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Fonds Level Description


Accession Number: 74-003


Dr. Edwin C. Guillet fonds. -- 1632-1970. -- 39 cm of textual records. -- 197 photographs. -- 3 maps.

Biography / History

Dr. Edwin C. Guillet, historian, was born at Cobourg, Ontario, September 29, 1898, and educated at the University of Toronto (B.A. 1922) and at McMaster University (B.A. 1926; M.A. 1927). He joined the staff of Lindsay Collegiate in 1923 and the Central Technical School in Toronto in 1926, remaining until 1934. From 1958 to 1962 he served as research historian with the Ontario Department of Public Records and Archives. In 1963 he was appointed consultant on Canadiana to the Library of Trent University. Dr. Guillet also wrote many books including "Early Life in Upper Canada" (1933), "The Great Migration" (1937), "Life Insurance without Exploitation" (1946), and "Pioneer Inns and Taverns" (1954-56). (taken from "The Macmillan Dictionary of Canadian Biography, fourth edition." 1978.)

Custodial History

This fonds was created and owned by Dr. Edwin C. Guillet until it was donated to the Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

This fonds consists of the original and collected papers of E.C. Guillet, relating to his works and research on the Trent Valley/Peterborough/Kawartha area. Included is correspondence, primarily with George M. Douglas and Helen Marryat; maps (photocopies); newspaper articles regarding above area; collected manuscripts of historical authors; photographs; and Guillet's own unpublished manuscript of Canadian Literary Pioneers.


Title based on the creator of the fonds.

The fonds was donated by Edwin C. Guillet in 1969.

Restrictions: N

Finding aids: Y

Associated records located at the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library, the Archives of Ontario, the University of Toronto Library, the Legislative Library of Ontario, and the Parliamentary Library, Ottawa.

For related records see: 69-001 and 72-001.

Map #1 is located in the Map Cabinet - Drawer 1.

There are many excellent photographs in this fonds. The bulk of these seem to have been acquired from the National Archives. Most pre-date 1949 and thus in the public domain but researchers may wish to contact the National Archives to acquire copies.


Finding Aid

Box 1


1: Correspondence - from George M. Douglas of Lakefield, Ontario, nd., 11 Dec. 1942 - 21 Oct. 1959; on a variety of topics relating to local history; includes carbon "Memories of George Douglas", 17 Aug. 1959.

2: Correspondence - from Helen Marryat of Hastings, Ontario, n.d., 1 Dec. 1945 - 7 Jan. 1959; plus Guillet to Marryat, 2 Jan. 1962; on a variety of topics relating to local history; includes Mrs. Marryat's notes on the Clench-Paul Kane connection in Cobourg, and notes from the diaries of Richard Birdsall, surveyor.

3: Correspondence - miscellaneous items and notes, n.d., 1948-1951; from F.H.M. Lowe, M. Garland, Stuart Ryan; G.M. Douglas to H.T. Pammett, 14 Jan. 1951 (copy).

4: The Katchewanooka Herald, 1858-1859. Excerpts from the Lakefield paper, edited and introduced by George Douglas.

5: Literary manuscript - A typed copy of Wild Notes from the Backwoods, by Rhoda Anne Page (1826-1863), which was published, according to Guillet's introduction, in Cobourg in 1850. She was buried at Gore's Landing.

6: Rhoda Anne Page - Three poems by Elizabeth Agnes Page and Thomas Page, sister and father of Rhoda Anne Page; with two poems from a family autograph book; n.d.

7: Rhoda Anne Page - Prose - two short stories: 1. The Lost Boy: A Tale of the Burning Plains 2. An Hour in the Ice - Cobourg, Jan. 15, 1853. Both are typescript copies.

8: Thomas Page - Prose - Typescript copy of The Wolves: A Tale of Western Canada Founded on Fact, Cobourg, Dec. 1847.

9: F.P. Rubidge - Typescript copy of The Poetical Works of Frederick Preston Rubidge (1806-1898), edited and introduced by E.C. Guillet.

10: George Sanderson's Journal, 10 Jan. - 17 April 1836 - from business in Kingston, to preaching and teaching at the Indian Village, River Credit. From the original (carbon).

