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Fonds Level Description

Accession Number: 02-012


Professor Denis Smith fonds. -- 1969-2000. -- 1.5 m of textual records.

Biography / History

S.G. Denis Smith was born in 1932 in Edmonton. In 1953 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours, from McGill University. At McGill he received the J.W. McConnell Scholarship and an I.O.D.E. post-graduate scholarship for Oxford University in England. From 1953 to 1956 Denis attended Oxford University and obtained his Master's Degree and a Bachelor of Literature. While in Oxford he received an Exhibition Scholarship and a grant from the Bryce Fund to travel and study in Poland. In 1956 he returned to Canada and by 1962 had written a number of papers and reviews on political material. Denis Smith has has held a number of university positions throughout his career. He was with the Department of Political Economy at the University of Toronto, 1956 to 1957; Department of Political Science, York University, 1960 to 1961 and was the first Registrar of that University. He held the Vice-President's position at Trent University from 1964 to 1967. He was Master of Champlain College from 1969 to 1971 and a professor in the Department of Political Studies to 1983 when he left to teach and become Dean of Social Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. At Trent he was Chairman of the Politics Department from 1967 to 1968. He was editor of the Journal of Canadian Studies from 1966 to 1975; editor of the Canadian Forum from 1975 to 1979 and President of the Canadian Periodical Publishers Association from 1975 to 1977. He has written five books: "Bleeding Hearts, Bleeding Country", 1971; "Gentle Patriot", 1973; "Diplomacy of Fear", 1988; "Rogue Tory", 1995 and Prisoners of Cabrara, 2001.

Custodial History

Materials were in the custody of Professor Smith until donated to Trent University Archives.

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of correspondence, reserach notes and manuscripts created by Professor Denis Smith during his career as a university professor, political science commentator and author. Materials in this fonds relate to Gentle Patriot (biographjy of Walter gordon); Diplomacy of Fear (Canadian/American relations during the period of the cold war). Also included are materials generated by Smith as editor of the Canadian Forum and the Journal of Canadian Studies.


Some records have mold damage.
Fonds acquired in 2002 from Professor Denis Smith.
Restrictions: Permission of Professor Smith is required to access the fonds.
This fonds along with 01-002, 92-012 and 89-009 is an addition to 86-001.
For related records see: 86-001, 92-012, 01-002 and 89-009


This fonds has been arranged in 8 series:

Series A: Materials relating to Diplomacy of Fear (published 1988 and originally entitled Fearful Dissonance)
Series B: Materials relating to the Lionel Gelber Prize Committee (best book in the English language in the filed of international relations first awarded in 1990).
Series C: Materials relating to Gentle Patriot (biography of Walter Gordon, published by Hurtig Publishers, 1973).
Series D: Materials relating to Canadian Forum
Series E: Materials relating to Trent University
Series F: Canada, the American Alliance and the Cold War, 1945-1957.
Series G: Book Reviews, Seminar Presentations, Articles and Opinion Pieces.
Series H: Correspondence

Box 1

Series A: Diplomacy of Fear

1. Revisions for paste-in after Sept. 26, 1986
2. Introduction. Revisions summer 1986
3. Chapter 1: Genesis
4. Chapter 2: Manuscript
5. Chapter 3: Manuscript
6. Chapter 4: Manuscript
7. Chapter 5: Manuscript. Disenchantment 1945-46
8. Chapter 6: Manuscript. The Curtain Descends 1945-46
9. Chapter 7: Preparing for War?
10. Chapter 8: Pax Americana
11. Conclusion
12. "Fearful Dissonance" Notes re books and articles
13. "Fearful Dissonance" Notes re House of Commons Debates
14. "Fearful Dissonance" Notes re the Ottawa Citizen newspaper
15. "Fearful Dissonance" Notes on sources and bibliography
16. Review of manuscript and Smith response
17. "Fearful Dissonance" complete manuscript as at February 1985
18. "Diplomacy of Fear" complete manuscript as at May 1987
19. "Diplomacy of Fear" correspondence re page proofs and final editing notes
20. "Fearful Dissonance" correspondence 1985 with Escott Reid, Arnold Smith, Martin Gilbert and Sir William Stephenson
21. Research correspondence: Harry S. Truman Library
22. Research correspondence: U.S. National Archives (NARA)
23. Publication correspondence: University of Toronto Press, 1982-1988.

