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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 08-010


Canadian Camping Association fonds. Additions. -- 1949, 1979-2018. -- 75 cm of textual records.

Biography / History

The first meeting of the Canadian Camping Association was held on May 20, 1936 at the Central Y.M.C.A., Toronto. At this meeting the Association was formally created, a constitution was adopted, officers were named, and steps were taken to begin the nomination process for a board of directors. The first officers of the Association were Mr. Taylor Statten, president; Miss Mary Edgar, vice-president; Dr. George S. Patterson, secretary; and Miss Mary C. Donaldson, treasurer. At the time, the primary objective of the Canadian Camping Association was to "further the interests and welfare of children, youths and adults through camping as an educative, recreative, and character developing experience." Over the years this primary goal has remained the focus of the Association with the addition of several other goals. These are: "to present the image of organized camping on a national level; to administer national camping affairs and to act as a liaison between provincial camping associations; to encourage the development of high standards in camping; and to develop and promote research, training programs and conferences on a national level". The Canadian Camping Association continues to promote camping in Canada.

Custodial History

This fonds was in the custody of the Canadian Camping Association before it was forwarded to Trent University Archives via John Jorgenson.

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of annual reports, correspondence, policies, financial statements, membership data, meeting minutes, manuals, surveys, and related materials of the Canadian Camping Association.


Title based on the contents of the fonds.
Fonds acquired from John Jorgenson.
Restrictions: Open, except for Box 1, Folder 21 which is restricted.
This fonds along with 82-012, 85-014, 86-022, 88-007, 92-004, and 93-022 is an addition to 78-004.
For related records see: 74-007, 83-002. Also Ontario Camping Association fonds, Quebec Camping Association fonds, and the Society of Camp Directors fonds.

Finding Aid

Box 1

1. Canadian Camping Association Action Plan
2. Active Living Alliance for Children and Youth
3. AIDS, Canadian Camping Association Camp Policies
4. C.C.A. Annual Reports 1981, 1982, 1987
5. C.C.A. Annual Reports 1988 - 1989
6. C.C.A. Annual Meeting 1990
7. C.C.A. Annual Meeting 1992
8. C.C.A. Annual Report 1995
9. Auditor's Suggestions to C.C.A.
10. Canadian Camping Association Award Nominations
11. Baird Macgregor Insurance, C.C.A. Insurance
12. British Columbia Camping Association 1989 - 1991
13. Bobby Nash Essay Entries
14. C.C.A. By-laws and Constitution Part 1
15. C.C.A. By-laws and Constitution Part 2
16. By-laws and Constitution in English and French
17. Centennial Campfire Program YMCA 1989
18. Coast to Coast - Spring 1993
19. Canadian Camping Association Communications Policy
20. Complaints lodged against accredited camps
21. Closed File
22. C.C.A. Correspondence and Newsletters 1993
23. C.C.A. Correspondence 1996
24. Donor Drive 1997
25. C.C.A. Evaluation Report 1990
26. Great Canadian Camp Ideas - C.C.A. Booklet
27. Financial Statements ending in March 1989
28. Financial Statements ending in March 1990
29. Financial Statements ending in March 1991
30. Financial Statements ending in March 1992
31. Financial Statements 1993
32. Financial Statements 1994
33. Financial Statements ending in March 1995
34. Financial Statements ending in March 1996
35. Flaghouse Inc. National Sponsor
36. Kids' Camp Online, 1995
37. Canadian Camping Association Letters of Patent 1949
38. Media Articles and C.C.A. Responses
39. Canadian Camping Association Membership Brochure
40. Canadian Camping Association Membership Data 1989, 1990, 1991
41. Canadian Camping Association Membership Data 1992
42. Canadian Camping Association Membership Data 1993
43. Canadian Camping Association Membership Data 1994
44. Canadian Camping Association Membership Fees 1995 - 1996
45. Canadian Camping Association Member Insurance 1996
46. C.C.A. Minutes, Plans and Workshops 1988 - 1989
47. C.C.A. Minutes 1992 - 1997
48. Moore, Kate - PARC Director
49. PARC documents up to April 1989
50. PARC documents from May 1990
51. PARC Resource Booklet
52. Patron's Fund

Box 2

1. Presidents' Council Mailing for Geneva Park, 1990
2. Presidents' Council Meeting, Halifax - October 25 - 28 1990
3. Presidents' Council Meeting, January 1991
4. Presidents' Council Vancouver 1991, October
5. Presidents' Council January 1992
6. Presidents' Council Meeting, Moncton, November 1992
7. Presidents' Council, Edmonton, March 1993
8. Presidents' Council, Ontario, October 1993
9. Presidents' Council Special Meeting, March 1994
10. Presidents' Council Meeting, Winnipeg, April
11. Presidents' Council Meeting, Montreal, October 1994
12. Presidents' Council, January 1995, Toronto
13. Presidents' Council, October 1996, Ontario
14. Presidents' Council, October 1996
15. Presidents' Council Meeting, 1997
16. Presidents' Council Meeting, 1998
17. President Elect
18. Presidents' Messages
19. Canadian Camping Association Presidents' Council Orientation Manual 1993
20. Canadian Camping Association Presidents' Council Orientation Manual 1995
21. Canadian Camping Association Orientation Manual
22. National Association Members
23. National Conferences Geneva Park 1989
24. National Camp Day Sponsors 1996
25. Canadian Camping Association National Members
26. National Sponsors
27. Neathern Fund
28. Neathern Trust
29. Needs Assessment, Summer 1993
30. RDS
31. Registered Charitable Returns 1985 - 1995
32. Risk Management Video
33. Ropes Courses Standards: Alberta, Manitoba
34. Royal Life Saving Society
35. Short Fall PCA Fees
36. Society of Camp Directors
37. Sponsorship/Sponsors
38. Sport Search, February 1995
39. Statistical Analysis of C.C.A. Member Camps 1992
40. Statistics 1992 - 1994 Part 1
41. Statistics 1992 - 1994 Part 2

