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Finding Aid -- 08-012

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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 08-012 (revised)


Professor David Macmillan collection. Additions. -- 1612-1931. -- 45 cm of textual records.

Biography / History

Professor David Macmillan (1925-1987) was a writer, history professor and philatelist. He was born in Scotland and educated in Glasgow and Sydney Australia. He arrived at Trent University in 1968 and taught in the History Department until 1987.

Custodial History

Papers were in the custody of the Macmillan estate until donated to Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

Collection consists of disparate materials collected by Professor Macmillan who was a philatelist. The correspondence and documents pertain to writers in Great Britain and the British Empire. The subject matter ranges from military campaigns between the British and the French, mutiny in the West Indies and India and the sugar and slave trade in the West Indies. Subjects of letters include: battles in India, trade routes in West Indies and Asia; wars with France, Spain, and Austria.


Title based on creator of fonds.
Fonds acquired from the estate of Professor David Macmillan.
Letters are in English, French, Spanish, and Dutch.
Restrictions: N
This fonds is an addition to 05-003.
For related records see: 90-001 and 94-002 and 05-003

Finding Aid

Note: The correspondence Box 1 is arranged alphabetically by recipient.
Box 1Folder
1. Alexander, R., Commercial Bank Melrose 18391a. Alison, Colin 18132. Allison, James 18603. Anderson, John 18504. Anderson, Michael 18035. Barker, Thomas 1853-18666. Barraclough, Harry 1893-19147. Bell, James Thomas 18438. Bell, John 18279. Bellas, George 175410. Blaquiere, George 181611. Bradford, Thomas 182212. Bryon, Thomas 184913. Burn, Robert 177214. Carroll, Charles 178115. Chalmers & Guthrie 182416. Colonial Secretary, Sydney, Australia 1830-183917. Crookshank, George 181818. Darling, Thomas 185719. David, Sir T.E. 1894-193120. Deane & Deane 189221. Deane, William (London) 185322. Deane, W. (Sydney) 186023. Dumar, William 184924. Elbeston, Captain 184325. Evans, Robert 178926. Ewen, John ca 1770-182227. Extrait de la convention militaire de la legion suisse britannique 185528. Fairlough, John 168828a. Falconer, Dalgleish 183029. Fell, Alex and John 1846-185530. Fesq, William 1882-188331. Findlater, A. 184932. Fletcher, Charles 185033. Forbes, David (Lieut. Col.) 1820-184834. Forbes, William of Township of Packenham, Upper Canada 184735. Formen, John 184136. Fraser, Alexander 191037. Fraser, Thomas 185438. Gibson, Andrew 1832-183339. Glen, John 178040. Goldsbrough, Mort & Co. 189341. Gooding, Christopher 168642. Gordon, Miss M. 190343. Gordon, Edward Maxwell 1822 [related to John Ewen folder 26]44. Gordon, Roger 171445. Governor of Canton 181846. Grahame, Mrs. 183947. Grahame [Graham], Barron 1825-185748. Grahame [Graham], Francis 1820-184649. Grahame, Mrs. James 183250. Grant, Jane 184751. Gray, Reverend Doctor George 184452. Grimmett, George 179853. Hailstone, Samuel 181954. [Hardman], Jenny from her brother [  ] Hardman [1873]55. Hennessy, John 183556. Hofa, Dr. 178657. Holden & McCarthy [MacCarthy] 185158. Holmes, Robert 168359. Hopkinson, Sir Charles 184059a. Inglis, William 178660. Jenkins, Leolyn [Leolin] 1666-168461. Keith, James 1845-185062. Keyden, William 1824-182563. King, P.P. (Royal Navy) 184864. Kinnear & Monro 185365. Lamond, James 185866. Lang, Alexander 1843, 187867. London House Results 1867-188668. Macarthur, Emily [Mrs. James Macarthur] 1839, 185269. Macartney, Charlotte 1870-188570. Macartney, Flora C.A. 1893-190471. Macartney, Reverend H.B. 185372. Macartney, Jane 1875-187873. Macartney, J. Arthur 1863-188174. Mackay, Captain 186875. Marray, James Thomas 185276. Martin, William 184177. Mathieson, Andrew ca 180478. Maxwell Morison, William 180279. McAdam, James 185880. McCarthy, Donovan & son 186781. McInnis, Brisbane 194382. McKenzie, A.K. 1837-186183. McKillip, Archibald 183584. McNicoll, D 184284a. Middlebrook, Michael 164985. Milne, Baillie 183286. Mitchael Graham & Mitchael 183087. Mitchell, Alex. O.; James Mitchell; Mitchell Henderson & Mitchell; William Russell 1845-184787a. Mitchell, Major (Surveyor General, Sydney) 185088. Moir, James 184989. Morehead, R.A.A. 1846-186490. Morrison & Co 178691. Murray, Andrew 185892. Murray & McCombie 185893. Nelles, Hon. Abram 183494. Owens, Joseph 184195. Panton, William 1827-184996. Patterson, Mrs. 190896a. Paul, Robert 1833-184097. Plan for expediting mail from London to Edinburgh 182298. Playfair, Robert 178999. [Post office] - printed items re mail despatch 1833-1844100. Prendergast, William 1837101. Price, James 1836102. Proceedings at a meeting of the Proprietors of Highland Estates held in Inverness 1892103. Ranken, John 1866104. Robinson, William 1796104a. Royal Geographical Society 1889105. Ruddock, George 1781106. Russell, George 1802-1812107. Salary account 1853-1860108. Scott, James 1839-1840109. Scott, Peter 1834109a. Seamour, Edward 1664110. Shaw, Lt. Col. 1833111. Shiell & Small ca 1843112. Smart, Thomas Ware 1839-1856; [1880]113. Smith, Alexander 1836114. Smith, Mrs. 1817115. Smith, Mary 1863116. Somervell, Francis 1781-1782117. Speaker of the Legislative Council New South Wales 1845118. Steele, John 1835119. Stevenson & Son; D.B. Stevenson 1841-1845120. Strachan Hall & Co. 1804121. Strachan, William 1803122. Teal, Jon'r 1813123. Thomson, John 1844124. Thorsby, Ralph 1709125. Troop, Andrew 1780126. Townes, Captain R. 1847127. Vollmer, G.1902128. Watt, Alex'r H. 1844-1848129. Watt, Walter 1907130. Welsh, David 1846-1847131. Wilson, Jacob 1702132. Wildman, Henry 1815133. Miscellaneous: partial letters, envelopes, indecipherable
134. Lloyd's Register of Shipping, London, No.2 White Lion Court, Cornhill, Robert Brooks, 1848; from 1st July, 1848, to the 30th June, 1849. London: J.&H. Cox Brothers, 1848. (Note: the name "Robert Brooks" is on the outside cover. Several pages include information stamped in red colour. It is possible that the stamped notations may have been added by Robert Towns (1794-1873) who represented Robert Brooks & Co. as "R. Towns & Co., 16 Loftus Street, Sydney" is written by hand in ink at the top of the title page. An inserted newspaper clipping provides a description of the volume).
Box 2
1. French correspondence, 1600s2. French correspondence, 1700s3. Dutch correspondence, 16124. Dutch correspondence, 1660s [re West Indies?]; partial English translations included5. Dutch correspondence, 1660s6. Dutch correspondence, 1670s7. Dutch correspondence, 17988. [Dutch] or [Icelandic] correspondence, 1802-18039. Spanish letters, 1799; 180410. Genova, 178011. Haiti, 1784; 179412. Lindsay, Ontario: County Treasurer's Office receipts, 1886-189513. Lindsay, Ontario: War tax stamps, 1916-1922