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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 15-012


Ontario Camps Association fonds. Additions. -- ca. 1962-2009. -- 3.5 m of textual materials.


In 1900 A.L. Cochrane established the first private camp in Ontario. By 1925, the number of private camps in Ontario had increased to only six or seven. The camps established during this time period (1900-1925) were mainly for boys over the age of thirteen. Co-ed camps were unheard of at this time. As of 1925, the private camps were making headway in their development and agency camps, such as the Y.M.C.A., were opening up across the province. The leaders and directors of these camps, wanting to keep abreast of new trends, began to regularly attend the American Camping Association conventions, due to the absence of a Canadian or Ontario camping association. This situation, although helpful to the evolution of camps in Ontario, was not ideal. Issues relevant to Canadian camps, and camp leaders and directors, were not being addressed by the American association. As a result, the camp leaders in Ontario decided to form their own group. In the first few years, the meetings were informal, and held in private homes. The first members were A.L. Cochrane, H.E. Chapman, Mary Edgar, Mary Hamilton, Fern Halliday, and Taylor and Ethel Statten. One of the main topics of discussion centered on the need for a camping association in Ontario. In 1933, this group of private camp leaders and directors formally founded the Ontario Camping Association. Taylor Statten was made the first chairman of the Association. It was decided by the founding members that the Association would not just be for private camps, but would be open to anyone engaged in any aspect of camping. The interests of the founders of the Association encompassed the development and maintenance of high camping standards in the field of camping for children and an appreciation of the wider aspects of the camping movement. They believed that through discussion and consideration of common camping policies and problems, and by mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge, better camping would be achieved. The Ontario Camping Association was responsible for the development and implementation of standards for Ontario's children's camps, and, in 1941, in conjunction with the Provincial Department of Health, made the licensing of all camps mandatory. The headquarters of the Association are located in Toronto, Ontario. In 2012, the Ontario Camping Association changed its name to Ontario Camps Association.


Fonds consists of materials pertaining to the Brown Bag Program of the Ontario Camps Association; materials include brochures, photographs, staff manuals, registration packages, and correspondence. The fonds also includes OCA guides, reports, minutes, membership lists, conference materials, training materials, and marketing materials.


Custodial History: Fonds was in the custody of the OCA and membership camps before being donated to Trent University Archives in 2015.

Immediate Source: Fonds acquired from the Ontario Camps Association via Heather Heagle and from various Ontario camps.

Restrictions: Box 6 is restricted. Permission of Archivist required.

Accruals: This fonds is an addition to72-007, 98-019, 86-018, 88-006, 82-009, 84-019, 85-011, 89-015, 92-005, 93-021, 78-006, 01-018, 02-015, 04-022, 08-008, 12-001, 12-007, and 14-007. Further accruals are expected.



Box 1


1. Membership Guide 1997; correspondence; sample mailing
2. 2005-2006 Membership forms (A-Mc)
3. 2005-2006 Membership forms (N-Z)
4. 2006-2007 Membership forms
5. 2007 Membership forms
Box 2Folder

1. Honourary Life Members
2. 2007-2008 Individual Senior/Student Membership forms


1. 2006-2007 Affiliate Membership forms
2 2008-2009 Affiliate Individual Membership forms
3. 2008 Membership forms (A-L)
3. 2008-2009 Membership forms (M-Z)
4. 2008-2009 Commercial Membership forms

Administrative Files

Box 3


1. Ontario Day Camps 1973
2. Constitution of the OCA
3. Ethics 1997
4. Employee Search 1997
5. Employee Search 1999
6. Employee Performance Review
7. CCA Correspondence
8. OCA Camp Library
9. OCA Publications
10. Insignia and Letterhead
11. Guidelines for Committee Chairman
12. Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario
13. 2007 Guidelines for Accreditation
14. 2007 Home Depot Sponsorship
15. Travel: tickets

Finance, Human Resources, Legislations, Grants

Box 4


1. Human Rights; Ontario Human Rights Code 1961-1962; Age Discrimination Act 1966; Case Studies and Community Action Programs; Ministry of Labour correspondence
2. Government Grants 1982
3. Grant Applications 1985-1986
4. Ministry of Tourism and Recreation Grant 1986-1987
5. Grant Applications 1988-1989
6. MTR Project Application 1989
7. Regional Development Grant 1989-1990
8. MTR Grant 1987
9: MTR Grant 1991
10. Human Resources Committee Meetings 1992-1998
11. Regional Representatives and Executive Meetings
12. Immigration; Instructions for foreign camp counsellors; Medical report form
13. Marketing and Communications Research; Attitude and Market Research Program, final report November 2001; Marketing and Communications for CCA 2003
14. Government Correspondence
15. “Preparation for a Better Tomorrow” Grant application
16. City of Toronto Equal Opportunities Regulations
17. Legislation OCA Incorporation
18. Legislation – Refund of Gasoline Tax
19. Comparing Income Statement 2008

