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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 15-013


Don Tapscott fonds. Additions. -- ca. 1965-2015. -- 1.3 m of textual materials; ca. 60 photographs; 3 computer tapes; 2 reels; 1 cd.


Don Tapscott (b. 1947) is one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation, media, and the economic and social impact of technology; in this capacity, he advises business and government leaders around the world. In 2013 and 2015, Thinkers50 ranked him fourth among the world’s most influential management thinkers. In 2013, he was also awarded the Global Solutions Award for launching and leading the Global Solution Networks program based at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Tapscott has authored or co-authored 15 widely read books including the 1992 bestseller Paradigm Shift. His 1995 The Digital Economy changed thinking around the world about the transformational nature of the Internet. Two years later he defined the Net Generation and the “digital divide” in another publication, Growing Up Digital. His 2000 work, Digital Capital, introduced seminal ideas such as “the business web”. Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything was the bestselling management book in 2007 and has been translated into over 25 languages. In his forward to Tapscott’s newest book, The Digital Economy: 20th Anniversary Edition (2014), Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman, Google) writes: “Don remains one of the most perceptive thinkers about the way technology is transforming business and society. Several of his predictions—from networked intelligence to the demands on leaders to embrace technology — have taken permanent hold.” For over 30 years, Tapscott has introduced many ground-breaking concepts that are part of contemporary understanding. A Trent alumnus, his work continues as CEO of The Tapscott Group, a member of World Economic Forum, and Chancellor of Trent University. (Taken from the Trent University web site (, 25 March 2015).


Fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, computer tapes, newspaper clippings, speeches, articles, notes, research materials, certificates, name tags, educational records, and employment records pertaining to the life of Don Tapscott both while a student and during his working career.


Custodial History: Fonds was in the custody of Don Tapscott before being donated to Trent University Archives in 2015.

Immediate Source: Fonds acquired from Don Tapscott in 2015.

Fonds Arrangement: Folder headings and order have been maintained as received.

Restrictions: Boxes 7 & 8 are restricted. See section near end of file list below for details.

Accruals: This fonds is an addition to 15-003.


Trent University student days 1966-1970, etc. (Box 1)

Box 1


1. Extracurricular, 1965-1969
2. Art, poetry, music; posters for “John Bull’s Other Island” (Tapscott’s student band); includes two reel-to-reel tapes and 1 audio cd of Tapscott's student band, 1966
3. Peter Robinson College residency
4. Plenum “On The National Liberation Struggle in Quebec”, 1975
5. Plays, undated
6. Class readings, some annotated
7. Miscellaneous essays, undated
8. Data (schoolwork)
9. Punched data card forms
10. Student paper; “An Inquiry into the Nature of Student’s Attitudes and Expressed Behaviour Within and Towards the “Trent System””
11. as above
12. “Social Survey”: results
13. Sociology
14. Psychology notes and research
15. as above
16. Psychology notes
17. English
18. Essays (Grade 13)

Loose in box

Two biology notebooks, one biology manual (annotated), general notebook
Burnaby Parachute School certificate, 1970

Socialist period 1971-1977 (Boxes 2 & 3)
(includes correspondence; speeches; newspaper clippings; academic essays, exams, and course notes; organization affiliations (some relating to Young Socialists and to the NDP); photographs; forums and conferences)