11: History of the Township of Reach, by Reverend R. Monteith, Prince Albert, Ontario, (from J. Carruthers, Retrospect of 36 Years' Residence in Canada West, Being a Christian Journal and Narrative, Hamilton, 1861); typescript

Box 2


1: Walter Libby (1867-1955) - Correspondence with E.C. Guillet, 1948- 1955, re Port Hope history, and Libby's typescript of A Canadian Sketchbook, 1954; plus a photograph and Who's Who description of Libby.

2: Edwin C. Guillet - Unpublished manuscript of Canadian Literary Pioneers (a series of biographies of men and women of literary eminence in the era of pioneering, together with an estimate of their poetry and prose compositions in forming intellectual tastes and standards), 1948; 16 chapters:

I The Stricklands of Suffolk

II Susanna Moodie as a Novelist

III Susanna Moodie as a Philosopher

IV Catharine Traill, Naturalist

V Catharine Trail as an Author

VI The Strickland Poetry 1) Mrs. Moodie 2) Mrs. Traill 3) Obituary Notices

VII Samuel Strickland

VIII J.W. Dunbar Moodie

IX The Letters of Frances Stewart

X John Langton's Letters

XI Thomas Need's Six Years in the Bush

XII George Arundel Hill

XIII Thomas Carr

XIV Thomas Poole

XV The Indian Author, John Copway

XVI The Victoria Magazine

3: E.C. Guillet - Canadian Literary Pioneers, a typescript prepared by Trent University Archives.

4: E. C. Guillet - "Kawartha Literary Pioneers" - articles in a series for the Peterborough Examiner:
22 Nov. 1952: Six years in the bush changed Thomas Need's notions
29 Nov. 1952: Captain Hill driven to Canada and verse by discharge, depression after Waterloo
6 Dec. 1952: Township Clerk Hill fined L20; refused to let elected men on Council
3 Jan. 1953: Pier trouble for Otonabee's Carr in 1830
17 Jan. 1953: Rice Lake Indian writer John Copway wrote verse, prose, and preached; autobiography tells of his wanderings
24 Jan. 1953: The Chief cut out the Sioux's heart and ate it, Indian writer Copway tells in his autobiography; some poems
31 Jan. 1953: Poole of Poole's history a man of many spirits
14 Feb. 1953: Mrs. S. Moodie founded Victoria Magazine in 1847 to induce polite taste here

5: E.C. Guillet: "Ontario Place Names" manuscript, written for the Toronto Daily Star, 1967-1968 1) Introduction 2) Many Townships Have Indian Names 3) Early Settlements Sometimes Hard to Find Now 4) Royal Names

6: E.C. Guillet: "Ontario Place Names" - typescript prepared by Trent University Archives

Box 3


1: E.C. Guillet: "Old Times in Ontario" - articles for the Toronto Daily Star (includes programme for unveiling of monument to Joseph Scriven, at Pengelley Cemetery, Rice Lake (May 24, 1920):
1) n.d. - Colonel Strickland's Teaching made 'Farmers' of Gentlemen
2) n.d. - Steamboats for Food, Bonfires for their Fun
3) n.d. - Bailieboro - Only Sketch Left
4) n.d. - You'll be a Cobbler and Like it
5) #3 - Albion Hotel in Cobourg
6) Port Hope - Walton Street; Home of Joseph Scriven
7) #9 - Stage Proprietor, William Weller; Self Portrait by Paul Kane
8) April 25, 1958 - Bands in Their Heyday in 1885
9) #14 - Pencil Sketch of Port Hope in the Early 1840's
10) #20 - F.S. Clench of Cobourg and Family; Mrs. Paul Kane
11) Aug. 1, 1958 - Paintings Recall Canoe Era Pioneers
12) #27 - Belleville; Water-Colour by Capt. Thomas Burrows
13) #30 - Painter Gerald Hayward
14) #31 - Cotton Mills in Hastings, 1863, by Andrew Farrar
15) #32 - _______ picture only, 13 Sept. 1958
16) Sept. 19, 1958 - Famous Head Master Didn't Spare the Rod
17) Nov. 22, 1958 - Pioneer Heritage of Langtons
18) Dec. 6, 1958 - His Canoe Won Canada World Prizes
19) Dec. 27, 1958 - 10,000 Bushels From Rice Lake
20) Jan. 10, 1959 - Fire Volunteers Were Heroes
21) Jan. 17, 1959 - Was Third Reader Literature?
22) Feb. 21, 1959 - Nepheline Syenite Near Peterborough (2 copies)
23) April 4, 1959 - Fur Traders Left Heritage
24) May 23, 1959 - Burleigh Falls was Busy in 1880's
25) June 13, 1959 - Kawarthas Had Their Steamers
26) Aug. 15, 1959 - Kawarthas' Early Resorts
27) Aug. 22, 1959 - Bailieboro - Only Sketch Left
28) Sept. 5, 1959 - When Rice Lake was Fur Trading Post (incomplete)
29) April 23, 1960 - Mrs. Moodie Was Also an Artist
30) May 14, 1960 - 'Blythe' Famous House
31) May 28, 1960 - Oxonian Founded Bobcaygeon
32) June 18, 1960 - Train to Boat, It Was Fun Then
33) Aug. 27, 1960 - Stagecoach Raid Retold
34) Sept. 3, 1960 - Paintings Tell Story
35) Sept. 17, 1960 - Common Folk Stuff of History
36) Jan. 14, 1961 - Owner's Death Breaks Up Collection of Miniatures
37) Nov. 25, 1961 - Homely Bards Abounded Among Caledonia's Sons
38) Dec. 23, 1961 - Santa '63 - A Sober- sides Minus Reminder (2 copies)
39) Dec. 30, 1961 - Port Hope Writer Recalls His Story of 1901 Reunion
40) Aug. 11, 1961 - Artist's Diary Tells of Rough Crossing
41) Aug. 18, 1962 - Albums Were Serious Affairs