Health and Safety

20. Tent Flammability
21. Public Health Act regarding summer camps
22. Ministry of Health – Public Health Branch
23. Camp fire code
24. Camp sanitation
25. Ontario swimming pool legislation (revised)
26. District Health Service Inspectors
27. Waste Management in Toronto
28. OCA Health Care Workshop 2000
29. “The Camp Line” 2000


30. OCA Annual Healthcare Conference 1987; water safety; first aid; small craft safety
31. Aids Policy 1994


1. OCA Integration and Special Needs Resource Committee: Minutes 1987, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000

Box 5


1. Camp Healthcare Workshop: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998; Policy guidelines about blood-borne illnesses 1994
2. Healthcare Committee Meetings: Minutes 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
3. Healthcare Workshop 2007
4. Healthcare Workshop 2009; Registration forms
5. Diversity/Special Needs Resource Committee: Meetings 1998-2001


1. Healthcare Workshop 1997
2. Nursing Recruitment and Retention Job Fair 2001

Complaints and Incident Reports

3. Green Acres complaint
4. Hoffer Onandaga incident
5. Crisis Hotline
6. Camp Encore complaint
7. Complaints
8. Complaints and Complaint Procedures

Accidents and Fatalities



1. 1968
2. 1970
3. 1978
4. 1979
5. 1983
6. 1987
7. 1990
8. 1991
9. 1992
10. 1994
11. 1995
12. 1996
13. 2005

Skills Training

Box 7


1.1993 Skills Training weekend: outline of skill “streams”; registration form; confirmation letters from OCA to participants; master schedule
2. 1994 Skills Training Weekend: outline of skill “streams”; confirmation letters from OCA to participants; participant lists; skills weekend evaluation forms, completed by participants; registration form
3. 1995 Skills Training Weekend: outline of skill “streams”; ledger of expenses; honorarium letters; rejection letters to “tender applicants”; tender application form; confirmation letters; master schedule; expense form
4. 1996 Skills Training Weekend: outline of skill “streams”; confirmation letters; master schedule; expense form; tender application form
5. 1997 Skills Weekend: outline of skill “streams”; confirmation letters; list of participants
6. 2001 Skills Weekend: tender application forms
7. 2003 OCA Skills Weekend: receipts; stream registration numbers; delegates and contact information; registration forms
8. 2004 Skills Weekend: registration forms
9. 2006 Skills Weekend: registration forms; statement of accounts
10. 2007 Skills Weekend: registration totals; confirmation letter; miscellaneous planning information (transportation, costs, etc.)
11. 2007 Skills Weekend: registration forms

Spring Training

Box 8


1. 1995 Spring Training: agenda draft; speaker times and lengths of presentations; counselor conference meeting minutes 10 May 1989; job descriptions
2.1997 Counselor Conference: agenda; registration forms; counselor conference minutes 9 April 1997; meeting notes 17 February 1997


1. 1996 Spring Training Conference: map; agenda; pamphlet
2. 2004 Spring Training Conference: delegate list; registration forms; busing information; statement of accounts
3. 2005 Spring Training Conference (part 1): speakers and contact information; 2005 steering committee meeting minutes 9 March 2005; preparation correspondence
4. 2005 Spring Training Conference (part 2): budget; steering committee meeting minutes and agenda 2 November 2004; transportation arrangements; steering committee meeting minutes 1 February 2005; steering committee meeting agenda and minutes 11 January 2005; steering committee meeting minutes and agenda 22 October 2004
5. 2006 Spring Training and Health Care Conference (part 1): individual camp delegate lists (spring training); registration forms; statement of accounts; individual camp delegate lists (health care)
6. 2006 Spring Training and Health Care Conference (part 2): registration forms


3. 2007 Spring Training Conference: registration forms
4. 2008 Spring Training Conference: registration forms


7. 2009 Spring Training Conference: registration forms


Box 9


1. 1975-1981 Counselor Conference
2. 1997. Sault Area “Campference”
3. 1992 Conference Accommodation


1. 2003 Annual Conference, Speaker registration forms


4. 2004 Annual Conference (part 1): agenda; registration information (totals); delegate list; list of attending organizations; speaker checklist; minutes from 2004 Education Committee Meeting
5. 2004 Annual Conference (part 2): workshop sessions; organizations attending and contact information; preparation correspondence
6. 2004 Annual Conference (part 3): full conference ledger; minutes from 2004 Steering Committee Meeting; task responsibilities; 2003 budget; preparation correspondence
7. 2005 Annual Conference: resort information (Nottawasaga Inn); meeting agenda 13 October 2005; conference committee meeting minutes 13 October 2005; registration form template; “The Business of Camp Makes Sen$e”; Notes from the Chair 17 May 2005
8. 2005 Day Camp Workshop: registration forms; statement of accounts
9. 2006 Annual Conference (74th annual): program and agenda
10. 2007 “An Evening with Barbara Coloroso”: ticket order forms 2007, Annual Conference
11. 2007 Annual Conference Registration Forms (I-P)
12. 2007 Annual Conference Registration Forms (Q-Z)
13. 2008 Annual Conference: questions and areas of concern for 2008 conference; response to questions; conference planning meeting minutes 10 May 2007; health care expense form; speaker information
14. 2008 Day Camp Workshop