Box 2


1. Rough notes
2. AOSERP (Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Program): Ft. McMurray
3. 14 October 1976 Day of Protest
4. On Fusion Power
5. Speech: How To Change the World
6. Tar Sands Forum notes
7. Bill Tapscott correspondence
8. Intro classes: Edmonton Young Socialists
9. Speech: “Liberalism, Terrorism and Mass Action”, 1972
10. Speech: Student council elections and social change
11. Speech: “Marxist Theory of Alienation”, notes
12. Class: “The Revolutionary Party”, 1975
13. Quebec Forum, June 1974
14. Law 22 Quebec: newspaper clippings, notes, and articles
15. Panel on wage controls: newspaper clippings and notes
16. “Internal on the Situation in the International Today”, 1974
17. Quebec: Ligue des Jeunes Socialistes (LJS)
18. McGill democratic rights struggle, 1973-1974
19. Comradely correspondence (Quebec)
20. Photographs (ca. 60) and contact sheets (includes negatives): Don Tapscott and others, 1974-1977
21. Canada History Survey notes, McGill University
22. French as Second Language course at McGill
23. European History course at McGill
24. Chinese History course at McGill
25. New Democratic Party: articles and pamphlets
26. Psychology paper on “Death and Dying”
27. Labour Challenge correspondence
28. Speech: “Canadian Political Situation”, Prairie Socialist Conference, 1977
29. Personal documents, 1976-1977; scholarships, etc.
30. Edmonton Young Socialist conference, 1974
31. Correspondence, pre-1976
32. Psychology course statistics
33. Correspondence, 1974-1975
34. Montreal essays, 1973-1974
35. Chile talk, 1973 (notes)
36. Speech: “Tribute to Jim Cannon”, 1974
37. Talk: “Marxist Approach: NDP”, 1974
38. Edmonton slide presentation, 1974
39. Speech: “Prospects for a World Socialist Revolution”
40. Forum: Portugal, 1975
41. Quebec leaflets and poster
42. Essay: “Peking’s Foreign Policy”
43. Talk shows
44. Branch leadership, 1976 (re: NDP)
45. Correspondence regarding Alberta Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Coalition; Statistical Science Association of Canada, 1977
46. Notes and bulletins regarding Socialist Workers Party
47. Election newspaper clippings, 1977
48. University of Alberta master’s theses titled “A Follow-Up Study of Industrial Education Students”, 1978
49. Research material: “Edmonton Public School System Department of Research and Evaluation, Review of Industrial Education in the Senior High Schools”, 1978

Loose in box

Six notebooks

Box 3


1. Published articles
2. NDP Expulsion Fight, 1976-1978
3. Young Socialist Forum, 1966-1970
4. Young Socialist Discussion Bulletin, 1972
5. as above
6. League for Socialist Action Discussion Bulletin, 1972; Young Socialist, 1970

Speech Badges, and Name Tags (Boxes 4 & 5)

Box 4


1. Tapscott speech nametags and badges, 1980’s and early 1990’s

Loose in box

Tapscott speech nametags and badges, pre-2000

Box 5

Loose in box

Tapscott speech nametags and badges, 2000-onwards [to approx. 2015]

Box 6


1. Macrowikinomics: notes and research materials (published 2006); Wikiworld
2. Bell Northern Software Research: “Perspective for the Office of the Future”, 1979 (written by Tapscott and David Macfarlane and identified by Tapscott as the “first article about office systems”
3. Article titled “Creating Wealth in the Digital Economy” by Tapscott published in the special commemorative issue of 1998 World Congress on Information Technology, XI, United States of America
4. Article titled “The Business Web” by Tapscott published in Business: The Ultimate Resource, 2002

Loose in box

Envelope of Tapscott business cards, student cards, political membership cards, music association membership cards including Peterborough Federation of Musicians, first aid certificates, ski patrol certificates, etc.
Envelope enclosing one computer disk titled “Alliance for Converging Technologies”


Box 7

Folders 1-22.
Penetanguishene Hospital Research Diagnosing Mental Illness, 1970 (RESTRICTED UNTIL 2071)

Folders 23-26.
Student, employment and health records, 1967-1977 (PERMISSION FROM THE DONOR REQUIRED TO ACCESS THESE FILES)
Lawsuit file, 1976-1978 (RESTRICTED UNTIL 2068)

Box 8

Confidential publications (5) written in part by Tapscott and produced by Alberta Treasury Bureau of Statistics, Alberta Bureau of Statistics, and Alberta Solicitor General, and Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, 1975-1978; these generally relate to inmates (PERMISSION FROM THE DONOR REQUIRED TO ACCESS THESE FILES)

3 reels of tape with code 7799/735762: reel 1 is labelled “rolls 1-9,” reel 2 “rolls 10-18,” and reel 3 “rolls 19-26”; these are UNIX tapes of program code pertaining to an Emerald One Software product (RESTRICTED UNTIL 2105 OR PERMISSION OF THE DONOR)