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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 13-007


Professor Donald B. Smith fonds. -- ca. 1980-2013. -- 2.5 m of textual records. -- ca. 45 photographic reproductions.


Professor Donald B. Smith is Professor Emeritus of History at University of Calgary. He was born in 1946 and is married to Nancy Townshend. He received a Ph.D. at University of Toronto in 1975 and has written several books related to the history of nineteenth century Canada and to Aboriginals in Canada, including Mississauga Portraits: Ojibwe Voices from Nineteenth Century Canada (2013); Honore Jaxon Prairie Visionary Regina (2007); Calgary's Grand Story: The Making of a Prairie Metropolis from the Viewpoint of Two Heritage Buildings (2005); Long Lance: The Glorious Imposter (1999); From the Land of Shadows: The Making of Grey Owl (1990); Sacred Feathers: the Reverend Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby) and the Mississauga Indians (1987), and others. In 2014, Professor Smith won the Floyd S. Chalmers Award for his book, Mississauga Portraits.


Fonds consists of Professor Donald B. Smith's research material pertaining to the eighteenth and nineteenth century history of the Ojibwe of southern Ontario. The research materials consist primarily of photocopies of published articles, bibliographical references, and handwritten notes; included is material related to the Mississauga (Ojibwe) of the Trent River Valley. Interspersed within the files is correspondence with other academics and authors.


Custodial History: Fonds was in the custody of Professor Donald B. Smith before being donated to Trent University Archives in 2013.

Immediate Source: Fonds acquired from Professor Donald B. Smith in 2013.

Fond Arrangement: Fonds was organized by Professor Smith according to theme and chronology. Original folder labels have been maintained. The word "Ojibwe/Ojibwa" appeared with both spellings on folder labels; for the purpose of consistency in this finding aid, "Ojibwe" has been used. Folders beginning with Box 8 Folder 38 were received with a title supplied by the donor: "The British and the Mississauga, Mid - 18th Century to Mid - 19th Century."

Restrictions: N

Accruals: Further accruals are expected.

For related material see: Professor Allan L. Sherwin fonds.

NOTE: Most of the research material is comprised of copies of documents and photographs from other archival collections, from published books and articles, and from academic theses and dissertations. This material may not be reproduced or quoted directly without appropriate consent.

Finding Aid

Box 1

Card file box: Ojibwe bibliographical cards showing the state of secondary literature on the subject of the Ojibwe to the early 1980s; Professor Smith has indicated that he "organized the material by community, and inserted the cards in each section by following the author's names in alphabetical order." Among the several categories represented are "Mississaugas: Rice Lake - Alderville - Curve Lake - Scugog" and "Haliburton/Muskoka".

Sacred Feathers: two manuscript drafts

Folder 1: "Ojibway Hymn Book", n.d. Explaining the provenance of this item, Professor Smith writes: "... a small booklet of Ojibwe hymns given by Rev. Stan McKay, a former Moderator of the United Church to Gladys McCue Taylor, the beloved Curve Lake Elder - Gladys gave it to me many years ago (25?)". Folder includes two published articles about Gladys McCue Taylor. (see also Box 2 Folder 27 and Box 4 Folder 12)
Box 2Folder

1a. Culture - Mississauga
(Note: 1b - 1d received from Professor Smith June 2017)
1b. Culture - Mississauga ("Mississauga land claim "A lot of three acres" near where the Lunatic Asylum now stands")
1c. Culture - Mississauga ("Mississauga travelling" re running)
1d. Culture - Mississauga ("Mississauga Portraits - cultural survivals")
2. Ojibwe - Dodems
3. Credit - Dodems
4. Ojibwe - Dress
5. Kinship
6. Ojibwe - Religion
7. Ojibwe - Dreams
8. Peter Jones - Witchcraft, belief in
9. Mississauga - naming, traditional/Christian converts
10. Ojibwe - Organization
11. Anishinabeg Ontario Place Names
12. Mississauga/Iroquois Place Names - Lake Ontario
13. Seasonal Round - hunting, fishing, gardening, rice, maple sugar
14. Mississauga - Idea of Ages, Time
15. Mississauga - Season, Moon names
16. Ojibwe - World View, Nature
17. Mississauga - Folklore
18. Thunderbird, Mishipichu [Mishipeshu]
19. Agawa Pictographs
20. Windigo

Loose in box:
Donald B. Smith doctoral thesis (University of Toronto, 1975): "The Mississauga, Peter Jones, and the White Man: The Algonkians' Adjustment to the Europeans on the North Shore of Lake Ontario to 1860"


21. Ojibwe Language
22. Ojibwe Language - Basil Johnston
23. Wheatley, Fred
24. Ojibwe Language Notes - Fred Wheatley
25. Translation
26. Ojibwe - Credit/New Credit Dialect
27. Ojibwe - Hymns, Music (see also Box 1 Folder 1)
28. Peter Jones - Translations, Gospel, Hymns
Box 3Folder

