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Accession Number: 04-024


Alfred O.C. Cole collection. -- 1957-1990. -- 42 cm of textual records. -- 75 audio cassettes.

Biography / History

Alfred O.C. Cole was born in 1925 and was the youngest son of Dr. C.E. Cooper Cole and Sarah Renwick Tuckett. He had three brothers and one sister, and was married to Jean Murray Cole. They had six children. Cole was an avid researcher and historian. He played a major role in the life and history of Trent University, as Registrar from 1966 to 1987, and as a member of the Department of History. He was a RCAF pilot during World War II, a political reporter for Toronto's Daily Star and Globe and Mail, and he served as an executive assistant in the Ontario Ministry of Public Works at Queen's Park in Toronto. He wrote articles, and books such as A Victorian Snapshot and Trent: The Making of a University, 1957-1987, both published in 1992. He and his wife, Jean, shared the editorialship of a number of books including The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Peterborough which was published in 1975 and Kawartha Heritage, published in 1981. Alfred O.C. Cole died on October 20th, 1996.

Custodial History

Collection was in the custody of Alfred O.C. Cole before it was donated to Trent University Archives. A further copy of the manuscript was donated by Jean Cole.

Scope and Content

Collection consists of correspondence, interview audio cassettes and notes, and manuscripts relating to Alf Cole's book, Trent: The Making of a University, 1957-1987.


Title based on the creator of the collection.
This collection was acquired from Alfred O.C. Cole.
Restrictions: Restricted until 2012.
For related records see: 90-009 and 98-007, 14-016 and all records relating to Trent University.

Finding Aid

Box 1

Audio cassettes.
Recorded Interviews
1. Peter Adams
2. Gary Aitken
3. Alex Bird
4. Bernard Blishen
5. Maurice Boote
6. Maurice Boote (cont'd)/Jack Lodge (cont'd)
7. Stewart Brown/Jack Lodge
8. John Burbidge
9. David Cameron
10. Robert Carter
11. Bob Chambers
12. Bob Chambers (2)
13. Ian Chapman
14. Rev. J. F. Coughlan
15. Norman Crook
16. Peter Dawson
17. Paul Delaney
18. John Earnshaw
19. John Earnshaw (cont'd)/Fred Harper
20. Roy Edwards
21. John Fekete
22. John Fekete (cont'd)/Barbara Johns
23. Finn Gallagher
24. David Gallup
25. Jon Grant
26. Christopher Greene/Stuart Robinson
27. George Hamilton
28. Thelma Paul-Hill/Bill Hodgson
29. John Hillman
30. Bruce Hodgins (1)
31. Bruce Hodgins (2)/Anna McCalla
32. Bruce Hodgins (3)
33. Hal Hooke
34. Elwood Jones
35. Gordon Johnston
36. Sean Kane
37. David Kettler
38. David Kettler (2)
39. Kenneth E. Kidd
40. John Leishman
41. Bob Lightbody
42. Ray March
43. Paul Mason
44. David Morrison
45. David Morrison/Jack Matthews
46. Christine Maxwell
47. Jim McAdam/Walter Downes
48. Dr. J. R. "Jack" McCarthy
49. T. E. W. Nind
50. T. E. W. Nind (2)
51. Robert Paehlke
52. David Page
53. Robert Page
54. Michael Peterman
55. Walter Pitman
56. Stu Robson/Alan Wilson
57. Dick Sadleir/Walter Ward
58. R. J. Sadleir
59. B. D. Sandwell
60. Marjory Seeley-Rogers/Michael Treadwell
61. Nancy Sherouse/Thelma Paul-Hill
62. Denis Smith
63. Bob Smith
64. Dale Standen
65. T. H. B. S. (Symons)
66. T. H. B. S. (Symons -2)
67. John Syrett/Stu Robson
68. Donald Theall
69. Rod White
70. Helen Whiteside
71. Alan Wilson/Elwood Jones
72. Alan Wilson (2)
73. Alan Wilson (3)/John Moore
74. P. S. B. Wilson/John Earnshaw
75. Doug Wright/Harry Kitchen

