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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 11-009


Captain Charles Rubidge fonds. Additions. -- 1756; 1805-ca.1870; 2011; 2018. -- 24 cm of sheet music.

Biography / History

Captain Charles Rubidge, land agent and author, was born on April 20, 1787 in the Parish of St. George-in-the-East, London, England. He was the son of Robert and Margaret Rubidge. In October 1796, at the young age of nine, Rubidge entered the Navy as a midshipman on the Arrow, Sloop of War. He served under Lord Nelson and Lord Cochrane and was honorably discharged in 1815, at the end of the War of 1812. In June 1819, Rubidge emigrated to Canada with his wife and three children (they later had three more children) and in May, 1820, became the second person to settle in Otonabee Township. He assisted in the settling of the Peter Robinson immigrants in 1825 and other immigrants in 1831 and 1839. In 1831 Rubidge was appointed Immigrant Agent at Peterborough by Lord Seaton, Governor-General of Canada. He was also the author of two books. The first was "A Plain Statement of the Advantages Attending Emigration to Upper Canada" (London, 1838) and the second "An Autobiographical Sketch" (Peterborough, 1870). Captain Charles Rubidge died February 5, 1873.

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of sheet music, some of which is hand-copied. The items originated with Captain Charles Rubidge and penciled annotations suggest that he collected or hand-copied a number of them in the early 1800s for his wife-to-be, Margaret Clarke, before coming to Canada. "Mrs. Rubidge" is written in hand on some pieces. Provenance is indicated on some documents in layered notes made by family descendents across generations. Also included is information compiled by Laurie Lambe Wallace about the sheet music and its history within the Rubidge family.

In 2017, 29 additional pieces of sheet music dating to the early 1800s were added. This music belonged to Mary Catharine Dunsford, wife of Reverend Hartley. Some of the music includes handwritten notations with family names and dates. While the publications of some pieces may date to the early 1800s, the handwritten penciled dates cover a period generally between the 1830s and 1860s. The notations point to connections between the Rubidge, Dunsford, McEwen, and Boyd families of the Peterborough area. Included in this additioin is genealogical information compiled by the donor.


Custodial History:
Fonds was in the custody of Laurie Lambe Wallace, a great great great granddaughter of Captain Charles Rubidge, before it was donated to Trent University Archives in 2011 and 2017.

Condition: The documents are fragile; some have been hand-repaired with thread. Handle with care.

Immediate Source: Fonds acquired from Laurie Lambe Wallace in 2011 and 2017.

Restrictions: N

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Accruals: This fonds, along with 83-1022, 89-1028, and 02-1001, is an addition to 82-1001.

Special thanks to Dorothy McCord and her Fleming College Collections Conservation and Management class for undertaking conservation treatment of five pieces of sheet music from this collection in 2013.

"Copied by my dear Father Lieut. Chas Rubidge RN.
(for my dear Mother Margaret Rubidge (nee Clarke)
when he was at sea in 1806,7,8&9 before they were married
in 1810.)"

[signed] C.M. Rubidge Dunsford.
Lindsay May 8th 91

[ supplementary note] My grandmother,
E.R. Lambe

Finding Aid

Box 1


1. A Canadian Boat-Song
Arranged for Three Voices by Thomas Moore Esq'r. London. Printed for James Carpenter, Old Bond Street. 1805. (Note: pages 1 & 2 missing)

2. Little Bo-Peep
A Favorite Song, as Sung at most of the Nobilitys & Gentrys Private Concerts. With an Accompaniment for the Harp, or Piano Forte. Enter'd at Stationers Hall. 1756.
London Printed & Sold by L. Lavenu, Music Seller to His Royal High'ss. Prince of Wales, No. 29, New Bond Street.

