of Franklin squirrel

48. Charlotte Schreiber's painting of University College U of T 1876

49. Reproduction from plate (John has original plate)

50. Drawing of peacock's train

51. Figure drawing from Juilian's Academy in 1890s

52. Seton in 1923

53. Drawing from Art Anatomy of Animals

54. Tyrell - see thesis for info

55. Drawing from Art Anatomy of Animals

56. Illustration from GB Grennel article

57. Mock up of drawing from Lives of Game Animals

58. Drawing of wolf (mock-up for tainting) 1896 which he gave T. Roosevelt

59. Drawing for Grennell article

60. Drawing of mule deer

61. Charlotte Schreiber sitting on steps of house with friends, 1880's

62. Anya

63. Young Anya

64. Young Grace at time of marriage

65. Grace in suffragette uniform

66. Seton with Indian Council Circle either at DeWinton or Wyndygoul

67. Map of Manitoba (1905) with changes - see difference of 1890 map

68. Drawing from Art Anatomy of Animals

69. DeWinton or Wyndygoul

70. Leaping wolf from 1896 painting that was hung in Paris Salon and now in AGO

71. Log cabin at Wyndygoul where Seton retreated to write

72. Seton at Wyndygoul

73. Julia in 1960's with wolf painting

74. Naya in teens

75. Invitation to Frank Powers, 1897

76. Charlotte Schreiber's painting - "Springfield on the Credit"

77. Page from Seton's journal

78. N.Y. Herald clipping, 1903, of Seton Indian movement

79. Drawing from Century Dictionary

80. Portrait of Seton 1915

81. A.A. Anderson, american painter with whom Seton shared a studio

82. Anya (on right) with maid

Box 2

This box contains a typescript of Prof John Wadland's Ph.D. thesis on Seton. This was returned to Prof Wadland (1986 - there is another copy in the collection)

Additions added July 1992:

1) inventory list of all paintings by E.T.Seton in Philmot Ranch, Cimarron, NewMexico

2) inventory of Seton paintings in NationalMuseum of American Art, SmithsonianInst. Washington, D.C.

3) correspondence re: Seton paintings