1. Ojibwe - Overview Articles
2. Ojibwe - Ontario Provincial Museum Series
3. "Who are the Mississauga?" by Donald B. Smith
4. Anishinabeg
5. Great Lakes Indians - The Fur Trade, 17th and 18th centuries
6. Upper Canada Settlement, early 19th century
7. Rice Lake and Curve Lake
8. Scugog
9. Fothergill, Charles - Rice Lake
10. Rice Lake - Mud Lake (Curve Lake), Scugog - Events 19th century
Box 4Folder

1. Rice Lake Treaty; Smith's Creek (Port Hope) Treaty, Nov. 5, 1818; Curve Lake area
2. Mississauga - Leasing; Rideau Canal area
3. Central (Toronto) Superintendency Census (1857) by T.G. Anderson ("Census Return of Indians" - includes hard copy of handwritten 1857 census for Bay of Quinte; Owen Sound; Lake Huron and Lake Simcoe; Christian Island; Sandy Island; Alnwick; Rice Lake, Mud [Chemong], and Scugog; Potawatomis; and Caughnawagas)
4. Rice Lake - Reginald Charles Lumley Drayton Memoirs (includes biographical material and photocopy of "The Autobiography of RCL Drayton Between Years 1870-1884")
5. Rice Lake - Illustrations (includes photographic reproductions depicting Chief Robert Paudash, Wellington Cowie, Eldon [Musgrave] and others); also photographic reproduction depicting "first votes cast since right to vote extended to all adult Indians on July 31 [1960] were those of the Rice Lake Band..."
6. Moodie, Susanna
7. McCue, Alfred
8. Captain Paudash and the Gunshot Treaty of 1792
9. Paudash, George and Chief John Crowe (includes reproduction of 1860 photograph; also notation on the naming of Hiawatha by Prince of Wales)
10. Rice Lake Council, 1894: Image (includes Robert Paudash)
11. Simpson, Mary (Mary Jane Muskratte Simpson): "A History of the Rice Lake Indians", 1953
12. Taylor, Gladys McCue (see also Box 1 Folder 1)
13. Traill, Catharine Parr
14. Williams, Doug - "Bullfrog Case", 1979, Rice Lake Treaty
15. Alderville - general articles
16. Beaver, Art - Alderville 19th and 20th centuries; includes sections of Trent University Masters thesis "Dancing the Rice...", 1999
17. Alderville, 1883-1986 (included are photographic reproductions from United Church/Victoria University Archives of five images used in "Mississauga Portraits")
18. Alderville, 1987- (includes 34 photographs [taken in 1987 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary since Ojibwe had left Grape Island to live at Alderville]; heading on package of photographs: "Alderville to Grape Island")
19. Beaver, Jack (Alderville)
20. McLeod, Elmira interview: Alderville June 28, 1982 - July 28, 1982; interviewer Ranald Thurgood
21. Ojibwe - "The Chippewas of Southwestern Ontario: A brief History to 1867" by Laurie Leclair, 1996
22. Muncey Mission, Events 19th century
23. Ojibwe of the Thames (Caradoc Reserve)
24. Muncey - Chippewas of the Thames: "Muncey and the Six Nations: A Comparative Study of Acculturation on Two Reserves" by Susan Padmos, 1985)
25. Muncey, mid 19th century; includes pages from "Continuity Within Change..." by Neil Ferris, 1989
26. Muncey Ph.D.: "Reserve Colonialism and Sociocultural Change" by Laird Christie, 1976
27. Danforth, Sarah
28. Chippewas of the Thames: Department of Indian Affairs reports, 1980-1905
29. Riley, John
30. Chippewa of the Thames (National Archives of Canada RG 10 Series)
31. Caldwell Band
32. Point Pelee Ojibwe
33. St. Clair (Sarnia) Ojibwe (also Kettle Point)
34. Sarnia Land Claims, 1993, 2000, early treaties
Box 5Folder

1. St. Clair - Events 19th century
2. Sarnia (St. Clair) - History 19th century (pages from Neal Ferris's "Continuity Within Change...")
3. Wawanosh, David
4. Wawanosh, William (Wells) - Enfranchisement
5. Wells, Charles P., Gussie, and descendents
6. Wawanosh, Joshua and wife
7. Wawanosh Collection, University of Western Ontario
8. Wawanosh, William (Wells) - Timeline
9. Cameron, Malcolm
10. Sarnia: Aylmer and Fred Plain, David D. Plain
11. Maconse - Background articles
12. Maconse - Correspondence
13. Maconse - Timeline to 1840
14. Maconse - Timeline 1841-1863
15. Maconse - John Sturm letters
16. Wells, Ed - Tom Thomson link
17. Wells, Ed and descendents (Fay Luther)
18. Stoney Point
19. Ataghewinini, J.-B.
20. Walpole Island - History
21. Van Wyck, Sheila M. - pages from Ph.D. thesis re Walpole Island ("Harvests Yet to Reap..."
22. Pazhekezickquashcum (Walpole Island) - note: various spellings of the place name occur in the documents
23. Lake Huron - Fishing Rights
24. Saugeen/Cape Croker - John Borrows article
25. "Floodwood" (Allenford) re Powwow, July 1855
26. Dennis, John Stoughton
27. Elliot, Abner - 1884 Council
28. Keeshig, Charles - Timeline
29. Rankin, Charles
30. Upper Canada College Aboriginal Students (19th century)
31. Kell, Rev. J.A.C. (researches life of Nahnee)
32. Smith, William Wye
33. "Queen's Bush" - Northern Huron County/Southern Grey County
34. Saugeen
35. Saugeen Events 19th century
Box 6Folder