3. Alone Retired Beneath some Tree
Sung in Kais by Mr Braham. No date.

4. Anna or the Adieu

5. Remember Me
Go Gentle Sioh
The Bud of the Rose

6. My native Land I bade adieu.
A favourite song Sung by Mr Sedgewick in the Haunted Tower, composed by S. Storace. Ent'd at Sta Hall.
London Printed by Longman, Clementi & Comp'y N. 26 Cheapside
Young Love
Music & Words by Tho's Moore Esq'r

7. The Minute Gun at Sea
Duetto sung by Mrs Mountain & Mr. Philipps in Up All Night or The Smugglers Cave. Composed by M.P. King.
London. Printed by Goulding & Comp'y. 124 New Bond Str't & 7 Westmorland Street, Dublin
No Date.

8. The Bewildered Maid

9. A Fireside Song
H.F. Chorley. WALLACE

10. (Third Edition) Home! Sweet Home!
Sung by Miss M. Tree. Clari, or The Maid of Milan, at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden.
Composed & partly founded on a Sicilian Air by Henry R. Bishop, composer & director of the Music to the Theatre Royal Covent Garden.
London, Printed by Goulding, D'Almaine, Potter & C. 20 Soho Square. & to be had at 7 Westmorland Street, Dublin.
Ent. Sta. Hall.
"Mid pleasures and places"!
The additional stanza sung by Miss Beaumont in the Episode.
Printed by Goulding & C. 20 Soho Sq: London.

11. My Boat is on the Shore
Written & addressed to Thomas Moore Esq'r by Lord Byron, The Music by Henry R. Bishop. Ent. at Sta. Hall
London. Published by J. Power. 3 4 Strand.

12. If then to love thee be offence
A Ballad by the R't Hon'ble Geo. Ogle, Composed With an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte by Sir John Stevenson Mus. Doc.
London. Published by J. Power 3 4 Strand
Ent'd at Sta. Hall
Page 2
If then to love thee be offence
Words by R't Hon'ble Geo. Ogle, Music by Sir John Stevenson. Mus. Doc.

13. If Music be the food of Love play on
A Canzonet, With an Accompaniment for the Harp or Piano Forte, Composed & dedicated to Miss Helsham by J.C. Clifton.
London. Printed by Clementi, Banger, Hyde, Collard & Davis. 26 Cheapside
Ent'd at Sta. Hall

14. The Singing Girl
A Favourite Ballad with an accompaniment for the Piano Forte. Written & Composed by W.T. Rhodes.
London. Printed by J. Longman, N. 13 Cheapside

15. Ah! Why did Henry leave his home.
A favourite Song Sung by Mrs. Bland at Wauxhall Gardens, Written & Composed by G. Nicks
Ent'd at Stat. Hall
London. Printed by Goulding & C. 124 New Bond Street & 7 Westmorland Str't. Dublin

16. Whither My Love
Sung by Sig. Storace in the Haunted Tower. Composed by Paisiello
Engraved Printed and Sold by H. Andrews. N. 11 Little Canterbury Place, Lambeth

17. In vain I mourn in vain I sigh
Sung by Miss De Camp in the Comedy of The Honey Moon

18. Information compiled by Laurie Lambe Wallace about the collection of sheet music and its history within the Rubidge family, 2011.

19. aged cardboard cover identifying the collection of music

Additional material received from Laurie Lambe Wallace in 2017

20. To The West / The Poetry Written by Charles McKay, L.L.D. / The Music Dedicated with Great Respect to Mrs. Herbert Ingram / By Her Friend Henry Russell / London

21. Maggie’s Secret / Song Written and Composed Expressly for Madame Sainton Dolby / By Claribel

22. Come Home, Father / Words and Music by Henry Clay Work / Chicago / 1864

23. By Silver Streams / A New Song / Sung by Mrs. Bland / At Vauxhall Gardens / Composed by Mr. Hook

24. Fair Ellen, a Favorite Glee / Sung with the Greatest Applause at the Vocal Concerts / By Mrs. Billington, Mrs. Vaughan, Mr. Harrison & Mr. Bartleman / Air by Mr. Braham / Harmonized by Mr. Harrison

25. The Hazel Dell / Wurzel

26. Strangers Yet / Sung by Made. Sainton Dolby / Words by Lord Honghton / The Music Composed and Dedicated to Miss Talfourd / by Claribel

