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Miriam Leith fonds

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Miriam Leith fonds. -- 1855; 1961-1971. -- 5 cm of textual material -- ca. 229 photographs. 


Miriam A. Leith graduated from the Macdonald Institute of Guelph in 1962 before going on to graduate school at Aberdeen University. She later returned to Guelph as a part of the Extension Education, OAC from September 1963-1964. Her interest in ‘Eskimos and Indians’ began when she spent time as a volunteer with the Indian Eskimo Association at Broughton Island, N.W.T. from May – August 1961. When she was finished university, Miriam went on to work as an adult educator for the Government of Newfoundland until 1970, followed by her becoming an adult educator for the Government of the Northwest Territories.
Miriam’s research and interaction in the N.W.T’s was an in depth look at the life of Eskimo’s in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Her dedication to the communities she was involved in and educating of adults in small, rural communities, gives us insight into the neglected people of the north. 


Fonds consists of documents from Miriam A. Leith’s experience participating as a volunteer with the Indian Eskimo Association at Broughton Island, Northwest Territories. 


Custodial History: This fonds was created by Miriam Leith and was donated to the University of Guelph Library by Leith's parents of Victoria, British Columbia, in 1979. The collection was then donated to the Trent University Library and Archives by the University of Guelph in 2019. Note that the restricted stamps on certain files were applied by the University of Guelph in which restrictions now no longer apply as stated in donation agreement by the donor. 

Condition: Excellent 

Immediate Source: Fonds received from University of Guelph in 2019. 

Fonds Arrangement: Fonds arranged as received. 

Related fonds in TUA: 75-015

Photograph descriptions are taken from the inscriptions found with the photographs. Photographs were donated to Trent University Archives in photo albums. The photographs were removed from the photo albums for conservation purposes. 

Restrictions: N 


Box: 1

Folder 1

1. Extracts from the daily log of Miriam A. Leith. Broughton Island N.W.T., May-August 1961 (Typescript).
2. Eskimo adventure written by Miriam A. Leith for “La Ferme”, 1962 (Carbon copy of typescript).
3. Un ete chez les Esquimaux par Miriam Leith (article from “La Ferme”, October 1962.
4-8. Postcards (5) of murals done by Frobisher artists and a view of Frobisher.
9-21. Pictures (13) of Eskimo carvings.
22. An article from the “Toronto Star” on drawings by Eskimo children.
23. Innusivut: our way of living, by Father Guy Mary-Rousseliere.
24. Cooking with the Eskimos, by Miriam Leith, in “Canadian nutrition notes”, March 1962.
25. Homemaking programs with adults in the Northwest Territories, by Miriam Leith.
26. Nutritional value of some Greenland foodstuffs.
27. Nutritional value of the adult Eskimo daily diet in 1855.
28. Content of ascorbic acid in wild plants.
29. Content of ascorbic acid in vegetables.
30. Seal stew with dumplings, by Miriam Leith (Article from “Canadian food journal”, July 1963)
31. Brand names “Greek” to Eskimo-speaking shoppers. (Photocopy of an article about M.A. Leith’s work in the District of Keewatin)
32. Dietitian, Eskimo style, an article for the Canadian food journals, by Miriam Leith, submitted February 1963. (Carbon copy of typescript)
33. “A student’s eye view”, an article for North magazine, by Miriam Leith, May 1963. (Carbon copy of typescript)
34. Carvers of Keewatin, by Edith Iglauer. (Reprint from Maclean’s, 4 July 1964)
35. Eskimo art from Holman, by Helen Burgess. (Reprint from May-June 1966 issue of North)
36. Bibliography of the Canadian North.
37. The Arctic today. (Article from Maclean’s, 17 October 1964)
38. The Canadian Arctic: death of a way of life (Article from Weekend magazine, 4 February 1970)
39. Monsieur, you are on the wrong bus. (Article from Weekend magazine, 15 March 1969) 

Envelope 1 - August 1961 photographs:

On reverse: “students from Cambridge relaxing”
Woman inside building
Fishermen on boats
Seal being pulled onto boat
View of camps in field.

Envelope 2 - July 1964 photographs:

Aimo with RCMP officer; on reverse: “Aimo from Broughton Island in Ottawa Summer ‘64”
Phyllis Harrison, Vivian Julien, Miriam Leith and friend; on reverse: “Met Aimo and friends by chance in Ottawa as boys were preparing to go as interpreters on the CD Howe supply boat in summer of ‘64”
Aimo and friends on horses 

Envelope 3 - 1967 photographs:

Series of photographs from Christmas day 1967 of their cat Pussy with Mike Denkes a Frontier College instructor, Doug Green, Monique St.Hilaire, and Santa Claus parade float 
Hugh Schatz hiding behind children in Leith’s house, May 1967
Photo overlooking Repulse Bay, September 1967 
Kids playing with old equipment; on reverse: “the junkier and more dangerous it is, the better kids like it for playing. Frobisher Bay, 1967. Note the 10 yr. old babysitter at left”
Kids playing in tents; on reverse: “all kids love to play in tents. Frobisher 1967. Note the kitchen drain and electricity meter. Note the frames ready to dry sealskin”
Children playing inside tent, Frobisher Bay, 1967 
Photo of plumber and cat beside water tank 
Series of photos of Church ladies party organized by Eskimo ladies for over 100 people. Frobisher, 1967 
Series of photos of Akeeshoo’s returning home after a 3 month long hunting trip; May or June 1967

Envelope 4 - 1968 Photographs: 

On reverse: “Pierre Trudeau and Elisopee July 1968, Frobisher Bay”
Series of photos of ‘Toonik Tyme’. Participants took part in skidoo races, baking competitions, April 1968 
Series of photos of women participating in sewing classes, running races, and other games at Leith’s home in Frobisher Bay, March – May 1968; Kathy Hanson mentioned in many of the photos

Envelope 5 - 1969 Photographs: 

Series of photos of participants of the planning conference for Keewatin Adult Education Centre, August 1969 
Togak Curley and Dave Webster at Chesterfield hostel, August 1969 
View of Repulse Bay, September 1969
Brother Paradis directing unloading of ship. Chesterfield, August 1969 
Jean Williamson and her children, Stivia Picnic, October 1969. M Rankin Inlet 

Envelope 6 - 1970 Photographs:

Series of photos from Women’s training program, August 1970
Series of photos from KAEC – Keewatin Adult Education Centre, August 1970  
Series of photos from Belcher Island Museum; Women trying on traditional feather parkas, snow goggles, multi-drying rack, sealskin tail, fur mitts, sealskin leggings. October - November 1970
Miriam Leith and A. Agak taken by E. Tinashle at Repulse Bay, December 1970 
Queen Elizabeth’s visit, July 1970

Envelope 7 - 1971 Photographs: 

Belcher kindergarten classes and sceneries of Whale Cove from Belcher school, March 1971
Series of photos of Chesterfield, one in colour, May 1971 
Series of photos of staff picnic, June 1971 
Series of photos of Chesterfield inlet underground homes, August 1971
Series of photos of Leith’s expedition crew on route to underground homes, September 1971 

Envelope 8 - Miscellaneous Photographs: 

Series of photos of women participating in classes, cooking, games, sewing etc. No dates provided 

Envelope 9 - Photographs:

Series of photos taken at Coral Harbour, December 1969, by Ted Lake
Series of photos taken at Broughten and Belcher Island, 1961, by Phyllis Harrison