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Fonds Level Description


Accession Number: 02-016


Township of Asphodel-Norwood fonds. -- 1850-1950 predominant. -- 6.3 m (21 ft.) of textual records. -- 1 photograph.

Biography / History

The Township of Asphodel-Norwood in the County of Peterborough was created in 1998 when municipalities in Ontario were reorganised and many amalgamations took place. The amalgamated Township was created from the former Township of Asphodel and the Village of Norwood.

Custodial History

The fonds was in the custody of the Clerk of the Township of Asphodel until donated to Trent University Archives in 2002.

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of original Assessment books, Collectors' Rolls, Minute Books, Voters' Lists, By-laws and township business correspondence for the Township of Asphodel and the Village of Norwood, County of Peterborough.


Township of Asphodel-Norwood fonds has been arranged according to the original municipal designations. That is, the Norwood records and the Asphodel records have been arranged and described as separate series.
Restrictions: N
Associated material is located at the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives.
For related records see: 91-002, 77-033, 78-001, 84-021.
The photograph is located in the large materials cabinet Drawer 41. The maps are located in the Map Cabinet, Drawer 12, plus 2 which are rolled.


Series A: Village of Norwood
Series B: Township of Asphodel

Series A: Village of Norwood

Bound Volumes:

1. Norwood Minute Book: 1878-1893

2. Norwood Minute Book: 1894-1908

3. Norwood By-Laws: 1878-1881

4. Norwood Voters' Lists: 1897, 1940, 1951, 1962 (in File Folder)

Norwood Collector's Rolls: 1880-1952

Norwood Assessment Books: 1883-1953

Series B: Township of Asphodel

Box 1:

Folder 1: Nominations of Reeves and Councillors, 1899-1919
Folder 2: Declarations of Qualifications for Councillors, 1865-1919
Folder 3: Declarations of Qualifications for Reeves and Deputy Reeves, 1880-1895
Folder 4: Declaration of Office for Electe Councillors, 1865-1918
Folder 5: Declaration of Office for Reeves and Deputy Reeves and appointed officers, 1864-1919
Folder 6: Reports of Returning Officers and other election material
Folder 7: Voter's Lists, 1854-1887 (scattered) and printed copies loose in box, 1878-1968 (Additional item added in 2013: the Archives gratefully acknowledges the donation of a copy of the 1899 voter's list by Mr. Doug Pearcy in 2013; this item filled a gap in the holding).

Box 2:

Folder 1: Oaths of Office - Court of Revisions and Selection of Jurors, 1878-1920
Folder 2: As above, 1858-1915
Folder 3: Petitions for Inn Licenses and Certificates of Qualifications and Character, 1860-1895
Folder 4: Petitions regarding roads, 1850-1873

Box 3:

Folders 1-10: Reports of Statute Labour, 1853-1940

Box 4:

Folder 1: Schools - Petitions and By-Laws, 1851-1893
Folder 2: Statements of Assessed Value for Schools, 1861-1919
Folder 3: Applications to Council by School Trustees to Collect School Taxes, 1860-1896
Folder 4: Rules and Regulations for the new Township Council, 1851. Drawn up by Reeve Richard Birdsall. Also, Petitions for other than roads or schools, 1863-1910. Also miscellaneous judicial documents, 1870-1940
Folder 5: Township Correspondence, 1863-1901
Folder 6: Township Correspondence, 1860-1956
Folder 7: Township Correspondence regarding Railways, 1876-1946; Board of Health, 1896-1917; and Elections, 1866-1919

Box 5:

Folders 1-6: Financial Reports and Correspondence, 1860-1948. Includes lists of lands described for Patent 1852-1873

Box 6:

Folder 1: Asphodel By-Laws, 1850-1860
Folder 2: Asphodel By-Laws, 1861-1870
Folder 3: Asphodel By-Laws, 1871-1880
Folder 4: Asphodel By-Laws, 1881-1890
Folder 5: Asphodel By-Laws, 1891-1900
Folder 6: Asphodel By-Laws, 1901-1951
Folder 7: By-Laws regarding roads, bridges, culverts, 1927-1955

Bound Volumes:

1. By-Laws of the United Townships of Asphodel, Belmont and Methuen, 1850-1860

2. Minute Book, 1850-1859

3. Minute Book, 1859-1867

4. Minute Book, 1867-1875

5. Minute Book, 1876-1894

6. Minute Book, 1894-1919

7. Minute Book, 1919-1936 (damaged)

Township of Asphodel Collectors' Rolls: 1852-1950

Township of Asphodel, Assessment Books, 1854-1949

Large Materials Cabinet, Drawer 41:

Photograph of Peterborough County Council, 1936-37-38.

Map Cabinet, Drawer 12:


1. Village of Westwood, Asphodel Twp. Con. 2, Lots 10 and 11. n.d.

2. Map Showing Pits and Quarries, 1971, MNR, Victoria and Peterborough Counties.

3. Plan of the Village of Norwood. n.d.

4. Plan of Norwood Cemetery, 1964. Rolled

5. Plan of Norwood Cemetery, 1875-1929. Rolled