Facilities and Maintenance Conferences

Box 10


1. 2003 Facilities and Maintenance Conference: notes/minutes; agenda; cancellations; committee notes
2. 2003 Facilities and Maintenance Conference: registration forms


1. 2004 Facilities and Maintenance Conference: registration forms; agenda; information on speakers; host information; accommodation information
2. 2005 Facilities and Maintenance Conference: agenda; speaker information; application forms


3. 2006 Facilities and Maintenance Conference: outstanding payments; exhibitions; refunds; committee notes
4. 2006 Facilities and Maintenance Conference: registration forms


3. 2007 Facilities and Maintenance Conference; registration forms


5. 2008 Facilities and Maintenance Conference: meeting notes; delegate list; agenda; workshop information; invoice from Blue Mountain Resort; active camps that did not attend 2006 or 2007 conference (list); organizations that attended 2008 conference; family directory

Brown Bag Program

Box 11


1. Cadogan Farm Adventures
2. Cedar Ridge Camp
3. Camp Celtic
4. Circle Ridge Ranch
5. Crestwood Valley Day Camp
6. Disciples Conference Grounds
7. Camp Eden Day Camp
8. Camp Gan Israel - CD
9. Green Acres Day Camp
10. Harbourfront Centre Camps
11. Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp and Retreat Centre
12. Kids & Company
13. Kidz 360
14. Camp Lorrain
15. Lambton Centre
16. Lubavitch Day Camp
17. Camp Marydale
18. Camp Mini-Yo-We
19. Camp Moshava Ba’ir
20. Camp Naorca
21. Camp Onondaga
22. Camp Outlook
23. Camp Ponacka
24. Redwood
25. Seneca Summer Camps
26. Scott Mission Camp
27. Camp Tamarack
28. Camp Tanamakoon
29. Camp Tanner
30. University of Toronto Engineering Outreach
31. Camp Wabikon
32. Camp Wenonah
33. YMCA of Western Ontario, London
34. YMCA Cobourg
35. YMCA of Guelph
36. YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford
37. Zodiac Day Camp

School Board

38. School start date 1983
39. Toronto Elementary School Science Association
40. School Board Correspondence
41. Educational events and Educational Chairs 2003

Weekend Retreats

42. Winter Weekend 1985
43. Fall Weekend 1983
44. Fall Weekend 1984-1988


45. OCA Camp Directory 2013-2015
46. OCA Awards 2013, 2014
47. Ontario Choral Federation
48. Advertisements of OCA Camps

Environment and Conservation

Box 12


1. Conservation Council of Ontario Correspondence
2. Conservation Council of Ontario
3. Environmental Concerns
4. Composting

Ontario Parks and Wilderness

Box 13


1. Wilderness Travel: Canadian Camping Association Schools 1974; Wilderness Travel Committee Canoe Tripping 1978; Wilderness Accident Prevention; Canoeing accidents 1977-1978; Wilderness Travel Committee Canoe Tripping 1976
2. Wildland League, Heritage project, 1993
3. Canadian Water Ski Association; Ontario Water Ski Association; Canadian Water Ski Association, Ontario Community Information Kit
4. International Camping Fellowship: 1994 International Exchange Resource Directory; 1996 International Exchange Resource Directory
5. Woodsmanship: “The Woodsman’s Code”; Personal Log, Woodsmanship Leader’s School, 1979
6. Wilderness Leaders and Guides: Framework for Ontario Wilderness Guides Association; Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia, Mountain Leadership Certification 1981
7. Wilderness First Aid Certification Program 2003
8. Trent-Severn Waterway Panel 2007
9. Technical Skills Training Manual 2008
10. Wintario

Material added in 2016:


11. Sacred Heart Child and Family Centre Summer Camp Manual, 1984. Attached note indicates: "this program ran out of Chetwynd Camp which the Sister's of St. Joseph had on a long term MNR lease." [Received from Sandy Eathorne], 2016.

Material added in 2019:

12. One 8mm silent film on a 7.5-inch reel titled "Camp Winnebagoe, 1955-1957". This film was donated by Frank Tizel via Diane Blair and Joy Levy of the OCA in 2019. The Archives arranged for a digital MP4 copy of the film to be made and it too forms part of this holding. Note: Mr. Tizel's wife's grandparents, the Danson family, founded Camp Winnegagoe in 1933; the camp was the first Jewish co-ed camp in Canada.