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Karen Carter-Edwards fonds

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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 18-005


Karen Carter-Edwards fonds. -- ca. 1980-1987. -- 1 m of textual records. -- ca. 40 photographs.


Karen Carter-Edwards was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario where she attended Adam Scott Collegiate and Vocational Institute and became interested in history. She attended Trent University from 1967 to 1971 graduating with a degree in history. She also earned a Master of Arts degree in history at the University of British Columbia. Carter-Edwards became a teacher and Department Head at St. Joseph’s Secondary School in Cornwall, Ontario, and in 2000, won Carleton University’s annual High School Teaching Award. She also served on the Trent Valley Archives’ Board of Directors, 2007-2009, and is author of Cornwall Electric: 100 Years of Service, published in 1987. According to Sunshine Sketches, Trent, Karen Carter-Edwards “credits her enthusiasm for history and teaching to the dedicated teachers she had as a student at Trent.” (Sunshine Sketches, Trent, Vol. 32 No. 2, Spring 2001:


Fonds consists primarily of research material for the book, Cornwall Electric: 100 Years of Service, published in 1987 by Karen Carter-Edwards. The records focus on Cornwall and the history and development of Cornwall Electric; they also cover broader issues such as the development of public education in Ontario, municipal ownership of public utilities, and the development of provincial policies related to public health in the areas of sanitation and fluoridation.


Custodial History: Fonds was in the custody of Karen Carter-Edwards before being donated to Trent University Archives in 2018.

Immediate Source: Fonds acquired from Karen Carter-Edwards in 2018.

Fonds Arrangement: Fonds arrangement and folder headings maintained as received.

Restrictions: N


Box 1


1. Municipal World: indexes and articles, 1892-1899 (photocopies only); notes.

2. “Franchise 1940”: correspondence and newspaper articles regarding Cornwall Light and Power Company Ltd., 1919- 1940 (photocopies only).

3. Cornwall Standard, 1901-1920 (photocopies only); notes.

4. “Gas Company-Cornwall Gas Works”: financial documents and correspondence regarding Cornwall Gas Works, 1890-1900 (photocopies only); notes.

5. “Stormont Electric Light & Power Company – early company files”: financial documents, correspondence, minutes, 1890s–1936 (photocopies only); notes.

6. “Sources”: Library and Archives Canada.

7. “Publishing”: correspondence and notes between various publishers including Mika Publishing Company, Beauregard Press and Butternut Press. Canadian publishers’ directory, Winter 1985/86.

8. “Centennial”, 1987: minutes, memorandums, correspondence, diagrams regarding Cornwall Electric’s 100th anniversary project (photocopies only); notes.

9. “Interviews”: interview research notes.

10. “Stormont Electric: takeover, early years: [1900 – 1915]”: charter, by-laws, correspondence (photocopies only); notes.

11. Documents, correspondence

12. “Franchise, 1919-1920”: correspondence, reports, articles on Stormont Electric & Power Co. Limited and the Sun Life Assurance Company (photocopies only); notes.

13. “Stormont Electric Light & Power Company, pre-1905”: articles, reports, letters of incorporation dated 18 September 1887 (photocopies only); notes.

14. Cornwall articles, diagrams and a booklet on Cornwall’s centennial (photocopies only); 23 photographs of Cornwall through the years.

15. “Electric R.R. 1901-1902”: articles, correspondence & diagrams regarding Cornwall’s Electric railway (photocopies only).

16. “Cornwall Electric”: articles, correspondence, maps regarding electrical power and Cornwall Street Railway; includes “Canada & the World”, September 1977, and booklet by Cornwall Electric: “100 Years of Service: 1887-1987”; correspondence, artwork & advertising for Carter-Edwards’ publication (photocopies only); notes.

17. “Computer programming – database for IBM”: layout of railway and Stormont property (very fragile & brittle).

18. “Cornwall Electric Street Railway”: statements, 1898-1899; timetable, 24 December 1896 (photocopies only).

19. “Franchise: 1930”: correspondence, reports, Memorandum of Agreement, and articles from The Cornwall Freeholder and The Cornwall Standard, 1930s (photocopies only).

