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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 05-002


Canadian Association on Gerontology fonds. -- 1971-2011. -- 6.2 m of textual records and other material.

Biography / History

The Canadian Association on Gerontology was formed in 1971 at an inaugural meeting in Montreal, Quebec.

Custodial History

This fonds was accumulated primarily in the administrative office of the C.A.G. Other papers were forwarded from members such as Lola Wilson.

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of correspondence, agenda, minutes, conference records, research reports, membership information and administrative records of the Canadian Association on Gerontology.


Title based on the organization which created the fonds.
Includes several unidentified photographs, audio cassette recordings and Newsletters.
Condition: Good
Fonds acquired in 2004 from the offices of the Canadian Association on Gerontology
Fonds has been arranged in the following series: SSHRC; Research; Board and Executive Committee Minutes and Agenda; Newsletters; Administrative Records; Financial and Fundraising; Correspondence; Membership and Miscellaneous.
Restrictions: N.
Additions to the fonds are expected.

Fonds is arranged in the following Series:

Series A: SSHRC related materials

Series B: Research sponsored by the C.A.G.

Series C: Board and Executive Committee Agendas and Minutes

Series D: Newsletters

Series E: Administrative Records

Series F: Financial and Fundraising Records

Series G: Correspondence

Series H:  Conferences

Series I: Membership

Series J: Miscellaneous

Series A: S.S.H.R.C.

Box 1

Series B: Research: Sponsored by C.A.G.

Boxes 2-5

Series C: Board and Executive Committee: Agendas & Minutes

Box 6


1. lists of past Board members, 1979-2003

2. executive director's reports, 1994-2001

3-16. agendas, minutes, reports and correspondence for C.A.G. board meetings, Annual General Meetings, executive meetings and other special meetings, 1971-1986

Box 7

minutes, agendas, reports and correspondence for C.A.G. board meetings, Annual General Meetings, executive meetings, management and special meetings, 1987-1997

Box 8

minutes, agendas, reports and correspondence for C.A.G. board meetings, Annual General Meetings, executive meetings, management and special meetings, Fall 1997-2003

Series D: Newsletters

Box 9

Series E: Administration

Box 10


1. correspondence re early attempts to found the C.A.G. and International Association of Gerontology (I.A.G.); includes correspondence with Jean Good, a pioneer in the field of aging

2. correspondence re incorporation and I.A.G. administration

3. historical information regarding C.A.G. formation; agenda of founding meeting, minutes, etc.

4. application for incorporation

5. C.A.G. letters patent, logo selection, copyright, mission statement, trademark

6. correspondence re constitution, by-laws

7. as above

8. proposed and finalized constitution and by-laws

9. constitution and by-laws: 1971, 1973, 1977, 1979

10. by-laws, revised 1992

11. by-laws, revised 1995

12. by-laws, revised 1996

13. by-laws, revised 1998

14. documents re the Canadian Council on Societal Development (C.C.S.D.)

15. C.A.G. correspondence and documents re job descriptions/expectations

16. Code of Conduct

17. policy governance model

18. C.A.G. task force reports

19. special meeting report re C.A.G. nominations

20. C.A.G. report on planning and organizational structure

21. C.A.G. social development and employment policy

22. strategic planning for C.A.G., 1993/1994

23. strategic analysis: C.A.G.'s communications resource book

24. strategic analysis of C.A.G.

25. C.A.G. board manual

26. C.A.G. policy manual and correspondence re policy

Box 11


1. C.A.G.'s policy resource manual, section A & B

2. C.A.G.'s policy resource manual, section C - E

3. C.A.G. folio, part 1

4. C.A.G. folio, part 2

5. news memos from C.A.G. executive directors to the board

6. Association "declaration" document

Series F: Financial & Fundraising

Box 12

Series G: Correspondence

Box 13


1. photographs: C.A.G. Board

2-5. C.A.G. correspondence, 1971-1974

Box 14

C.A.G. correspondence, 1975-1982

Box 15

C.A.G. correspondence, 1983-1997

Box 16

C.A.G. correspondence, 1998-2001

Series H: ConferencesBoxes 17-22

Box 17: national conferences (1972-1991)

Box 18: national conferences (1991-1998)

Box 19: national conferences (1998 plus international conferences)

Box 20: conference publications

Box 21: conference proceedings (cont'd)

Box 22: video recordings

Series I. Membership

Boxes 23-24


1. Council of Affiliated Member organizations (C.A.M.O.) terms of reference

2. C.A.M.O./C.A.G. past members lists

3. C.A.M.O. history (see index at front of folder)

4. correspondence re affiliated organizations and miscellaneous reports, 1977-1988 (not inclusive)

5. C.A.M.O. correspondence, 1989-1995; plus miscellaneous

6. honourary members: correspondence & documentation, 1972-1979 (not inclusive)

7. C.A.G. research reports

8. membership recruitment

9. affiliated membership lists, 1971-1994 (not inclusive)

10. membership policy, 1971

Box 25

Series J: Brief to Senate Committee on Aging; Photographs; Awards; Miscellaneous


Additional C.A.G. material received 29 May 2018 from C.A.G. Executive Director Anthony Lombardo
(Note: these materials were published by the C.A.G. and are in English and French)

Box 26

1994: Directory: Programs and courses in gerontology and geriatrics in post-secondary institutions in Canada, in tribute to Lola Wilson

2003-2010: Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting, conference programs

Box 27

2011: Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting, conference program and abstracts

Canadian Journal on Aging, Volume 27, Issues 1-4, 2008