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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 10-007


Peterborough Teachers' College fonds. -- 1883-1885; 1908-1973. -- 2.8 m of textual records.

Biography / History

The first normal school for the training of elementary school teachers opened in Toronto in 1847. In 1850 a system of township model schools was established. They were specially designated elementary schools where teachers or potential teachers could observe existing practice under supervision. The successful candidates received Third Class Certificates valid for three years. In 1880 there were forty-seven model schools. Candidates were awarded First or Second Class Certificates after attendance at normal school. At times there were two year courses at normal schools. Model schools were abolished in 1924 and with them the Third Class Certificate. In 1936 the Second Class Certificate was discontinued except at the Ottawa Normal School. In 1874 the Ottawa Normal School was established and in 1900 the London Normal School. In 1908 normal schools were opened in Hamilton, Peterborough, and Stratford. Peterborough Normal School was officially opened on September 15, 1908 and operated until the late 1960's. Several hundred teachers were trained there over the years of operation. The first principal was Duncan Walker. In 1973 the Peterborough Teachers' College (formerly the Peterborough Normal School) closed its doors and the staff moved to the Faculty of Education, Queen's University.

Scope and Content

Forty-seven volumes and eight boxes of records relating to Peterborough Teachers' College. Includes sessional reports, training registers, practice teaching records, 1908 to 1968; also registration and record cards, 1946 to 1973. Also included is a Public School Daily Register for Bobcaygeon, 1883-1885.


Custodial History:
This fonds was donated to Queen's University Archives in 1973 by Peterborough Teachers' College via Mr. H.R. Cross. In 2010, it was transferred to Trent University Archives via Heather Home of Queen's University Archives. The original accession number applied to the fonds at Queen's University Archives was 1974-047, Locator number 2229, Record ID 35051.

Immediate Source:
This fonds was acquired from Queen's University Archives via Heather Home in 2010.

Related accessions in TUA: 01-1002, 75-1030, 83-008, and Pamphlet Collection items #50 and #574.

Closed for 100 years from the last date on each record or card.

The Trent University Archives' record of this fonds is adapted from the original archival record compiled by Queen's University Archives.

Finding Aid

Box 1

Registration and record cards, 1946-1952

Box 2

Registration and record cards, 1953-1955; 1957-1959

Box 3

Registration and record cards, 1959-1962

Box 4

Registration and record cards, 1962-1965

Box 5

Registration and record cards, 1965-1968

Box 6

Registration and record cards, 1967-1969

Box 7

Registration and record cards, 1969-1971

Box 8

Registration and record cards, 1970-1973Bound Volumes

Vol. 1 Sessional Records, 1908-1909 to 1926-1927
Vol. 2 Sessional Records, 1927-1928 to 1935-1936
Vol. 3 Sessional Records, 1936-1937 to 1945-1946
Vol. 4 Sessional Records, 1936-1937 to 1957-1958
Vol. 5 Sessional Records, 1958-1959 to 1965-1966
Vol. 6 Sessional Records, 1966-1967 to 1972-1973
Vol. 7 Training Registers, 1908-1909 to 1909-1910
Vol. 8 Training Registers, 1910-1911 to 1914-1915
Vol. 9 Training Registers, 1915-1916 to 1916-1917
Vol. 10 Training Registers, 1917-1918 to 1918-1919
Vol. 11 Training Registers, 1919-1920
Vol. 12 Training Registers, 1920-1921
Vol. 13 Training Registers, 1921-1922
Vol. 14 Training Registers, 1922-1923
Vol. 15 Training Registers, 1923-1924
Vol. 16 Training Registers, 1924-1925
Vol. 17 Training Registers, 1925-1926 to 1927-1928
Vol. 18 Training Registers, 1928-1929 to 1929-1930 and 1930-1931
Vol. 19 Training Registers, 1944-1945
Vol. 20 Training Registers, 1931-1932
Vol. 21 Training Registers, 1933-1934
Vol. 22 Training Registers, 1934-1935 to 1938-1939
Vol. 23 Training Registers, 1934-1935 to 1938-1939
Vol. 24 Training Registers, 1939-1940 to 1943-1944
Vol. 25 Training Registers, 1945-1946 to 1949-1950
Vol. 26 Training Registers, 1950-1951 to 1954-1955
Vol. 27 Practice Teaching Records, 1955-1956
Vol. 28 Practice Teaching Records, 1956-1957
Vol. 29 Practice Teaching Records, 1957-1958
Vol. 30 Practice Teaching Records, 1958-1959
Vol. 31 Practice Teaching Records one year course, 1959-1960
Vol. 32 Practice Teaching Records two year course, 1959-1960
Vol. 33 Practice Teaching Records one year course, 1960-1961
Vol. 34 Practice Teaching Records two year course, 1960-1961
Vol. 35 Practice Teaching Records one year course, 1961-1962
Vol. 36 Practice Teaching Records two year course, 1961-1962
Vol. 37 Practice Teaching Records one year course, 1962-1963
Vol. 38 Practice Teaching Records two year course, 1962-1963
Vol. 39 Practice Teaching Records one year course, 1963-1964
Vol. 40 Practice Teaching Records two year course, 1963-1964
Vol. 41 Practice Teaching Records one year course, 1964-1965
Vol. 42 Practice Teaching Records two year course, 1964-1965
Vol. 43 Practice Teaching Records, undated
Vol. 44 Practice Teaching Records, 1966-1967
Vol. 45 Practice Teaching Records, 1967-1968
Vol. 46 Practice Teaching Records, 1967-1968
Vol. 47 Model School Training Register, 1913
Vol. 48 Public School Daily Register for Bobcaygeon, 1883-1885