Box 2

Series B: Lionel Gelber Prize

1. Gelber Prize: 1992: book reviews, correspondence
2. Gelber Prize: 1993: correspondence
3. Gelber Prize: 1993: reviews and guidelines
4. Gelber Prize: 1993: awards ceremony

Series C: Gentle Patriot

5. Research notes; manuscript of Gentle Patriot
6. Correspondence re Walter Gordon; Gordon memoirs, 1976-77.

Series D: Canadian Forum

7. Correspondence; negotiations to sell the archives of the Forum; relationship between Smith (Editor) and Trent University (1979-1980).

Series E: Trent University (T.U.)

8. Correspondence 1978-1981
9. T. U. committee on Research 1981; Canada Council 1976
10. T.U. Distinguished Research Committee 1994
11. T. U. Department of Political /studies 1978-1979
12. T.U. Department of Political Studies 1980-1981
13. Journal of Canadian Studies 1979-1980
14. Journal of Canadian Studies 1997-1998
15. Ron Thom eulogy, Nov. 5 1986; correspondence, newspaper clippings, presentation of Thom for T.U. honorary degree 1971
16. Lecture: Canadian Studies 300 1992
17. Lecture: Frost Centre 1992
18. T. U. panel discussion 1998
19. Address to Trent Alumni in Ottawa 1997

Series F: Canada, the American Alliance and the Cold War, 1945-1957 (CAACW)

20. CAACW research grant applications
21. CAACW Queen's University Archives
22. CAACW research assistant 1976-77
23. CAACW research materials, general
24. CAACW University of Toronto research notes
25. CAACW Hurtig Publishers 1974-78
26. CAACW Chronological files, 1940-50
27. Department of External Affairs (National Archives) research notes re Canada-U.S. relations in post-war period
28. Research Notes: Mackenzie Kind Diaries
29. Research Notes: Public Record Office
30. Research Notes: Department of Finance
31. Correspondence and research notes re: Leo Malania 1986-87
32. Research Notes: Gouzenko Affair 1945-46
33. Research Notes: Corby Case
34. Research Notes: Library of Congress: Papers of William Leahy
35. Research Notes: "Dramatis Personae" biographical notes on various political figures
36. Notes and correspondence re: the campaign in Eglinton 1962 (Mitchell Sharp, L. Donald Fleming, P.C., David Gauthier, NDP and Basil Duggan, S.C.)
37 Notes: The Opposition to Social Credit, 1935-40
38. Notes: Federal Conflict of Interest Code, 1986
39. "A Plea to English Canada" petition, 1980.

Box 3

Series G: Books Reviews, Seminar Presentations, Articles and Opinion Pieces

1. Manuscript appraisal notes (closed file)

2. Manuscript appraisal notes (closed file)

3. Book Reviews 1993-2000:
Time to Say Goodbye
Egotists and Autocrats
Hard Right Turn
My American Journey
The Warriors Honour
Blood Rites
Blood Traitors
Against the Current
In Search of a New Left
Cold War Canada
What's Right/Setting It Right
Raplph Klein/ Barrett
Nixon: An Oliver Stone Film
Saturdays Child
Chretien: Vol. 1
Right Honourable Men
Trudeau and Our Times Vol. 2
Thinking English Canada
Lament for a Notion
We All Lost the Cold War
Seize the Day
Rise and Fall of a Middle Power
Wrath of Nations/Blood and Belonging
Peacekeeper: The Road to Sarajevo
False God/The Wealthy Banker's Wife
F.D.R. Into the Storm
Strange Bedfellows
At the Highest Levels
King Leopold's Ghost
Captain Corelli's Mandolin

4. Book Reviews (cont'd) 1990-1992
The Un-Canadians
French Canadians: An Outsider's...
The Worldly Yearas: Life of Leter Pearson Vol. 2
The Crisis Years
A Meech Lake Post-Mortem/Toward a Canada-Quebec Union
In the Arena, Richard Nixon and His America/ From: The President
Means of Ascent
The Unmaking of Canada
The Outsider, Trudeau and Our Times
Kennedy and Diefenbaker