The following are in typescript:

42) n.d. - Canadian Artist Endowed Bed in East London Hospital for Children
43) n.d. - An Artist's Hobby
44) n.d. - The Harris House, Rice Lake
45) (34) - Old-Time Ice Cutting 46) April 15 - Changes in Fashion

2: E.C. Guillet - Old Times in Ontario - photographs and negatives relating to the series of articles:
1. Site of Susanna Moodie house near Lakefield, Ontario
2. Negative: Steamer "Majestic"
3. Negative: Advertisement for Steamer "Golden City"
4. Negative: Payne family
5. Negatives: Capt. Charles Rubidge
6. Slides (2): "Where Burleigh Falls are Now"
7. Negative: Burleigh Falls, 1880
8. The "Sunbeam"
9. Negative: Landscape sketch from Canadian Illustrated News
10. Print of advertisement for Steamer "Golden City"
11. Gerald Hayward miniature of Lady Minto
12. Gerald Hayward miniature of Sir Wilfred Laurier
13. Woodcut: Log jam at Fenelon Falls, Ontario
14. Sketch: Port Hope in the 1840s
15. Lakefield Station c. 1910
16. Gerald Hayward, famous painter, born at Ravenscourt between Port Hope and Cobourg
17. Archibald Lampman, poet, lived Rice Lake, attended Cobourg Collegiate in 1870s
18. The "Majestic" at Young's Point c. 1920
19. Negative and Positive: Henry Fowlds, Hastings, Ontario
20. Negative: Unidentified Man
21. Advertisement for Dan Herald, boat and canoe builder, Gore's Landing, Rice Lake, Ontario
22. Negatives: Caddy, Clementi, Fitzgerald and Keefer, land surveyors
23. The "Sunbeam", Stoney Lake, 1872
24. Petroglyphs
25. As Above
26. Interior of Gerald Hayward's house (Victorian den looking into drawing room)
27. Gerald Hayward
28. New York business card of Gerald Hayward advertising his work as a miniaturist
29. Negatives (2): Hotel Bowman and Alma Hotel in Bowmanville, Ontario c. 1880s
30. First Prize ticket from Toronto Industrial Exhibition, 1891.
31. Negative and post card: Healey's Falls, Ontario
32. Gold mining at North Hastings, Ontario
33. Port Hope, Ontario
34. Cutting ice on Rice Lake
35. River driving, Rice Lake, Ontario
36. Santa Claus: picture from Canadian Illustrated News, 1863
37. Capt. Thomas Gore
38. Frederick William Barron (1810- 1886); Principal of private boys' school at Gore's Landing and of Upper Canada College
39. Daniel Herald, founder of Rice Lake Canoe Co. c.1880s
40. Rice Lake House/Harris Hotel, Gore's Landing, Ontario
41. Peterborough c.1826
42. Unidentified negative
43. Unidentified negative
44. Negative: Mr. and Mrs. Stewart
45. The "Eclipse" with logs
46. "Swiss Chamois Hunt" by Fanny Clench, 1861
47. Self portrait, Paul Kane
48. The American Fireman, photo print and magazine print
49. Clench Homestead, Cobourg
50. F. S. Clench
51. F. S. Clench
52. F. S. Clench
53. F. S. Clench
54. Fanny Clench Lowe
55. Paul Kane
56. Harriet Clench Kane
57. The "Stoney Lake", "Majestic", "Empress" and a tug "Ajax" c. 1910 at the wharf in Lakefield, Ontario
58. Illustration "Lord Ullin's Daughter"
59. Illustration "Lucy Gray"
60. Canadian Illustrated News, 1863, "Spring Fashions"
61. Photo of a pothole between Stoney and Cedar Lakes
62. Maple Leaf Band, Newtonville, 1885
63. Illustration, Marmora Mines, 1873
64. William Weller, by Paul Kane, c. 1830s
65. G. Hayward watercolour, East London Hospital for Children, 1872
66. G. Hayward miniature, Madeleine de Vercheres
67. Victorian interior: Gerald Hayward's den, Rice Lake
68. Juniper Island Store, c.1890
69. Susanna Moodie, J.W.D. Moodie, 3 Moodie sons, Mary agnes Fitzgibbon
70. Fireman's trumpet
71. Wilson Conger by Paul Kane (Conger was Peterborough Sheriff in 1841)
72. Hon. Henry Ruttan by Paul Kane
73. Harris Hotel, Gore's Landing
74. American Nepheline Ltd.
75. Garden Hill Station c.1910
76. Private school at Gore's Landing
77. Aerial view of Serpent Mounds, Rice Lake, Ontario
78. Unidentified village sketch  

