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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 15-007


Professor Joseph Wearing fonds. Additions. -- ca. 1940-1996. -- 1.2 m of textual records 


Joseph Wearing is Professor Emeritus at Trent University, having been a member of the Department of Political Studies for three decades and, for a time, serving as Chair of the Department. He is a graduate of the universities of Western Ontario, Toronto and Oxford (D.Phil.) and is the author of books and articles on Canadian political parties. His books include The L-Shaped Party: The Liberal Party of Canada, 1958-1980; Strained Relations: Canadian Parties and Voters; and The Ballot and its Message: Voting in Canada (edited collection of articles on Canadian voting behavior). He also wrote a book about his father, Lumberjack in the Court House: The Remarkable Career of Judge Joseph Wearing and helped to produce “:30 Second Democracy: A Documentary on Political Television Advertising.” A more recent research interest is the role of party discipline in the Canadian House of Commons. Apart from his academic activities, Professor Wearing has also contributed to the musical life of Trent University and the City of Peterborough. He was the musical director of six Gilbert & Sullivan productions between 1969 and 1975 and performed in a seventh production. He conducted the Coventry Singers of Peterborough, 1967-1975, and was chair of Town & Gown Concerts that presented concerts by local performers as well as by prominent Canadian musicians including Lois Marshall, soprano, and Anton Kuerti, piano. He was also on the Board of Directors of the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra and held the position of president. As a pianist and member of the Master Class Players, Wearing performs regularly at community events in Toronto.


Fonds consists of research materials, newspaper clippings, reports, and articles related to the Liberal Party of Canada, various Liberal Party conventions and conferences, the Peterborough Riding Liberal Association, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, government and Canadian federal cultural policy, Canadian federal elections of the 1960s and 1970s, and The Arts. Also included are miscellaneous notes and manuscripts, as well as materials related to the video “:30 Second Democracy” and Wearing’s book, The L-Shaped Party: the Liberal Party of Canada, 1958-1980. Included also in this fonds are programs, financial and administrative records, and minutes related to Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, 1970s-1980.


Custodial History: Fonds was in the custody of Professor Joseph Wearing before being donated to Trent University Archives in 2014.

Immediate Source: Fonds acquired from Professor Joseph Wearing in 2014.

Restrictions: Some of the research material is comprised of photocopies of articles and book chapters; this material is not to be reproduced or quoted directly without appropriate consent.

Accruals: This fonds is an addition to 98-011.

Folder headings have been maintained as received.

Some documents in this fonds have a musty smell; there is no evidence, however, of mould. Masks are available upon request.


Box 1


1. Liberal Party Convention, 1966
2. Liberal Party / Death of Martin Luther King, 1968
3. Liberal Party, 1968
4. Liberal Party, 1968
5. Harrison Liberal Conference, 1969
6. Harrison Liberal Conference, 1969

Box 2


1. Liberal Party Convention, 1970
2. Liberal Party Convention, 1973
3. Liberal Party Convention, 1973
4. Liberal Party Convention, 1975
5. Peterborough Poll 166, List of Voters, 1975
6. Peterborough Poll 40, List of Voters, 1977
7. Liberal Party Convention, 1978
8. Liberal Party Convention, 1978
9. Federal Election, Peterborough, 1978
10. Federal Election, Peterborough, 1978
Loose in box: 7 notebooks with ballot counts, undated
11. Liberal Party Convention, 1984
12. Liberal Party Convention, 1984
13. Liberal Party Convention, Survey of Delegates, 1984
14. Liberal Party Convention, Survey of Delegates, 1984
15. National Liberal Federation: notes
16. Federal Liberal Party: clippings and miscellaneous
17. Peterborough Riding Liberal Association: some minutes, miscellaneous, 1975-1977

Box 3


1. Party organizations abroad – paper by Wearing, 1984
2. Politics – graduate studies
3. Claxton, Tarte and Murphy research papers
4. Research regarding article in Journal of Canadian Studies
5. Wearing manuscript “The Liberal Party”
6. Wearing manuscript – miscellaneous
7. Arts funding and the Government, 1983-1984 (includes papers and research materials by Wearing)
8. Arts funding and the Government, 1983-1984 (includes papers and research materials by Wearing)
9. Arts and government, ca. 1977-1981
10. Arts and government, ca. 1977-1981
11. Visual Arts Museum, ca. 1980-1983
12. Canadian Opera Company, ca. 1983
13. Arts – Vancouver
14. Canada – Theatre – General
15. Canada – Music – General
16. Canada – Opera – General
17. Canada – Orchestras – General
18. Canada – Performing Arts – General
19. Arts – Edmonton
20. Arts – Edmonton
21. 1962 Federal Election
22. 1963 Federal Election
23. 1968 Federal Election
24. 1972 Federal Election
25. 1974 Federal Election

Box 4


1. Political T.V. Adverts & “:30 Second Democracy” script, 1993-1996
2. “:30 Second Democracy” transcripts
3. re video on Political Advertising on Television “:30 Second Democracy”, 1991-1995
4. Television advertising, 1986-1991
5. Political Advertising on Television, 1988-1996

Box 5


1. Peterborough Symphony Orchestra (PSO): budgets, 1978-1980
2. PSO: bylaws, 1977
3. PSO: concert committee, 1974-1977
4. PSO: conductor, 1976-1978
5. PSO: financial reports, 1976-1979
6. PSO: funding and grants, 1975-1978
7. PSO: John Falls and Peter Bartley, 1977-1978
8. PSO: minutes, 1976-1979
9. PSO: newspaper clippings, 1977-1979
10. PSO: office, 1975-1979
11. PSO: president, 1975-1978
12. PSO: publications, 1975-1980
13. PSO: Wintario, 1977-1979
14. PSO: Youth Orchestra, 1976-1979
15. PSO: miscellaneous, 1977-1980
16. Progressive Conservatives: clippings, ca. 1970s-1980s
17. Progressive Conservatives: constitutions and directors’ reports, 1956-1975; Report on the Montmorency Conference, 1967
18. Progressive Conservative Party: papers, 1940s
19. Progressive Conservative Party: papers, 1940s