20. “Sunday Service & Strike 1942”: articles from the Cornwall Standard Free-Holder regarding Sunday service (photocopies only).

21. List of archival material at Cornwall Electric; articles, diagrams, maps regarding Edison’s boyhood home (photocopies only).

22. Transfer-Cornwall Electric Street Rail Railway Company, 1898-1901-02: correspondence and documents regarding incorporation.

23. “Report on the Cornwall Street Railway Light and Power Company”, Cornwall, Ontario, 8 March 1919, 37-page report (photocopy only); notes.

24. “St. Lawrence Park”: correspondence, newspaper articles from Cornwall Standard Freeholder, diagrams, land survey and reports regarding St. Lawrence Park (photocopies only); notes.

25. “Railway and Shipping World” and “Railway and Marine World”, 1898-1912: articles from Canadian Pacific Corporate Archives, Montreal (photocopies only); notes.

26. “Cornwall Street Railway, Light and Power Company Ltd.”: company files including newspaper articles and diagrams (photocopies only); notes.

27. “Stormont Electric Light & Power Company”: company minutes; four photographs of two of the directors, R.R. McLennan and James Leitch; aerial maps (photocopies only); notes.

28. “Minutes of Directors” (photocopies only); notes.

29. “Hitchcock, Wilbur”: article about Hitchcock dated 5 June 1944 from the Cornwall Daily Standard-Freeholder (photocopy only); notes.

30. “Leitch, James. Lawyer”: 1-page biographical article re Leitch from “The Canadian Men and Women of the Time”, a handbook of Canadian Biography of Living Characters, Toronto, 1912 (photocopy only).

31. “Cornwall Electric Street Railway”: correspondence, statements, reports regarding the Cornwall Electric Street Railway (photocopies only); notes.

32. “Carl A. S. Hall. Electrical Utilities in Ontario under Private Ownership 1890-1914” - begins on page 10, incomplete PhD thesis, 1968 (photocopies only); notes.

33. “Cornwall Street Railway Light and Power Company”: files, correspondence, reports, by-laws, company files (photocopies only).

34. “St. Lawrence Power Company”: correspondence, reports, maps, statements, stock certificates and newspaper articles (photocopies only); notes.

35. “St. Lawrence Power Supply to Stormont Electric”: correspondence, illustrations for 100th anniversary publication, newspaper articles, company statements (photocopies only); notes.

36. “Tender for Street Lighting”: 1902 article from The Electricity Railway Industry in Canada, 1966; newspaper articles from The Cornwall Freeholder Souvenir (photocopies only); notes.

37. “Glengarry and Stormont R.R.”

38. “Cornwall Street Railway Light & Power Co.”: reports, contracts, newspaper articles (photocopies only): notes.

39. Miscellaneous notes; newspaper articles, research materials.

Loose in box

Canadian Illustrated News, 26 January 1878

Box 2


1.”Stormont Electric Light and Power Company”: correspondence, reports, newspaper articles (photocopies only); notes.

2. “Sun Life” personnel file: correspondence, newspaper articles; Sun Life Review profile of E. R. Alexander, Vice President, Finance (photocopies only); notes.

3. “Newspapers”: correspondence, journal articles from The Cornwall Freeholder and The Cornwall Standard; research notes (photocopies only); notes.

4. “Annual report and general data for review”: newspaper articles (photocopies only).

5. “Secondary Material from Inverarden”: correspondence, reports, newspaper articles (photocopies only).

6. “Secondary Sources “: newspaper articles; statutory history of steam and electric railroads of Canada; reports regarding The Cornwall Electric history (photocopies only); notes.


7. “Waterworks”: diagrams including the City of Hamilton’s waterworks pumping station; proposed crossing of the Cornwall canal; aerial photograph of [unfinished bridge/crossing over Cornwall canal]; newspaper clippings and handwritten notes.

8. “Interviews”: handwritten notes of interviews.

9. “Town Council minutes”, 1895-1916, regarding waterworks in Cornwall (photocopies only); notes.