3: E.C. Guillet - other pictures, compiled during the course of his research activities:
1. Muley up-and-down saw
2. Monument to Rhoda Anne (Page) Falkner, poet
3. As Above
4. Indian River (George Douglas) 1950: Opening from Stoney Lake
5. James Clague picture (Valley of the Trent, p. 358)
6. Marsh's Tavern, Welcome, Ontario
7. Indian River from site of old Payne house
8. Indian River portage, 1948
9. Cotton mill, Hastings, Ontario, c.1863 (from watercolour by Rev. M. Farrar)
10. Whistle-wing, pleasure boat on Rice Lake, 1860s-1870s
11. Sir John Colborne, Lieutenant- Governor of Upper Canada, 1828-1835
12. Man at loom
13. Log school house or church, ?Dummer Township
14. Photo of Fothergill sketch of Port Hope, 1819
15. Langton sketch, Church at Fenelon Falls
16. Col. Henry Smith
17. Young's Point, flour mill
18. Peterborough, early sketch. Note on back indicates that the sketch is by Haycock. Sketch entitled "Peterborough in Early Days."
19. Peterborough Lift Lock, construction, 1903
20. Peterborough, George Street looking south from Hunter Street, 1870
21. Indian River portage, 1948
22. Peterborough from White's Tavern, photo of Anne Langton sketch, 1830
23. Charles Fothergill
24. Jubilee Point, Rice Lake
25. ?Log school house
26. Levi Payne house
27. Joseph Keeler's Tavern, Cramahe (Colborne) 1830
28. Receipt, Cobourg and Peterborough Railway, 1860
29. Hastings, Ontario: sketch by Rev. Farrar of Anderson house, Ashfield house, Henry Fowlds house, Wannamaker house.
30. Anne Langton sketch of Blythe
31. Capt. Charles Rubidge, c.1870
32. Sketch of room at Blythe by Anne Langton
33. As Above
34. View from Blythe by Anne Langton
35. J. W. Fitzgerald, land surveyor
36. Sketch by Anne Langton, Fenelon church yard
37. Elizabeth Agnes Page and Rhoda Anne Page, poets
38. Sir Peregrine Maitland, Lieutenant- Governor of Upper Canada, 1818-1828
39. Hon. James Crooks
40. Elizabeth and Rhoda Page, poets
41. Old bridge, Indian River, 1950
42. Eclipse with logs, Rice Lake, 1874
43. New bridge, Indian River, 1950
44. Serpent Mounds
45. Peterborough Lift Lock during construction, 1903
46. House in Keene, Ontario where Thos. Carr died in 1860
47. Sketch of Blythe by Anne Langton
48. Sketch of Hastings by Rev. Farrar
49. Ogemah, Bobcaygeon, 1890
50. Sketch of Hastings, Ontario by Rev. M. Farrar
51. J.W.D. Moodie
52. Woman at embroidery (?middle ages)
53. Minaher house, Cobourg, Ontario
54. Peterborough, Ontario, Hunter St. looking west from Water St., c.1870
55. Boyd Mill and first locks, Bobcaygeon
56. Henry Ruttan [1792-1872]
57. George Douglas photo taken at "Northcote" showing old-style cedar post and log fence
58. Young's Point locks c.1903
59. Capt. Charles Rubidge c.1870
60. Site of James Clague home, Stoney Lake
61. Anne Langton sketch, Fenelon Falls mill
62. Lovesick Lake near Perry's Creek
63. Log schoolhouse, 3rd concession, Dummer Township
64. Lovesick Lake
65. Lieutenant Thomas Traill
66. Empire on Trent Valley Canal
67. Haycock sketch of Stewart log house
