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Accession Number: 11-007


David Newhouse collection. -- 1960-2008. -- 1.4 m of textual records.

Biography / History

David Newhouse is Onondoga from the Six Nations of the Grand River community near Brantford, Ontario. He is Chair of Indigenous Studies at Trent University and Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies & Business Administration. Newhouse was founding editor of the CANDO Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development; past Chair and a current member of the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO) Standing Committee on Education; a member of the Policy Team on Economics for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples; a member of the Independent Panel on Access Criteria for the Atlantic Fisheries for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans; a member of the National Aboriginal Benchmarking Committee of the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board; and, the Science Officer for the Aboriginal Peoples Health research committee for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. (Information taken from Trent University Web site, 08 September 2011).

Scope and Content

This collection is comprised of research files, published articles, government documents, reports and supporting documents all pertaining to Aboriginal issues in Canada. The materials were deposited by the Indigenous Studies Department, Trent University. Some documents were reallocated to the Government Documents section of Bata Library, some were returned to the Indigenous Studies Department, and those deemed to be of archival value are represented herein.


Custodial History: Collection was in the custody of Professor David Newhouse before it was deposited at Trent University Archives via Christine Welter in 2011.

Immediate Source: Collection acquired from Professor David Newhouse, Indigenous Studies, Trent University via Christine Welter.

Restrictions: N

Finding Aid

Box 1

Aboriginal magazines such as Say, Redwire, and Aboriginal Times. Scattered issues 1980-2006

Box 2

Group A: Reports and publications of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, 2002-2006, including:

Aboriginal Domestic Violence in Canada
Residential Schools
Prisons and HIV/AIDS amongst Aboriginal People in Canada: Exploring the Connections
Aboriginal Sex Offending in Canada
Aboriginal Healing in Canada'
The Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreements'
Métis History and Experience and Residential Schools in Canada
Historic Trauma and Aboriginal Healing
Mental Health Profiles for a Sample of B.C.'s Aboriginal Survivors of the Canadian Residential School System
Aboriginal People, Resilience and the Residential School Legacy

Group B: Miscellaneous Health-Related Publications pertaining to Canadian Aboriginal Peoples. Includes Issues relating to HIV/AIDS and suicide data.
[Not listed individually]

Box 3

Publications relating to Native Studies at Trent University including faculty publications. Publications relating to Aboriginal entrepreneurialship.

Box 4

Assorted publications:
1. 1986, Report of the Cree-Naskapi Commission
2. First Nations Governance Handbook 2003
3. Provincial Aboriginal Youth Conference "Windows to the Future..." 1997
4. Provincial Aboriginal Conference on Employment Equity 1992
5. Centre for Constitutional Studies: Perspectives on 'Shaping Canada's Future Together' 1992
6. Report on the Complaints of the Innu of Labrador to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Donald M. McRae, 1993
7. Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy 1969
8. The Historical Development of the Indian Act, 1978
9. Indian treaties in Historical Perspective, 1979
10. An Overview of Demographic, Social and Economic Conditions Among Canada's Registered Indian Population, 1979
11. Canada's Indian Reserves: Pre-Confederation, 1980
12. North American Tribal Gaming Directory, n.d.
13. "What is Truth?" Farrell Toombs and the national Seminar on Indian Research, 1960
14. The Aboriginal Constitutional Package of 1992, Its' Hidden Sting. W. Rudnicki (Eagle Shield) 1992
15. Must Egalitarian Liberals Support Native Rights? Kurt Preinsperg, 1992
16. Peace, Unity and Thanksgiving and the Native Nations Are Key to Canada's Future. Presentation to the Spicer Commission 1991 by the Tsatekariwaten
17. Constitution of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs 1994, revised 1997
18. The Canadian Bar Association Constitutional entrenchment of Aboriginal Self-Government, n.d.
19. Aboriginal Art - It's a White Thing! Richard Bell, 2005
20. Native Claims in Canada: A Review of Law and Policy 1975
21. National Indian Brotherhood, Assembly of First Nations Education Secretariat, Jurisdiction and Management: A Research Project, Discussion Paper, 1990
22. Guide to Native Political Associations in Canada, Wayne Daugherty, 1982
23. The Government of Canada and the Inuit 1900-1967, Richard Diubaldo, 1985
24. The QUAD Principles in the Delivery of Early Learning and Child Care Services for Aboriginal Children. 2005. Nat'l Assoc. of Friendship Centres.
25. Ktaqmkukewaq Mi'Kmaq: Wlqatmuti. The Mi'Kmaw People of Newfoundland: A Celebration 2004
26. Building Towards Prosperity, Aboriginal conference, 1992
27. Elders of the Willow Cree: Reflections of the Past 1993
28. Akwasasne Environmental Programs 1999
29. Self-Sufficiency Preparing for the Future. 1993
30. Trees of Akwasasne: Mohawk Council of Akwasasne Department of the Environment n.d.
31. Towards a New Beginning: A Foundation Report for a Strategy to Revitalize First Nation, Inuit and Métis Languages and Cultures 2005
32. Indian Specific Claims Commission. Final Report. 1991-2009
33. The Flow of Funds From the Government of Canada to Status Indians 1979
34. The Ontario Curriculum: Native Studies, Grades 11 and 12, 2000
35. Volunteers in the Friendship Centres of Canada, 2005
36. Legacy of Hope: An Agenda for Change Vol. 1 Final Report from the Commission on First Nations and Métis Peoples and Justice Reform 2004
37. CANDO Governance and Policy Procedures for the Advancement of Native Development Officers
38. 100 Years of Aboriginal Demography 2000
39. Indian Conditions: A Survey 1980
40. Schedule of Indian Bands, Reserves and Settlements 1990
41. Saskatchewan and Aboriginal Peoples in the 21st Century
42. Indian Government Under Indian Act Legislation 1868-1951
43. An Overview of Registered Indian Conditions in Nova Scotia and NFLD. Hugh Lautard. 1987
44. Aboriginal Access to Post-Secondary Education 1995
45. Towards Sustainable Successful First Nation Communities. Discussion Paper. 2000
46. First Nations Governance Research. David Newhouse. 1993
47. Report of the NCC Constitutional Review Commission to the First Peoples' Congress 1992
48. Speaking Notes for presentation to think tank on governance. Rosemary Procter. 2000
49. Speaking notes for a panel discussion to governance think tank. Marlene Brant Castellano. 2000
50. A presentation by the Indian Chiefs of Alberta to Right Honourable P.E. Trudeau 1970
51. Soliloquy and Dialogue: The Evolution of Public Policy Discourse on Aboriginal Issues Since the Hawthorn Report. 1994
52. Transitions: Contemporary Canadian Indian and Inuit Art. 1997

