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Accession Number: 83-009

Biography / History

In 1835, a proposal to build a navigable water route from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay was submitted to Sir John Colborne, Lieutenant Governor, by civil engineer Nicol Hughe Baird. It was believed that if a link could be established between the many scattered settlements, the population would increase, and new markets would be created. With numerous arguments for and against the building of the Trent Canal, the project was begun, and was to take many separate projects over a period of almost one hundred years to complete. It was not until 1920 that the final link of the canal was completed, and water travel was made possible all the way from Trenton to Port Severn, a distance of 386 km. Although the original purpose of the building of the Canal had been to bring supplies to people living along its waterways, and to provide an outlet for timber, by the time the Canal was completed so many years later, the automobile and better roads and railways had been introduced and the original function of the Canal had changed. It has since become a famous route for recreational travel for thousands of people.

Custodial History


Scope and Content

This fonds consists of 82 glass negatives of the Trent Canal waterway including shots of various locks along the route and several industries. Positive prints were made from the negatives in 2004.


Title based on the contents of the collection.

The negatives were donated from an unknown source.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

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Finding Aid

Box 1

Folder 1:

1. Trent Canal, S.D. Severn River

2. Trent Canal, P.L. Hydraulic Lock, Peterborough

3. Trent Canal, O.R.L., Glen Miller Bridge and Lock 3

4. Trent Canal, O.R.L., below Dam No. 1

5. Kirkfield Liftlock, Opening Day, 1907

6. Trent Canal, Severn Division, Port severn Lock

7. Trent Canal, Officials at Hastings S.S. Lorretta

8. Trent Canal, War Canoe Racing at Stoney Lake Regatta

9. Trent Canal, Everready Stop Log Bridge

10. Trent Canal, P.L. Division, Peterborough Lock, foot of Little Lake

11. Trent Canal, Severn Division, Whites Portage Dam

12. Trent Canal, Lake Couchiching

13. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, Old Trenton Bridge, built c. 1800, demolished 1912

14. Trent Canal, S.B.L. Division, Lake Simcoe entrance

15. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Heeley Falls Power House

16. Trent Canal, S. Division, hunting party on Severn River

17. Trent Canal

18. Burleigh Falls, Burleigh River Channel

19. Trent Canal, Severn Division, Port Severn Lock

20. Trent Canal, Lock

21. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, river and Canal at Frankford

22. Trent Canal, S.D. Severn River

23. Fenelon Falls

24. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Heeley Falls Dam

25. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Trent River from Lock 9

26. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Raney Falls, Campbellford

27. Trent canal, War Canoe racing at Stoney Lake Regatta

28. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Dam No. 6, Frankford

29. Trent Canal, S.B.L. Division, 4th Concession Township Road bridge

30. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Trent Valley Woolen Mills, Campbellford

31. Trent Canal, P.L. Division, Otonabee River

32. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Paper Mill Siding Bridge, Campbellford

33. Trent Canal, Severn Division, Swift Rapids Dam and Marine

34. Trent Canal, Severn Division, C.P. Railway Bridge, Severn Falls, Toronto-Sudbury Branch

35. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, looking down Canal from Lock No. 9

36. Trent Canal, S. Division, Gloster Pool

37. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, British America Chemical Plant, Trenton

38. Trent Canal, Gloster Pool, Severn River

39. Trent Canal, S. Division, Big Shute Power House and Marine Railway

40. Trent Canal, Simcoe-Balsam Lake Division, Kirkfield Hydraulic Lock

41. Map of Trent Canal

42. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Reach Lock 8 and 9

43. Trent Canal

44. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, Lock 18, Hastings

45. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, G.T.R. Main Line Bridge and Lock No. 1

46. Motor boating on the Ontonabee River

47. View of Gannon's Narrows from Oak Orchard Hotel

48. Stoney lake opposite Crowe's Landing looking towards Head of Lake

49. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Lock No. 3

50. Trent Canal, Severn Division, Marine Railway and Swift Rapids

51. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, Heeley Falls bridge

52. Trent Canal, Lake Division, Buckhorn Dam

53. Duck Hunters in rice at Rice Lake

54. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Heeley Falls Dam

55. Trent Canal, O.R.L., Dam No. 9 and Power Dev. Weir, looking up to Campbellford

56. Trent Canal, a week's kill at the Katchecum Hunt Club

57. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, Trent river above Lock No. 10

58. War Canoe Racing at Stoney Lake Regatta

59. Trent Canal

60. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, Dam No. 6, Frankford

61. Trent Canal, P.L. division, Otonabee river, Peterborough

62. Trent Canal, view of Peterborough

63. Trent Canal, S.B.L. Division, Reach above Lock No 41

64. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, river and canal at Frankford

65. Trent Canal, Severn Division, Swift Rapids Dam and Marine Railway

66. Trent Canal

67. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Dam No. 2

68. Yacht Sailing race in Chemong Lake

69. Trent Canal, P.L. division, Norwood road Bridge

70. Trent Canal, G.T.R. Bridge on S.B.L. Division

71. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Trent River at Heeley Falls

72. Trent Canal, Dam No. 6 emergency gate

73. Trent Canal, Trenton Harbour

74. Trent Canal

75. Trent Canal

76. Trent Canal, Trenton Harbour

77. Trent Canal, O.R.L. Division, Trent river above Frankford

78. Trent Canal, Lakefield division, Norwood road Bridge, Peterborough

79. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, reach Lock No. 8 and 9

80. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, Lock No. 14 and Campbellford Power House

81. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, Dam No. 9, looking up from Lock No. 10

82. Trent Canal, O.R.L. division, Locks No. 11 and 12, Campbellford