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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 75-1031

Biography / History

Port Hope, located in the United Counties ofNorthumberland and Durham, on the shore of Lake Ontario in Hope Township, was informally established in 1819. Previously Port Hopehad been known by the name of Smith's Creek, and between 1815 and 1817, thetown was called Toronto. Due to the confusion caused by the use of both names, thename Port Hope, put forth by G.S. Bolton, was settled on in a public meeting in1819. The name Port Hope was formally confirmed by the Legislature of UpperCanada on March 6, 1834.(taken from "Illustrated Historical Atlas ofNorthumberland and Durham Counties, Ontario." Belleville:Mika Silk Screening Ltd., 1972.)

Custodial History

This fonds was in the custody of B.K. Van Buren before it wasdonated to the Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of acollection of postcards, letters and photographs relating to people and eventsin Port Hope and vicinity (up to and including Bewdley and Bailieboro);including correspondence to Henry White.


Title based on the contents of the fonds.

The fonds was donated byB.K. Van Buren of Port Hope, Ontario

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

For related records see: 75-006and 75-1032. FINDINGAID


1. Programme - Port Hope Music Club

2. Programme - Port Hope Music Study Club -Recital

3. Programme - The Arts Club - Recital

4. Programme - Port Hope High School

5. Programme - St. John's Church Port Hope - Masonic Church Service

6. Quarterly tickets (6) - Methodist Church

7. Communion Card - Baltimore Presbyterian Church

8 Correspondences (4) - 1850, 1884, 1888, 1891

9. The Hamilton Township Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company - Annual Report

10. Certification form for the Six Clevis Harrow

11. Tax notice

12. Cheques (4)

13. Miscellaneous envelopes (4)

14. Post Cards
1) Along the Lake Shore, Bewdley, Rice Lake, Ont
2) Along the Lake Shore, Bewdley, Rice Lake, Ont
3) Drive Along The Lake Shore, Bewdley, Rice Lake,Ont
4) Lake Shore, Bewdley, Ont.
5) Bewdley on Rice Lake, Ont.
6) Arial View, Bewdley, Ontario, Canada
7) Port Hope Harbour
8) Port Hope Harbour, Canada
9) Waterfront Port Hope, Ont. Taken from an aeroplane
10) Postcard picture - black and white, light house
11) St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Port Hope, Ont.Canada
12) Meth. Church, Bailieboro. Ont.
13) BaptistChurch, Bailieboro. 117.
14) i) Eng.Church, Bailieboro, Ont.; ii) Negatives - BaptistChurch, Bailieboro. Ont -Eng.Church, Bailieboro, Ont.
15) School, Bailieboro, Ont.
16) Public School. Port HopeCanada
17) Public School. Port Hope, Ont.Canada
18) High School. Port HopeCanada
19) TrinityCollageSchool, Port Hope, Ont.Canada
20) Port Hope.Ont., taken from an aeroplane.
21) Arial View of Port Hope -Ontario - Canada
22) Town Hall, Port Hope
23) Town Hall, Port Hope. Canada
24) postcard picture - black and white, an old building, five people
25) Bewdley, Rice Lake, Ont.
26) Bewdley on Rice Lake, Ont.
27) Bewdley P.O., Rice Lake, Ont.
28) Bailieboro, Ont
29) main St. South. Bailieboro, Ont.
30) Port Hope Golf club
31) Bailieboro. Ont (Store and Post Office)
32) postcard picture - black and white, inside of astore, two people, 1909
33) Port Hope Ideal Concert Band, 1907
34) postcard picture - black and white, group photo,possibly factory workers, all male
35) postcard picture - black and white, group photo,upon a stage, possibly play or concert performers, men, women and children
36) 35 Miscellaneous Canada Post Cards

15. Photographs
1) black and white, horse and carriage (Union ExpressCompany), possibly in front of a train station
2) black and white, construction of a railway bridge
3) black and white, train wreckage
4) Break-Water - Port Hope (Light house)