27. Who Can Tell? / Sung by Miss Susan Pyne / Also by Miss Elena Angele & Made. Sainton Dolby / The Words from “Ransford’s Jottings” / The Music by George B. Allen

28. Home Again / Words and Music by M.S. Pike, Esq. / Arranged by J.P. Ordway

29. The Bud of the Rose / Sung by Mr. Bannister in / Rosina / Composed by W. Shield

30. Fear Not but Trust in Providence / The Pilot / Sung by Mr. H. Phillips. Mr. Seguin & Mr. Machin / Written by Thomas Haunes Bayly / Composed by S. Nelson

31. The Lady of the Lea / Sung by Madame Sainton Dolby / The Poetry by W.H. Bellamy / The Music Composed by Henry Smart

32. Alone For You / The Words by Mr. J. Smart / Composed with an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte / and Inscribed to Miss Fenton / by Joseph Major

33. Patrick or the Peasant’s Wife / Written by The Honble. Mrs. Norton / Composed by J.H. Tully / and Arranged with an Accompaniment for the / Guitar by L. Sagrini

34. I’ll Pray For Thee / Sparci D’Amoro / The Popular Song in / Lucia di Dammermoor / Composed by Donizetti / Published by William Hall & Son

35. O Share My Cottage Dearest Maid / A Favorite Ballad / with an Accompaniment for the / Piano Forte / Composed by Mr. Costellon

36. I’m Alone / Sung by Made. Lind-Goldschmidt / Sung by Miss Louisa Pyne / in the Opera the Lily of Killarney / Written by Dion Boucicault & J. Oxenford / Composed by J. Benedict

37. Rock Me To Sleep, Mother / Words by Florence Percy / Music by Leslie / 1860

38. Maid of Athens / Written by Lord Byron / The Music by G. Kiallmark / 1819

39. If You’re Waking Call Me Early / or The Queen of the May / The Poetry Written by Alfred Tennyson Esqre. / The Music Composed and Dedicated to the Most Noble / The Marchioness of Hastings / Baroness Grey de Ruthyn / By Mrs. Robert Arkwright

40. Gems of English Song / A Selection of Favorite Songs & Ballads / for the Piano Forte / Arrow and the Song – Balfe / The Voice Is Near – Wrighton / Truth in Absence – Harper / Maggie’s Secret – Claribel / Sing Me an English Song – Wrighton / Toronto, A & S Nordheimer

41. Friends of my Youth / Composed by George Barker / Arranged with a Guitar Accompaniment by L. Sagrini

42. Scotch Air / Comin’ Thro’ the Rye / with Easy and Brilliant Variations for the Piano / By LeBlack / 1852

43. The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow / Irish Ballad / As Sung by Miss Agnes Robertson and Mrs. John Wood / in Bourcicault’s Drama / Colleen Bawn / 1860

44. Mary to Her Cot Returned / A New Song Sung by Mrs. Bland / at Vauxhall Gardens / Composed by Mr. Hook / Bassoon Solo by Mr. Holmes

45. In The Greenwood Free / Song Composed by H. Brinley Richards

46. The Old Clock on the Stairs / Words by Longfellow / Music by [Parlan]

47. Ben Bolt

48. The Tear / Composed by Mr. Hook

49: Genealogical information beginning with Captain Charles Rubidge's marriage to Margaret Clarke in 1810 and ending with the seventh generation in 2016. Compiled by Laurie Lambe Wallace.

Additional material received from Laurie Lambe Wallace in 2018

Box 2

Approximately 27 individual pieces and book compilations of Canadiana sheet music dating 1850s-1920s; some of this music is patriotic in theme. This music had been, at one time, in the custody of Eleanor (Ruby) Rubidge Barron (1875-1957) of the Barron Hotel, Rice Lake, Ontario; some includes handwritten notations with family names and dates inscribed by local area ancestors of the Rubidge family. The notations point to connections between the Rubidge, Dunsford, and Barron families of the Peterborough area. Included in this donation is Barron genealogical information compiled by the donor in 2018.