10. “The Cornwall Freeholder”: newspaper articles spanning the 1880s–1930s with notes regarding Cornwall Electric.

11. Loose in box: General Electric Scrapbook History with Commentary, illustrating 75 years of electrical progress (1878-1953). Souvenir booklet of the History of Electric Power in Pembroke / issued on the occasion of the City’s sesquicentennial by the Hydro-Electric Commission of the City of Pembroke, July 1978.

12. Provincial Board of Health. Sessional papers, 1891–1922 (photocopies only), notes.

13. Water management: goals, policies, objectives and implementation procedures of the Ministry of the Environment. Ontario Ministry of the Environment, November 1978, revised May 1984; seven photographs; set of handwritten note cards.

14. “Chlorine & Water Treatment”: includes "Toronto Waterworks, 1840-77: continuity and change in nineteenth-century Toronto politics" / Elwood Jones and Douglas McCalla. Reprinted from the Canadian Historical Review vol. LX, no. 3 pp.300-323, September 1979; also articles on water sanitation (photocopies only).

15. “Town Council Minutes”: a collection of partial minutes [1895-1906]; handwritten notes on the Town Council minutes (photocopies only).

16. “Cornwall’s Water Supply history and background”: handwritten notes; booklet titled The Pump House Steam Museum: an historical summary, by Gordon Snider, 1986; diagram, two photographs.

17. Receipts, four photographs.

18. “Later newspaper coverage from scrapbooks”: newspaper clippings regarding water pumping, purification, filtration and fluoridation, 1930s-1980s (photocopies only).

19. “Secondary”: articles on other city waterworks, such as Toronto Waterworks (1872); Toronto Water Works (1872); Port Hope Waterworks (1874); Ottawa Water Works (1874); diagram of the Cornwall Water Purification Plant; handwritten notes and photocopies.

20. “Registry Office”: The Indenture (1886) of Cornwall Water Works and the Town of Cornwall (photocopies only).

21. “Laws, Respecting Water Company”.

22. “History of waterworks in Cornwall”: handwritten notes; articles; diagrams, i.e. septic tank (photocopies).

23. “Cornwall Canal”: diagrams; handwritten notes; photocopies / articles on the Canal.

Box 3


Loose in box:

Municipal Water Treatment Works in Ontario. Ministry of the Environment, Honourable Jim Bradley Minister, December 1986.

Cornwall Electric: 100 Years of Service / by Karen Carter-Edwards.


1. Cornwall water rates and tariffs: 1903, 1965 & 1969; list of employees who worked at the purification plant in various years; handwritten notes; newspaper clippings regarding water in Cornwall.

2. “Cornwall Bylaws”, late 19th century to 1950s (photocopies only); notes.

3. “Hydraulic Turbine Plans”, Watertower, Cornwall, Ontario: newspaper clippings.

4. “Letters related to education in Ontario”, 1850-1860 (photocopies only); notes.

5. Bylaws, Circulars, Acts etc. concerning education (photocopies only).

6. “Board of Trustees/ Common Schools and Superintendents Annual Reports” (photocopies only); notes.

7. “National Archives, education material” (photocopies); notes.

8. The Ontario Teacher: A Historical Account of Progress 1800-1910 / J.G. Althouse, Ontario Teachers’ Federation, 1967 (photocopy only).

9. “Secondary articles, finding aids” related to education in Ontario (photocopies only).

10. “Policy of the Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry”.

11. History of elementary and secondary schools in Ontario, 19th and early 20th centuries: various articles on schools, specifically in the Cornwall region (photocopies & handwritten notes).

Box 4


1. “Visuals”: diagrams and two photographs, (some photocopies), of Cornwall and the Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School through the years. Includes photocopy of the 150th anniversary Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School newsletter, Mirror.

2. “CCVS Bicentennial Planning Committee”: documents and correspondence in preparation of the 200th anniversary of Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School.

3. “Cornwall Grammar School”: Board of Trustees Annual Reports, 1854-1877. Articles on the establishment of grammar schools in Ontario (photocopies only); notes.

4. Half Yearly Returns, Cornwall Grammar School.