Box 3

1. Canadian Camping Association provincial and national statistics 1992 - 1994
2. C.C.A. Statistics 1995
3. C.C.A. Statistics 1996
4. Statistics Questionnaires
5. Statistics: Society of Camp Directors 1979
6. Strategic Planning Workshop - Documentation
7. C.C.A. workshop on staff screening
8. C.C.A. Survey on Life jackets 1994
9. C.C.A. Survey of Membership 1995
10. Y.M.C.A. Resident Camp Review 1990

Materials added 2015 (received via Peter Gilbert)

Canadian Camp Research Award of Excellence papers, 2015:

"The Teresa Group Summer Camp Program: Evaluation Results" / Karen Hayward, 2014

"Notes on Camp: A Decolonizing Strategy", Amanda Shore, 2015

"Are Green Campers Different? A Comparison of Demographics, Attitudes and Behaviours Among Campers" / Marc-Antoine Vachon and Amira Kelner, 2015

"Pines Over Pews: The Spiritual Experience of Campers Who Do Not Attend Church in The United Church of Canada" / Alicia Dawn Cox, 2015

Box 4

Materials added 2017 (received via Peter Gilbert)

Canadian Camp Research Award of Excellence papers, 2016:

"Becoming and Being a Camp Counsellor: a study of discourse, power relations and emotion" / Amanda (Mandi) Jean Partlow Baker

"Summer Camp Health Initiative pilot study: An overview of injury ad illness in two Canadian summer camps" / Adam Handler, Arielle Zahavi, Mattan Lustgarten, Daniel Freedman, Alex Nachman, [2016]

"Nature and Physical Activity at Camp: A Qualitative Ecopsychological Study" / J.B. Blakey and Dr. R. Coughlan, 2012

Canadian Camp Research Award of Excellence papers, 2017:

"Returning Year After Year: The Motivation and Retention of Coaches at Madawaska Volleyball Camp" / Jennifer Straver, 2017

"Religious Summer Camp Programs to Bridge Civic and Religious Development" / Joel Stephen Murphy, 2016


1. Congratulatory certificate re Professor Bruce Hodgins, "Honorary Member and Judge of the Canadian Camp Research Award of Excellence Committee", 2017

Materials added 2018 (received via Greg Brown)

Canadian camping movement materials pertaining to Lorne and May Brown and their son Greg Brown


2. And a Million Memories Later... The Camp Elphinstone Story, 1907-1982 / written and edited by Peter Allen, Paul Dampier and Fred Wilks, [1982]


  • Camp Deka: Boys' Camp Memories 1961-1976 / Greg Brown, 2009; May Brown;
  • May Brown: A Collection of Stories / written by Greg Brown / edited by Suzanne Brown, 2015;
  • typewritten 1-page account pertaining to Lorne Brown's involvement in the camping movement;
  • certificate: May Brown, Honourary President, British Columbia Camping Association, 1987;
  • certificate: Lorne Brown, Canadian Camping Association Award of Honour, 1976;
  • photograph: taken at Sunshine Village, Banff, Alberta before CCA conference in Calgary, 1962 (photograph includes Dr. Harry Ebbs, Adele Ebbs, June Labbett, May Brown, C[ ]. Labbett, Lorne Brown, and others).

Loose in box

Binder titled "Centenary Canoe Journey 1967", compiled by Greg Brown (participant); includes photographs, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, story and background documents pertaining to the "Camp Deka Boys Camp Fraser River canoe trip" (Note: related material "A Log of Canada's Centenary Journey" located in Accession 85-014 Box 2 Folder 6)

Materials added 2019 (received via Greg Brown)

Additional Canadian camping movement materials pertaining to Lorne and May Brown and their son Greg Brown


3. Lorne Brown Remembered / Greg Brown, 2018


  • Camp Mazinaw: a six week camp for sixty boys (pamphlet); attached photograph of P.K. Hambly, Harry Hull, Blackie Blackstock
  • Camp Deka (2 pamphlets)
  • Canadian Camping Magazine (Winter 1988): "Personality Profile" section featuring Lorne Brown and May Brown

Box 5

Materials added in 2019 (received via Peter Gilbert)

Canadian Camping Association Excellence in Research Competition, 2018:

"Report on Heritage Week at Camp Kee-Mo-Kee" / Jennifer Elgie

"Camper Self-Concept Promotes Environmental Awareness: A Relationship Mediated by Social Inclusion" / Luc Cousineau

""Of friends and trees, tents, paths and playing fields": Nature, Gender, and Race at Camp Orendaga" / Margaret Ross

"Outcomes of the Summer Camp Experience for Youth-at-risk at Camp Tippy Canoe, NB: / Thomas Carney

""Unfreezing" Year-Round Programming: A Case Study of Organizational Change in Summer Camps" / Hannah Dabrowski

"S'more than just a camp: Exploring youths' development of life skills within a Type 1 Diabetic sport camp" / Theresa Beesley, Jessica Fraser-Thomas & Michael C. Riddell, 2016

"Are Green campers different? A comparison of demographics, attitudes and behaviours among campers" / Marc-Antoine Vachon & Amira Kelner, 2015