Box 5

Assorted Publications:
1. Nisga'a ' A Government
2. Anishinabek Union of Ontario Indians
3. My Dream: That We Will Be One Day Clearly Recognized as First Nations. Elder Gordon Oakes
4. "The Spirit of the Land" Paul Williams
5. Indian Claims Commission, 1991-1994
6. The Indian Act. The Indian and the Law: An Interpretation for Laymen. Indian Assoc. of Alberta
7. First Nations Chartered Land Act. 1994
8. Curve Lake First Nation Gchi-Naaknigewin
9. Report of Corbiere
10. Briefing Note: Social Union Framework Agreement (SUFA). National Indian Brotherhood 1999
11. Indian Control of Indian Education. Verna Kirkness. 1984
12. Canadian Report on the International Year of the World's Indigenous People. 1993
13. Annual Report re above. 1992-93
14. Strengthening Relationships Between the Canadian Forces and Aboriginal People. Harvey McCue. N.d.
15. The Northern Ontario Aboriginal Experience. 1998
16. Unfinished Business: An Agenda for all Canadians in the 1990s. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs
17. Our Land, Our Government, Our Heritage, Our Future. 1994
18. Indian Registration: Unrecognized and Unstated Paternity. Michelle M. Mann. 2005
19. Towards a New Beginning: A Foundational Report for a Strategy to Revitalize First Nation, Inuit and Métis Languages and Cultures. 2005
20. Map: Anishinabek Nation Ontario 1996
21. Map: Atlantic Provinces. Aboriginal Communities and Minerals and Metals activities 2001
22. Map: Quebec. As above. 2001
23. Map: Northern Territories. As above. 2001
24. Map: Prairie Provinces. As above. 2001
25. Map: Ontario. As above. 2001
26. Map: British Columbia. As above. 2001
27. Douglas J. Cardinal Architect Ltd. Promotional materials.
28. Our Home and Native Land: A Film and Video Resource Guide for Aboriginal Canadians. NFB 1991-2
29. National Aboriginal Achievement Awards. 1994
30. U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 2008
31. A Report on the Relationship Between Syncrude Canada Ltd. And the Aboriginal People of Northern Alberta. Syncrude. n.d.
32. Where Are the children? Healing the Legacy of the Residential schools. 2003
33. Aboriginal Friendship Centre Program Capital Funding History. 1991
34. The Assemble of Manitoba Chiefs 7th Annual General Assembly. 1995. Annual Report
35. The Dismantling of the Department of Indian Affairs...1994
36. Hemiah. Pacific Salmon Forests Project. Richard Littlemore. 2000
37. Continuity and Change. A Land Use and Resource Management Plan for the Lands of the Big Beaver House Lake People. 1997
38. Indian and Inuit Public Service. 1990
39. The Inuit Way: A Guide to Inuit Culture
40. Aboriginal Languages in Canada 1981-1996. Mary Jane Norris
41. Linguistic and Cultural Affiliations of Canadian Indian Bands. 1970
42. Information Sheet on Wampum. 1990
43. Native Soldiers, Foreign Battlefields. 2000
44. Aandeg (The Crow). Shirley Pheasant Williams
45. The Constitution of the Confederacy. Seth Newhouse. 1897. Revised 1989
46. First Nations Working Group Northern Institute of the a Bachelor of Fine Arts program. 1996
47. Consultation Report on Aboriginal Family Healing Wellness. Ontario Native Women's Assoc. 1992
48. Pauktuutit: A Community Perspective on Health Promotion and Substance Abuse. Inuit Women's Association. 1993
49. A Report on the Aboriginal Government Transition Centre. Ovide Mercredi. 1999
50. Denied Too Long: The Needs and Concerns of Seniors Living in First Nation Communities in Ontario. 1993
51. Presentation to the Federal Task Force on Indian Gaming. 1986
52. Directory of Residential Schools in Canada. 2003
53. The Shuswap. 1989
54. Anishinabek Nation Members Speak. 2003
55. "Life as You Didn't Know It." A Story and Some Thoughts Brought to You By Young Aboriginal Girls at a Prairie Young Offenders Center. n.d.
56. Canadian Journal of aboriginal Community-Based HIV/AIDS Research. 2008