Box 2

Interview Notes
1. Bernard Blishen
2. Maurice Boote
3. Stewart Brown and Robert Stairs
4. David Cameron
5. Robert Chambers regarding union negotiation strategies, 1980
6. Ian Chapman
7. Rev. J. F. Coughlan
8. Norman Crook
9. Margaret Doxey
10. John Earnshaw
11. Roy Edwards interview
12. John Fekete
13. Marion Fry
14. Finn Gallagher
15. David Gallop
16. Bruce Hodgins
17. Hal Hooke
18. John Leishman regarding Trent finances, 1964-1985
19. Jack Lodge with information on the instructional development committee
20. Ray March
21. Jack McCarthy, includes University correspondence with the provincial government regarding funding for the Chemistry building
22. David Morrison
23. T.E.W. Nind, includes 1973 Trent newsletter outlining Nind's proposed academic cutbacks which result from a student enrollment crisis
24. Bob Page - Interview
25. Walter Pitman
26. David Rettler
27. Barry Sandwell, alludes to a private gift of Sandwell to fund the illustration costs of the Cole manuscript
28. Denis Smith
29. Symons - (see also cards, folder 72) includes documents relating to Symons' overseas advocacy of Trent and other University planning documents
30. Donald Theall, includes an audit of Trent University registrar's office, 1987
31. Treadwell interview
32. John Wadland/Alan Wilson
33. Doug Wright interview

End of interview notes

34. Teacher Education, documents and notes describing an affiliation between Trent University and Peterborough Teachers College, 1964
35. English Dept., difficulty appointing a department chair, 1976
36. Native Studies, notes including interview notes with Prof. Kenneth Kidd
37. Initial Fundraising
38. Board of Governors/Senate, rolls, 1963-1987
39. Trent Opens, includes transcript of Governor General's speech at official opening
40. Trent College, initial plans for Trent as a community college, 1961
41. University grants, outlines changing government funding policies to Ontario universities
42. Planning Years General, funding, architecture, size, colleges
43.Geography Dept. History, includes newspaper clipping of Peter Adams' research in Labrador, and a twenty year history of the geography department, produced in 1987
44. Arthur, 1971-1978
45. Lists of Senior Officers, 1967-1988
46. Library, documents related to holdings, progress reports and automation
47. Faculty Council/Faculty Executive
48. Collective Agreement, 1984-1985
49. Graduate Studies, program details
50. Finances, university accounts, 1963-1987
51. Enrolment, graph of student enrolment, 1964-1980
52. O.C.U.A. (Ontario Council on University Affairs) progress reports, graduate programs, future plans
53. Mayor's Committee, story of the earliest official body set to examine the possibility of a post-secondary institution in Peterborough, 1957
54. Consultants, Computer Systems, legal advice, Hansen group, circa 1981.
55. Scholarships, recommendations, 1963
56. Archival Research, regarding buildings, appointments, finances etc.
57. Misc. Notes of Author
58. Footnoted Chapter One, corrected draft of chapter one
59. Drafts Chapter Two, corrected draft of chapter two
60. Chapter Three, corrected draft of chapter three
61. Chapter Four, drafts and notes
62. Chapter Five, transition, drafts and notes
63. Chapter Six, drafts and notes
64. Chapter Seven, unionization, drafts and notes
65. Chapter Eight, corrected drafts
66. Photo Essay, figures regarding number of students, number of degrees granted, etc.
67. Douglas McCalla - Reader, manuscript draft with detailed comments and corrections by McCalla
68. President John Stubbs - Reader, manuscript draft corrected by Stubbs
69. Denis Smith - Reader, manuscript draft corrected by Smith, mostly technical corrections
70. Personal Correspondence Re. Manuscript, letters to and from Margaret Lawrence, Denis Smith, Barry Sandwell, etc. regarding the manuscript
71. Production - Dimensions, Estimates, Numbers, correspondence with publishers regarding technical details of the published manuscript
72. Index Card Notes, approximately 300 index cards with handwritten notes on various subjects relating to the history of Trent University, arranged alphabetically