68. Catharine Parr Traill with granddaughters
69. Indian skeleton [1 positive and 2 negatives]
70. Susanna Strickland Moodie [negative]. See p. 7, Michael Peterman Letters of a Lifetime.
71. Preston house, Lakefield, Ontario
72. Rogers house, Young's Point, Ontario
73. Mossam Boyd house, Bobcaygeon, Ontario
74. Peterborough fire brigade [from Denne Collection, Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives]
75. Woman with badminton racquet and shuttlecock
76. Men in military uniform c.1863
77. Anne Langton sketches: Clearings in the Forest
78. Social Studies group from Grove School, 1951
79. Hayward painting "California Poppy" 1835
80. Anne Langton sketch "The Family Party at Blythe
81. Lime burner, Dummer Township
82. Social Studies group from Grove School, 1951
83. Old graveyard north of the Burleigh-Mount Julian Road - Arundel Hill gravesite
84. As Above
85. Hastings, Ontario, painting by Rev. Farrar showing Hazelbank, home of Henry Fowlds, Louden Hall, home of William Fowlds
86. Serpent Mounds, Rice Lake
87. Graves on Roger's farm, Young's Point
88. Home of Sergt. Rogers, Young's Point, 1948
89. Roger's house, Young's Point
90. McClintock, first dredge on the Otonabee river [Denne Collection, Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives]
91. View from Clague house, Stoney Lake
92. James and Elizabeth Clague
93. Log barn, Stoney Lake
94. Mutius V. Clementi, land surveyor
95. Logging party, Coboconk [Boyd Collection, National Archives of Canada]
96. Keeler's Tavern, Colborne, 1830
97. Picnic at Juniper Island, Stoney Lake, c.1925
98. Paul Kane painting, Indian encampment at Sault Ste. Marie
99. Cameron Lake by Andrew McCombie
100. Paul Kane
101. Burns blacksmith shop, Kingston Road near Cobourg, 1914
102. Horse and buggy using a ford near Stoney Lake
103. Peterborough County Council, 1863
104. Anne Langton sketch of their house at Peterborough
105. Thomas Carr house at Keene, Ontario
106. Gravestone, Gore's Landing, Rice Lake, of Rhoda Anne Page
107. Painting "Flowers" by Harriet Clench, Cobourg
108. Sir Richard Bonycastle
109. The Strickland homestead
110. The Strickland house, Col. Strickland and Catharine Parr Traill and others, unidentified
111. View on Rice Lake by Rev. M. Farrar, 1871
112. Mrs. Mercy Willcox Weller, by Paul Kane, c.1830s
113. Mrs. Harriet Clench, by Paul Kane
114. Joseph Scriven house, Port Hope
115. United Counties of Northumberland and Durham, County Council, 1873
116. Tableau, performed Port Hope, 1885
117. Boyd Mill and locks, Bobcaygeon, Ontario painted by Miss Lowe
118. Port Hope. Wm. Bartlett, 1839
119. F. S. Clench, by Paul Kane

4: E.C. Guillet
Map #2 - Newcastle District 1826 (xerox)
Map #3 - Champlain map 1632 (xerox)

5: E.C. Guillet - Summary of books and articles to 1969 (written at the suggestion of the University of Toronto Press) 
Map Cabinet - Drawer 1

Map #1 - Trent Valley 1836 - from a map of the inland water communications from Lake Huron to Bay of Quinty