5. Book Reviews (cont'd) 1979-1991
De Gaulle: The Rebel
Take Back the Nation
Faith and Fear
R.B. Bennett: The Calgary Years
Charter Versus Federalism
Spain in Conflict
Lester Pearson and the American Dilemma
Unfulfilled Union
Essays on the Constitution
The Gouzenko Transcripts
The English-Speaking Alliance
Parliamentary Government in Canada

6. Opinion Pieces, Addresses and Lectures:
Canada Goes Underground
Counting Down to War in the Gulf
Facing the National Crisis
Why is Democracy Unprepared for Crisis?
Parliament Must Recognose New Realities
Shaping the Post-War World 1945-1950
The Origins of the Cold War (1990)
Quebec and Canada in 1998
An Alternative Canadian Agenda (Globe and Mail, 1996)
Canada Without NATO (1991)
Canada and NATO: Adjusting the Balance (1988)
Origins of the Cold War (1990) - revised address

7. Opinion Pieces, Addresses and Lectures:
Spain in 1989: Renewed Uncertainty
Democratic Spain After Ten Years: Sound but Tarnished
Clearing Out the Skeletons of Katyn Forest (1990)
Beyond Meech Lake (1990)
Looking Beyond Meech Lake (1990)
The Referendum: Dealing with the Wraith of am Agreement (1992)
Crumbling at the Centre (1991)
Escaping the Constitutional Morass (1992)
It's Time for an Admission of Failure (1992)
Let's Make this a Calm Campaign of Moderation
In Washington, a Gunfighter's Last Hurrah
Counting Down to War in the Gulf (1990)

8. Opinion Pieces, Addresses and Lectures:
Reverberations from the Streets of Moscow (1991)
Canadian Constitutional Confusions (1991)
A War of Shame that Deserves No Celebration (1991)
Do We Need A Constituent Assembly
Miscellaneous early writings for Canadian Forum and Recidivist (1960-68)
Prairie Revolt (1962)
Liberals and Conservatives on the Prairies 1917-1968 (1969)
Articles for New Canadian Encyclopedia (1982)
Canada as a Culture (1977)

9. Opinion Pieces, Addresses and Lectures:
Panel on Economic Nationalism - notes (1978)
Adventures in the Ice Trade - proposal, 1977
Address to Independent Periodical Publishing Conference, Scotland, 1978
Canada: Inside or Outside (chapter in Southern Exposure, 1985)
Choosing Our Distance (Niagara Conference 1976)
Canadian-American Resource Policy (lecture, Duke University 1975)
Ethical Issues and Social Responsibility (University of Western Ontario 1988)
The October Crisis - Ten Years After (University of Winnipeg 1980)
President and Parliament (1969)

10. Opinion Pieces, Addresses and Lectures:
Political Parties and the Survival of Canada (1980)
What Does English Canada Want, anyway? (1977)
Canada and the Cold War (1983)
Reflections on the Gulf War (1991)
Canadians in Moscow...1943-46 (1983)
Nationalism and the Third Option (1975)
Mackenzie King, Winston Churchill and the Cold War (1985)
Is the Prime Minister Too Powerful?

11. Address "The Constitutional Crisis and Future Prospects" to Generation 2000 (1992)

12. Canadian Encyclopedia entry: Thomas Berger 1998

13. Address "Canada and the U.S.: Do Good Neighbours Need Good Fences?" University of Washington 1977

14. York University Symposium "The Press in Canada" 1976

15. Duke University "The Symons Report" 1977

Box 4

Series H: Correspondence

1. Order of Canada Nominations 1979-1981
2. Robarts-Pepin 1979
3. British-Canadian Colloquium 1973
4. Peter Newman re introduction to his Renegade in Power 1972
5. Canadian Studies in the U.K. 1972-73
6. University of Alberta 1978
7. S. Bruce Smith School opening 1992
8. Joe Clark 1978-79
9. T.V.O. 1993
10. Miscellaneous 1969-1994 and n.d.