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Munroe Scott fonds. Additions

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Fonds Level Description                                                                                                                       Accession Number: 17-005

Scott, Munroe


Munroe Scott fonds. Additions. -- 1949-2014. -- 1.8 m of textual records. -- 39 cassette tapes. -- 1 computer disk.


Munroe Scott was born in Owen Sound, Ontario, in 1927. He studied English and History at Queen's University, and received a M.A. in Speech and Drama at Cornell University in 1950. He was well known as a documentary film writer and a drama writer for television and film, and wrote and directed several television documentaries. Scott also wrote and directed episodes for several CBC series including "The Tenth Decade", "Inquiry", and others. Scott won the 1974 ACTRA radio award for the Best Writer in Dramatic Mode, and was a finalist in the television award for the Best Writer in the Documentary Mode. He wrote the script for the "Light and Sound Show" that took place on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, in 1984.

Scott was also an accomplished playwright. His first stage play, Wu-Feng, was produced by Toronto Arts Productions in 1974. He also wrote a biography of Dr. Robert McClure, a surgeon and United Church of Canada lay moderator. Munroe Scott died in Lindsay, Ontario, 15 September 2019.


Fonds is comprised of materials pertaining to the life and career of playwright and author Munroe Scott. Included are miscellaneous correspondence files as well as manuscripts, correspondence, copyright permissions, research files, publicity materials, and reviews pertaining to his several books and plays. Included are 39 cassette tapes (and transcripts) of interviews by Munroe Scott with Dominion Sculptor Eleanor Milne and with authors, artists, and academics associated with Milne's work.


Custodial History: Fonds was in the custody of Munroe Scott before being donated to Trent University in 2016.

Immediate Source: Fonds acquired from Munroe Scott.

Fonds Arrangement: File headings and file order have been maintained as received.

Restrictions: This fonds is available for research purposes only. Copyright and literary rights to most materials are held by Munroe Scott.

Accruals: This fonds is an addition to 99-001.



Box 1


1. General correspondence, 1979-2009
2. Balsam Lake Association, 1998
3. Barclay, Bob, 1979
4. Bata Library, 1986-2007
5. Beaverton, 1996-1999
6. Bold Anthem, n.d.
7. Clarke, Bob (CBC Ottawa), 1982-1999
8. Boyer, Patrick, 1994
9. Canadian Club of Lindsay, Ontario (includes minutes, correspondence, financial material), 1990-2010
10. Canadian Club tour, 2001-2006
11. Carving talk, n.d.
12. Commercial Travellers Association of Canada, 1980-1992
13. Cornell University, 1991
14. Davidson, Alan, 1994-1997
15. Devil’s Petition (stage), 1981-1997
16. Drainville campaign, 1993
17. Fleming, Rae, 1996-1998
18. Film talk, 2001
19. Peterborough flood, 2004
20. Flying saucers, 1965
21. Friends of the Bata, 2004-2007
22. Geary, David, 1994-1997
23. Harris, Paul, 2003-2005
24. Juliana, John, 1979-1986
25. Learning in Leisure, 2002
26. Logher, Karl, 1988
27. Matthews, Gwyn, 1969-1990
28. McDonough, Alexa, 1999
29. McClure, Robert, 1977-2009
30. McCrae [re Esmond Knight], 2004
31. “Memoirs” (includes correspondence and manuscript material)
32. Indonesia, 1967
33. Hockey
34. Resumés

Box 2


1. Merriman, John, 1982-1984
2. Munro, John
3. NDP Victoria-Haliburton Riding Association, 1998
4. Publishers information, 1996-1997
5. Plans and by-laws, 1996
6. Road costs – Balsam Lake, 1990-1998
7. Radicalization of Ariadne (play), 2014
8. Rose, Barbara, 1995
9. Scott, Lloyd, 1975, 1999
10. Speeches, 2005, 2007
11. Theatre general, 1989-1996
12. Simon & Pierre Publishing Co. Ltd., 1973-1989
13. Trent University, 1993-2006
14. Twenty Club (Lindsay, Ontario), 1977-2000
15. Waterfront applications, 1984
16. Yearsley, Gordon, 1991-1998


Box 3


1-9: McClure (play): manuscripts, correspondence, publicity material, reviews (re Robert Baird McClure; Chinese name Loa Ming Yuan), 1977-1999

Box 4

The Carving of Canada: A Tale of Parliamentary Gothic: research materials, index cards, one binder of interview transcripts and 39 cassette tapes of interviews with Dominion Sculptor Eleanor Milne and authors, artists, and academics who were associated with Milne’s work; also one ZIP disc of the text and electronic files of The Carving of Canada

Box 5


1-16: The Carving of Canada: A Tale of Parliamentary Gothic: manuscripts, correspondence, publicity material. 1990-1999
17: “The Devil’s Petition” (play): typescript, 1981
18: “Pandora’s Committee” (play): typescript, publicity, 2006-2007
19-21: “Reddick I”; “Reddick II” (plays): manuscripts, publicity, 1969-1970
22-29: “Corpus Delectable” (play): development, production, manuscripts, correspondence, memorabilia, reviews, 1994

Box 6


1-18: Oh, Vulgar Wind: manuscripts, correspondence, reviews, publicity materials, 1990-1994
19-21: Always an Updraft: A Writer Remembers: manuscripts, correspondence, 2003-2004

Box 7


1. “The Second Coming of Jacques Cartier – and other memories” (play): manuscript, 2002
2-3. “The Orator – the involuntary resurrection of Col. Ingersoll” (play): manuscripts, 2009-2014
4. “Hanging Day 1830” (play): manuscript, publicity material, 2010
5. “Three Cheers for Woody” (play); known later also as “Woody’s Proposal”: manuscript, 1949
6. “Shylock’s Treasure” (play): manuscripts, correspondence, 1973-2003
7-8. “Wu-Feng” (play): correspondence, research material, 1971-1974

Additional materials received from Munroe Scott

9. “The Devil’s Petition” (play): manuscript, 1960

10. Various: “early draft of Liberators”; “Mike Harris education Bill 160”; “How to buy Waterfront: A Guide for the Insane” / Munroe Scott, 1984; newspaper clippings re Munroe Scott
Loose in box:
Canadian Speeches, Vol. 16 Issue 6, Jan/Feb 2003. Includes speech “Seeking a present perspective from the past” / Munroe Scott
“Reddick” (play): manuscript
“Reddick Part 2” (play): manuscript, 1969
“Memoires” (later became Always an Updraft): manuscript, 1997
The Manotick Story, 1859-1959 (Manotick’s Centennial Year Souvenir Book), [1959]
From Far Formosa: The Island, its People and Missions / George Leslie Mackay, 1896
Canadian Savage Folk: The Native Tribes of Canada / John Maclean, facsimile edition, 1971 (originally published 1896)