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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 80-033


William Hamilton Munro fonds. Additions. -- 1877-1964. -- 30 cm of textual records. -- 9 maps.

Biography / History

William Hamilton Munro (1882-1976) was born in Peterborough, Ontario, the oldest son of George and Euphemie Hamilton Munro. He attended public school and high school in Peterborough and later entered the School of Practical Science, University of Toronto, from which he graduated in 1904. He joined the engineering staff of his grandfather's firm, the William Hamilton Manufacturing Company, for a short time and later worked for other engineering companies. First with John B. McRae of Ottawa and later with Smith Kerry & Chase of Toronto. During this period, Munro gained wide experience in dam and power house construction. In 1909, W.H. Munro was transferred to the Electric Power Company of Ontario and 1910 was appointed manager of the Peterborough Light & Power and Radial Railway Companies, branches of Electric Power. He remained in this position until 1915 when the company was expropriated by the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario. He then joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force and went overseas as a transport officer. On his arrival in England, W.H. Munro was stationed at a reception and training base at Shorncliffe, Kent. Here he remained for eight months before being posted to northern France early in 1916. In France he was appointed workshop officer of No. 3 Canadian Ammunition Sub Park. He was still in northern France on Armistice Day, 1918 and was with the Canadian Forces during their brief occupation of Germany in 1919. On May 29, 1919, Munro married Angele Melina Marie Pouille of Bruay, Pas de Calais, France. He took his military discharge in England and joined Vickers Limited of London and Barrow-in-Furness. This invloved him in water turbine engineering and sales which led to a good deal of travel. He remained in England until 1925 when he was appointed sales manager of Canadian Vickers of Montreal. Munro left Vickers in 1926 to become manager of the Nova Scotia Tramways and Power Company in Halifax. He remained in this position until 1928 when he was appointed manager of the Bolivian Power Company Limited in La Paz, Bolivia. In 1933, W.H. Munro returned to Canada and joined International Utilities Limited as general manager of one of its divisions, the Ottawa Light, Heat & Power Company until it was taken over by Ontario Hydro in 1949. He remained as manager of International Utilities until his retirement in 1951 when he and his wife returned to Peterborough, Ontario. W.H. Munro died in 1976.

Custodial History


Scope and Content

This addition to the fonds consists of maps, correspondence and related documents of the Bronson Company, the Gatineau Power Company, and the Ottawa Power Company collected by William Hamilton Munro.


Title based on the creator of the fonds.

The fonds was donated from an unknown source.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Associated material located at the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives.

This fonds is an addition to 79-006.

For related records see: 78-1001.

All maps are located in Map Cabinet - Drawer 5.

Finding Aid

Box 1


1: The Bronson Company and the Royal Trust Company, correspondence: 1956

2: Bronson-Royal Trust correspondence: 1957 Work diaries: Aug 12, 1956 to Apr 1957; Apr to Oct 1957.

3: Bronson Company correspondence: 1958

4: Bronson Company correspondence: 1959

5: Bronson Company correspondence: 1960, Plans

6: Bronson Company correspondence: 1961

7: Bronson Company correspondence: 1962

8: Bronson Company correspondence: 1963

Box 2


1: Bronson Company correspondence: 1964 Some letters refer to the expropriation of Bronson property by the National Capital Commission.

2: Bronson Company correspondence: 1965

3: Bronson Company correspondence: 1966 Three photographs of the Bronson Company Pulp Mill.

4: Carillon Development, correspondence: 1960 to 1964, with map of water level tables.

5: Power, general--clippings and articles.

6: Water levels and flow, Ottawa River.

7: The Bronson Company lease of Power House #2, Amelia Island, Ottawa: Jan 1, 1941.

Box 3


1: Gatineau Power Company, correspondence: 1960 to 1962

2: Carillon Dam, correspondence: 1960 to 1964 Water levels.

3: Chaudiere Power Plant, press release by Ken A. Hamilton, Hydro-Electric Progress in Canada, 1959.

4: Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation, Appraisal of Property of the Bronson Company, Dec 1960.

5: W.H. Munro, correspondence with Elwood MacDonald, 1947 to 1960.

6: London, England pocket maps and schedule/fare sheet for public transportation (1925, n.d.); Association of Stoney Lake Cottagers Inc., Index to Map, 1963, with W.H.M. pencil notations. Map Cabinet - Drawer 5

Folder 1:

Maps 1-4 are Foreign Maps

1. Bartholomew's Tourists' Map of England and Wales, Southern Section. Scale 10 miles:1 inch, sheet size 86cm x 58cm. Shows motor and cycling routes, political boundaries etc., n.d.

2. Ordnance Survey Map, 3rd edition (England and Wales), Barrow In Furness, Sheet 18. Scale 1 mile:1", sheet size 71cm x 51cm. Together with diagram of sheets of the map. Shows transportation systems, landmarks, political and other boundaries, contours, altitudes and sea depths. Revised 1903-04, published 1907, and corrected Mar 1914. Director-General at the Ordnance Survey Office Southampton.

3. Ordnance Survey Map, Chatham, Margate and Hastings, Sheet 40. Scale 2 miles:1 inch. Together with diagram of sheets of the map. Shows roads, boundaries, landmarks etc. sheet size 66cm x 71cm. 1903-04 revised to 1914.

4. Map of Barron In Furness, Lancashire, England. Edition of 1916, Lancashire Sheet XXI, NE. Scale 880':1" (1 statute mile:6"). Sheet size 69cm x 53cm. Shows political and other boundaries, land uses, etc.

Maps 5 - 9 are Canadian Maps

5. Map of Manley's Landing, Catchacoma Lake, Ontario (and vicinity), by Martin & Lawrie, Hamilton, Ont. n.d., no scale, sheet size 23cm x 30cm.

6. Pencil Map of Bronson Co. property on the Ottawa River (Victoria Island and 3 intake channels). No scale, dated June 10, 1964 from envelope it was attached to, sheet size 21cm x 28cm.

7. W.H. Munro's office copy of Bronson Co. property map in Ottawa (Chaudiere Area) with proposed parking lot, pedestrian bridge and adjacent government buildings. Scale about 126':1", sheet size 51cm x 74cm, May 1954.

8. Photocopy of Map of City of Ottawa and Vicinity. Drawn expressly for Woodburn's Directory, 1877. Pen note "Red. Oct. 30/59" in Munro's hand. Sheet size 48cm x 30cm, no scale.

9. National Topographic Series map sheet #31 S.E. Ottawa-Montreal (Ont-Que), 8 miles:1 inch, 1933. Sheet size 63cm x 79cm. With W.H.M. annotations.