1. Owen Sound - Mid 19th century
2. Croft, Melba Morris - "In Their Own Words"
3. Croft, Melba Morris - "Memories of Brooke"
4. Saugeen: Comic Book
5. Nawash Mission, 1840-1854
6. Nawash (Cape Croker), 1855-1860
7. Brooke - Sarawak
8. Atlex, James
9. Colpoy's Bay
10. Cadot, Father
11. Cape Croker, 1860s
12. Jones, Peter Kegedonce and family
13. Metigwob - Court Decision, ca. 1894
14. Wisconsin / Minnesota
Box 7Folder

1. Minnesota Ojibwe
2. Warren, William
3. Ojibwe - Complaints, 1864
4. Ojibwe - Missions in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota
5. Ojibwe - Michigan
6. Baraga, Frederic
7. Wisconsin Ojibwe
8. Sault Ste. Marie
9. Cameron, James D., 1899
10. Mackinac
11. Porter, Jeremiah
12. Shawville (Bay Mills Community, Michigan)
13. Johnston, John and Ozhaguscodaywayquay and their descendants
14. MacDonnell, Allan
15. Manitoulin
16. Jesuits: Mid-nineteenth century Upper Great Lakes
17. Paquin Jesuits Manuscript - Manitoulin Roman Catholic Outreach
18. Manitoulin Christian Mission Work, mid-nineteenth century
19. Shingwaukonse family
20. Ottawa
21. Potawatomis
22. Lake Simcoe Timeline - Events, nineteenth century
23. Chief Benson, Rama - Place Names
Box 8Folder

1. Holland Landing
2. Ojibwe: Lake Simcoe - Rama, Snake, Georgina
3. Coldwater
4. Rama - Lord Dufferin's Visit, 27 July, 1874
5. Rama - 1900-
6. Assance, John
7. Asquabe, James
8. Bigwin, John
9. Georgina Island; Snake Island
10. Big Canoe Family
11. Law, William
12. Yellowhead Family
13. Christian Island
14. The Coldwater-Narrows Land Claim resolution, 2012
15. New Credit, 1847-1899
16. Credit Mission Images - New Credit
17. Mississauga - Continuing Presence late nineteenth century
18. Old Credit Mission, 1847 to present
19. New Credit - Membership Inquiry, 1883-1887
20. Dingham, Absalom
21. New Credit - Membership Inquiry, 6-7 February 1888 at New Credit
22. New Credit - Membership Question, February 1888, background to Inquiry
23. Dingham - Final Report on New Credit Membership, May 1888
24. Progressive New Credit, late nineteenth century and early twentieth century
25. New Credit - List of Chiefs
26. New Credit - Church Donations, mid nineteenth century
27. New Credit - Map, 1891
28. Mississauga - Six Nations (Grand River) Relationships, nineteenth century
29. New Credit - Church
30. Lewis, Edmonia (1845-ca. 1909)
31. New Credit Booklets
32. New Credit, twentieth and twenty-first centuries
33. Van Loon - The Tawagonshi Treaty of 1613
34. Mississauga - World War I participation
35. New Credit Pow-Wow
36. City of Mississauga - How It Obtained Its Name, 1967
37. Mississauga - First United Church Port Credit

"The British and the Mississauga, Mid - 18th Century to Mid - 19th Century"

38. Butler, John and son Walter Butler
39. Johnson, Sir William
40. Johnson, Sir William - Papers relating to mid eighteenth century Mississauga
Box 9Folder

1. Ramsay, David - Correspondence
2. Ramsay, David
3. Rocheblave, Elmire de
4. Rousseau, Jean Baptiste
5. Selby, Prideaux
6. Wade, Ferrall, at Toronto 1770-1772
7. Wabakinine - Mississauga, 1780s-1790s
8. Quetton, Laurent de St. George
Box 10Folder

1. Quetton, Laurent de St. George - Dictionary, Ojibwe-French
2. Arthur, Sir George
3. Bagot, Sir Charles
4. Bond Head, Sir Francis
5. Claus, William
6. Colborne, John
7. Ferguson, John
8. Givins, James
9. Glenelg, Lord (Charles Grant), (1778-1866)
10. Higginson, James Macaulay
11. Jarvis, S.P.
12. Johnson, Sir John; Colonel Guy Johnson; descendents
13. Maitland, Peregrine
14. Maitland, Peregrine - Correspondence
15. Merivale, Herman
16. Metcalfe, Charles
17. Pennefather, Richard Theodore
18. Rawson, Rawson W.
19. Robinson Family: Peter, John Beverley, Benjamin William
20. Russell, Peter
21. Sydenham, Lord
22. Strachan, John
23. Vardon, George

Additional material received from Professor Smith July 2014:

24. Article re Jasper Hill, founding member of The Native Elders Council of Trent University (from Tekawennake, 19 October 1977)